Destroyers and Rebuilders

Many terms are used today to describe the divide in America. Some view it as contest between political parties and their increasingly opposite worldviews. Others focus on the conservative or traditional philosophy of Americans as opposed to liberal or secular-progressive values.

In the matter of Dobbs v. Jackson–the abortion case now before the U.S. Supreme Court–it’s truly a matter of life versus death (of unborn babies). It doesn’t get starker than that.

I’d like to frame the problem as a battle between those who would destroy our faith, culture, and way of life, and those who are committed to reviving or rebuilding it.

Destroyers and rebuilders. Which are you?

Destroyers and Rebuilders

Behind all the evil in today’s world are fallen angels, led by Lucifer or Satan, committed to destroying human beings and God’s work of salvation. Jesus said:

The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life (John 10:10).

Human beings deceived by the demonic voices become destroyers of good, either actively or passively. They either thoughtlessly follow the pied piper of humanism (Francis Schaeffer’s term for secularism/atheism) or consciously promote the destruction of Judeo-Christian culture.

During a recent election in Seattle Washington, we saw the true face of a political destroyer. 

A woman running for city attorney said she would abolish both police and prisons, that she believes property destruction is a moral necessity, and that the criminal justice system is racist. She even exudes a “rabid hatred” of cops, once demanding that police “eat covid laced s–t” before quitting their jobs. 

She calls herself an “abolitionist” and ran on a platform of dismantling and abolishing the very office she sought. She vowed not to prosecute most misdemeanor charges, claiming that many of them are crimes of poverty where the homeless are abused for stealing food.

Her candidacy offers a prophetic glimpse into the future. She is not merely anti-police. She regularly cheered on Antifa violence, including arson.

Fortunately, she lost–but only by a margin of 51.7% to 47.5%.  Over forty-seven percent of Seattle voters wanted an “abolitionist destroyer” to wreck their city.

That’s the terrifying power of deception.

No one has written more clearly on how humanism/Marxism/communism destroys human culture than Dennis Prager. (He calls these elements “the Left.”) In his Brief Guide to Leftist Destruction he lists sixteen categories of cultural assault while reminding us:

The left only destroys; it doesn’t build anything (other than government).

Here is the condensed version.

No. 1: Art. The left long ago conquered the art world. Consequently, since the 20th century, most modern art has been ugly, meaningless, and nihilistic—the opposite of what Western art had always been.

No. 2: Music. Most contemporary music is also ugly, meaningless, and uninspiring. 

No. 3: Journalism. Today, on virtually any controversial issue, [people] are getting opinion, not truth–the same purpose Pravda had in the Soviet Union to transmit the party line.

No. 4: Colleges and universities. Virtually every left-wing idea was born at a university.

No. 5: High schools and elementary schools. Increasingly, American educational institutions deny objective truth exists, even in mathematics.

No. 6: Happiness. You can meet happy and unhappy liberals and happy and unhappy conservatives, but you are unlikely to ever meet a happy leftist. 

No. 7: The family. People on the left increasingly choose not to get married–in other words, not to make families. And their welfare policies serve to dis-incentivize the creation of families.

No. 8: Women. The rates of depression among young people, especially young women, are higher than ever recorded in American history. 

No. 9: Childhood. The left doesn’t particularly like children. The teachers’ unions adamant refusal to open schools for over a year has opened many Americans’ eyes to this fact. 

No. 10: Black life. Left-wing policies, from the Great Society to today, have destroyed so much of black life, especially its family life—and they don’t care.

No. 11: Black-white relations. The left knows that when blacks and whites feel good about one another, the left loses its appeal and elections.

No. 12: The military. As the military gets more and more woke—military morale is in steep decline.

No. 13: Late-night television. The left has destroyed late-night comedy. It now consists of little more than angry rants against conservatives.

No. 14: Superman. Superman was an iconic American hero. Thanks to the left, he is no more. The left has now changed his motto from “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” to “Truth, Justice, and a Better Tomorrow.”

No. 15: Free speech. Everywhere the left has gained power—from Russia in 1917 to the university and social media today—it has suppressed free speech. There is no exception.

No. 16: Sports. Until last year, sport was a great American unifier. No longer. The left has ruined it by radically politicizing baseball, football, and basketball.

Prager concludes with this discomforting reality:

The great American tragedy is just about every liberal knows the above is true, but nearly every one of them will still vote for the left.

It is vital to understand that the Democratic Party, the mainstream media, and much of “woke” corporate America are rooting for the abolitionists and destroyers. What is the satanically inspired goal? To bring human beings to a hellish end and rid every image of Jesus in America and the West–including annihilating Israel–God’s chosen people.

We are fighting destroyers who’ve been empowered by our own sins, apathy, and lack of evangelism in our nations. Our “lack of light” has empowered and accelerated the darkness.

So, what’s a rebuilder to do?

We must start on our knees, crying out to God to forgive us for allowing this tide of evil to overflow our land. Only the Living God can truly save us from the void that we have created.

And we must go into all the areas of life and rebuild them for the glory of God:

  • We must produce godly art/movies that bless and uplift people. (Christmas with The Chosen was recently seen in 1100 theaters, sold nine million tickets, and impacted many lives.)
  • We must reclaim the music airwaves with godly tunes that point to our loving Creator and Savior.
  • Young Spirit-led journalists need to enter social media, newsrooms, and podcasts to tell the truth and bring wholesome content to the airwaves.
  • We must start “prayer-burns” on college campuses and see godly professors bring change to every institution of higher learning.
  • We need to pass school choice, pray for and bring discipline back to our public schools, defeat CRT training and gender confusion and empower a growing movement of home education.
  • We must re-establish the family, love kids more than pets, and honor the sanctity of marriage.
  • We must celebrate our different “colors” and highlight the “content of their character”–not race.
  • We must remove “wokeness” from the military and pray for those who defend our freedoms.
  • Forget late-night television (or bring back good humor). Get some sleep or pray more.
  • Superman is cool, but the only “super” God/man can save us–the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • We must stop the censorship and “proclaim liberty throughout the land.”
  • And use sports for recreation, good clean entertainment, and remove politics.

As rebuilders we must bring the grace and truth of Jesus Christ into all the areas of life. Too late? Too big a task? Not for our God and those committed to revival in America and the world.

According to 19th century evangelist Charles Finney:

Revival is a new beginning of obedience to God.

What can you do to obey God today?

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