Have We Entered the Days of Jeremiah?

We are four years behind schedule (due to Hillary Clinton’s loss in 2016), but the greatest nation in history now races away from its once firm foundation of “liberty and justice for all” and “In God We Trust.”

The destruction of our national culture is being vastly accelerated.

For forty years the prophet Jeremiah called his nation to return to God. They laughed and refused–and terminal judgment came.

Twenty-five hundred years later another “mystery of iniquity” is destroying America. In fact, the American people voted for these destructive forces to be unleashed (that’s the mystery).

Have we entered the days of Jeremiah?

Have We Entered the Days of Jeremiah?

The book of Jeremiah is the only book of the Bible I have studied exhaustively and spoken on for four decades. It contains the message that Jeremiah gave to his falling nation, from a partial renewal under King Josiah around 615 BC to the Babylonian captivity in 586 BC. After centuries of glory and the heights of their civilization under David and Solomon, the southern kingdom of Judah destroyed itself by turning away from God.

Jeremiah gave numerous messages to the people to turn away from the four sins of a falling nation:

  • Idolatry – putting other things in the place of the Creator.
  • Perverted religion – twisting or denying the truths of God’s Word.
  • Seared consciences in areas of right and wrong.
  • Human injustice – murder, lying, corruption and fraud etc.

But they refused his message, God’s hand was removed, and destruction took place.

We are following the same path–and it’s being sped up by those we’ve put into office. The leaders recently elected to guide the American nation (reflecting the heart of the majority) do not bode well for our beloved nation. The Babylonians are at the gates and we invited them here.

It’s time to open our eyes and see the growing destruction around us. It is nothing less than national suicide of the most Bible-based nation the world has ever known.

Destroying the Family

Since the 1950’s we have progressively destroyed the bedrock of our society–the American family–starting with adultery among movie stars, normalizing sex before marriage (Love Story), homosexual relations, an explosion of pornography (Playboy and Hustler), no-fault divorce, single parent homes, and the poverty and brokenness they bring.

We now value pets more than humans and sleeping around more than wedlock. The latest Satanic deception and (Biden Executive Order) normalizes transsexual behavior and gender confusion–annihilating male and female humanness and the family unit along with it. And most cruel: We have killed 65+ million innocent babies through the evil of abortion.

Destroying the Borders

Caravans of illegal immigrants now head to our southern border under an “Open Border” policy in the name of compassion and diversity (and future votes). It will wreak havoc on the border states and the pocketbooks of law-abiding citizens. A nation without borders is not a nation–just a wilderness.

Destroying the Economy

One of President Biden’s first executive orders was to stop the Keystone pipeline with the loss of 11,000 jobs. The Climate Change agenda he laid out this week will kill scores of thousands of other jobs that President Trump revived in the Rustbelt States. Don’t be deceived by the promise of green energy. They cannot take the place of pulling the plug on the clean use of fossil fuels. All of your utility bills and gas fill-ups are going up.

The foolish lockdowns of businesses around the nation due to Covid are already destroying our economic future. We have never shut down the economy before and allowed our leaders to rule as tyrants. The new rule of thumb, of all tyrannies. is “you will be forced to.” Yes, dictators (and the demons behind them) like force, not freedom.

Destroying the Faith-based Culture

Prayer and the Bible were removed from the schools and are ridiculed by the ruling elite. A false definition of “separation of church and state” has been destroying religious liberty for decades. Now Covid is being used to shut down the churches–“for the public good.”

Destroying History and Traditions

Last week the city of San Francisco decided by a 6-1 council vote to get rid of school names in their jurisdiction. They include Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Monroe, and others. Statues are being torn down around the nation and propaganda pieces like the 1619 Project are brainwashing kids about America’s “Glorious Cause” and Judeo-Christian traditions.

Destroying the Cities

The Democratic Party encouraged and stood by the looting and burning of our urban centers this past summer in the name of social justice. It caused one billion dollars in damage in 140 cities. Major pro sports teams support Antifa and Black Lives Matter–an organization run by three Marxist women.

Destroying the Blue States

People are fleeing the Blue States because of gross mismanagement of finances and loss of security. Progressive district attorneys will not prosecute crime–so it’s exploding in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and many municipalities.

Destroying the Police 

Various cities have accepted the absurd premise of “Defunding the Police,” causing a rash of crime and civil instability. The first function of government is to protect innocent citizens. “The Defund Movement” must come from the pit of hell.

Destroying the Federal Government

Within the first two weeks his presidency, Joe Biden issued 42 executive orders, compared with four for Trump, five for Barack Obama, and zero for George W. Bush. That’s the mark of a dictator, not a freedom-loving leader. The Democrat Senate wants to impeach the former president who’s now a private citizen (insane), and Nancy Pelosi remains one of the most vindictive politicians in American history.

Francis Schaeffer warned us forty years ago in Christian Manifesto what godless governments produce (he called them humanist). His book should be a priority survival read in 2021:

“The humanists push for ‘freedom,’ but having no Christian consensus to contain it, that ‘freedom’ leads to chaos or slavery under the state (or an elite). Humanism, with its lack of any final base for values or law, always leads to chaos. It then naturally leads to some form of authoritarianism to control the chaos.”

“Having produced the sickness, humanism gives more of the same kind of medicine for a cure. With its mistaken concept of final reality, it has no intrinsic reason to be interested in the individual, the human being. Its natural interest is the two collectives: the state and society.”

If you haven’t noticed, the now secular progressive Democratic Party is passionate about creating a post-Christian America. It won’t be pretty or prosperous. It’s Satanically inspired. Destruction comes from the nature of Lucifer himself (John 8:44).

These are looking more and more like the days of Jeremiah–when Israel lost her freedom.

The only thing that can save us is God–igniting revival, raising up godly leaders, and all of us working for societal renewal. It can happen.

I have watched with great concern the growing destruction of our society since the early 1980’s. In the 1990’s I traveled the nation warning us to seek God and take a stand for liberty. Here is the message God gave me to share with the American Church.

Jonathan Cahn, the visionary for this summer’s “The Return,” shared his prophetic burden with President Biden on Inauguration Day. It’s worth thirteen minutes of your time. (It was censored by Big Tech soon after its release.)

Don’t stop praying for our beloved nation. Be a catalyst for change.

But prepare yourself, your church, and your family for the days of Jeremiah, as we cry out:

“O God, in wrath (destruction) remember mercy” (Habakkuk 3:2).


  1. Don Prater on February 3, 2021 at 7:26 pm

    We must prepare for the coming storm by forming small groups of Christians (capital c) who, like the church in Acts and more recently in China, cling to faith, love, prayer and, yes, their Bibles. If we do not form this network now, it will be very difficult after the persecution begins.

    • Ron Boehme on February 9, 2021 at 7:25 pm

      Totally agree, Don. Nate Krupp says rightly that “Jesus will return for a Church like He left.”

      Yes, centered in small groups and homes for both protection and multiplication.

      May God wisely lead us forward,


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