The Grave Danger of Organized Evil in Our Time: Part 1

I have many concerns about the 21st century, from terrorism to tyrants with nukes, from mass refugee migration to the breakdown of morals and family life in the civilized world.

But one of those concerns is currently “on the march” in America in ways we have never seen. Just this past weekend we saw it rear its ugly head in St. Louis following a judge’s ruling in favor of a white policeman who shot and killed a black man. But we’ve seen it many times before in past months.

It is the grave danger of organized evil in our time.

I had never heard the term “antifa” (pronounced ANT-ee-fuh) until a few months ago. It burst into the American lexicon as violent and raucous crowds battled a a white supremacist protest in Charlottesville, Virginia. Soon, it led to statues being defaced and desecrated in various states of the Union.

And the consistency and impact of both violence and history-erasure seem to be growing.

They are organized and orchestrated to destroy.

Diana Erbio compares this new phenomenon to the rise of the Nazis in the 1930s and the prophetic predictions of George Orwell in the novel 1984: 

“There is no cohesive, centralized structure to Antifa. Instead, it appears to be set up as a network of anarchists, communists, and socialists who say they are opposed to ‘racism, sexism, homophobia, and capitalism’ and take inspiration from a European movement in the 1930s called Anti-Fascist Action.”

“The scenario George Orwell created in his novel 1984, seems less and less like fiction. Winston Smith, the main character, worked at the Truth Ministry where he ‘corrected’ records. The internet was not yet the route where information flowed. It was newspapers, books, periodicals, pamphlets, posters, leaflets, films, sound tracks, cartoons, photographs and every kind of literature or documentation which might contain any political or ideological significance that were subject to ‘correction.'”

“As soon as Winston’s ‘correction’ was made, the original was destroyed. Day by day, and almost minute by minute the past was brought up to date. All written records were to agree with the Party version of the past. Anything that was not in agreement was to be thrown in a memory hole, never to be recalled again.”

“Hmmm… . . George Orwell wrote ‘1984’ in 1948, but there certainly seems to be a strong whiff of that atmosphere that can be sniffed today.”

“I say we must snuff out that urge to purge history before it ignites into a 21st century book burning bonfire.  We must not give in to the effort by some who insist on ‘correcting’ history by disposing it in a memory hole, where it can never again see the light of day. Where no one can learn from it. Where we will all be doomed to repeat it.”

This movement of organized evil boasts financial backing from powerful folks (like billionaire anarchist George Soros), academic sympathizers in major universities, and the “cheer leading” approval of the secular progressive mainstream media.

That’s why I call it organized.

These various entities didn’t have a convention and decide to wreak havoc on America’s laws and history in  systematic fashion. They tapped into a mental deception–a humanist, anti-Judeo-Christian-America worldview being peddled by the demonic realm. The main conspiracy is invisible. But the Group Think on a human level is now very coordinated and growing.

They shout down free speech on college campuses. They riot and destroy property when verdicts don’t go their way. They rip down monuments to our past, starting with statues of Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. Next in their sights, as commentator Bill O-Reilly has warned, stand George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and many other founding fathers.

Just this week, in the largely conservative state of Texas, discussions began to purge the names of Madison, Jefferson, and Franklin from various schools. Gary Randall warns us: “”Will New York City—be next? What about Washington DC?”

He goes on to rightly remind: “The ‘resistance” movement’—antifa, and the other resistance movements share a common root. We know it as Political Correctness, but it is, at its core, ‘cultural Marxism.'”

I’ll use another word.


At the root of the violence and tearing down is a hatred of capitalist societies and a willingness to use the power of violence to overthrow laws and governments. That is the essence of a communist revolution. It was organized communism that gave us the Soviet Union, communist China, Cuba, and North Korea.

Respected liberal professor Alan Dershowtiz agrees with the link to Stalinism (Communism):

“Do not glorify the violent people who are now tearing down the statues. Many of these people, not all of them, many of these people are trying to tear down America. Antifa is a radical, anti-America, anti-free market, communist, socialist, hard-left sensorial organization that tries to stop speakers on campuses from speaking.”

Dershowitz warned there is a danger to tearing down these monuments because it creates a  slippery slope regarding what is acceptable and what is not.  “Of course there is a danger of going too far,” Dershowitz said. “There is a danger of removing [George] Washington and [Thomas] Jefferson and other Founding Fathers who themselves owned slaves.”  He compared the movement to remove Confederate monuments to Josef Stalin, and accused the agitators of trying to rewrite history.

“The idea of willy nilly going through and doing what Stalin did, just erasing history and rewriting it to serve current purposes does pose a danger. And it poses a danger of education malpractice,” Derhowitz said. “Both sides of the aisle have a responsibility to condemn the extremes that occur on their particular point of the political spectrum.”

He concluded: “I’m a liberal, and I think it’s the obligation of liberals to speak out against the hard-left radicals, just like it’s the obligation of conservatives to speak out against the extremism of the hard right.”

Even Constitution-revering liberals fear organized evil in our time.

It has been said quite properly that political correctness does not legislate tolerance–it organizes hate. The late Charlton Heston once said that, “Political correctness is tyranny with a happy face.”

And sometimes masked, evil faces.

Country singer Charlie Daniels goes further:

“Even if every statue and monument was removed, every memorial highway renamed, every favorable mention of every Confederate General stricken from the history books and every Confederate battle flag burned, do you really think that the hard core agitators who are ramrod ding this movement would be willing to let bygones be bygones and live in peace and harmony every after?”

“In my estimation, the roots of this movement grow far deeper than historical reminders of the civil war and the ghosts and shadows of America’s shameful period of slavery. This is the precursor of a battle to come, America’s own intifada, well financed and being, in many cases, carried out by people who couldn’t even begin to tell you what goals they are demonstrating for, or against.”

“There’s a name for this tunnel vision philosophy. It’s called fascism, look it up.”

Antifa is a misnomer if there ever was one. They are the real fascists (Marxists or communists). What they  are really against (due to demonic delusion) are God, faith, liberty, law, Christ and his principles for living.

Slavery was defeated by a brutal civil war and courageous emancipation. Segregation was halted by peaceful protests and good laws bringing cultural change.

Yet, 2017 could be the beginning of the 1984 that George Orwell envisioned. It’s just thirty years late due to the prayers of God’s people, the Reagan Revolution, and the once noble cultural character of the people.

Make no mistake: In the Western world, we are facing the grave danger of organized evil in our time.

Why now?

And what should we do about it?

“If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalm 1:3)

NEXT WEEK: Part 2 – Why Now? America’s Greatest and Most Ominous Weakness

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