Your Conscience Before God & Eternity

In our Western World of spiraling cultural decline, the bluster of a possible use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine, and multitudes of people taking to the streets in Iran to protest tyranny, there are scores of issues on which I could focus.

But I believe none is more important that reviving your conscience before God to do his will on earth and be safe, secure–saved–for all eternity.

Here are some final questions to help you awaken your God-given conscience.

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Awaken Your Conscience Through Obedience

Many Western nations today are filled with the fruits of disobedience.

Broken marriages, drug and alcohol abuse, unrestrained violence in our inner cities, and even a U.S. administration government run amuck by disobeying the common sense laws of God.

Disobedience brings heartache. Obedience showers us with blessings.

You must awaken your conscience by learning to obey.

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