A Triple Level Conspiracy

I hope this don’t sound like a broken record (now that’s an old analogy), yet, so little of what we hear on the news, read in print, or glance at on our phones gives an accurate perspective on what is really happening in the world.

Conspiracy theories are not my thing, but I’ve begrudgingly come to believe we’re in dangerously conspiratorial era–much more so that at any time in my six-and-a-half decade lifetime.

In the United States, in 2018 AD, we face a grave triple level conspiracy.

How should we then live?

The backdrop of my concerns is possibly the greatest political deception in American history. Yet, many Americans haven’t even heard of it.

Here’s a summary of our present problem.

The Obama Administration led an ascendancy of secular progressive values in the United States. Our former president declared he wanted to “fundamentally transform America.” He nearly did.  A hoped-for Hillary Clinton presidency would both seal his legacy and complete the secular revolution. Thus,

  • The Democratic primaries were rigged in Clinton’s favor (according to Donna Brazille, the former head of the DNC).
  • Hillary Clinton paid up to twelve million dollars to smear Donald Trump through a phony and uncorroborated Russian dossier.
  • The Justice Department and FBI “weaponized” at the highest level (a few bad actors) to illegally spy on the Trump campaign.
  • FBI director Jim Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton of massive email abuse and cover-up. He thought she’d win.

That was the plan–filled to the brim with corruption and illegality.

But, against all odds, Donald Trump stopped the progressive tidal wave with his historic victory. He is now actively reversing it and pointing America back to its Judeo-Christian roots and traditions (faith, family and freedom through strength).

As I’ve said many times, Donald Trump remains a most unlikely deliverer.

Yet, because of his triumph we now see the magnitude of the triple level conspiracy. If Hillary Clinton had won, none of this information would be known. But Trump won. And now the political deception and manipulation is beginning to unravel.

This is not just the “Watergate-times-ten” of our time. We are fighting a three-level threat that is extremely dangerous to our future.

Who are the “actors” in this triple conspiracy?

  1. Political Conspirators: Progressive Politicians and the Deep State

The Democratic Party is no longer your “mother’s party” that believes in God and cares for the little guy. With very few exceptions, Democrats support secular progressive positions on major social issues and stand beholden to the nanny state. Most care more for illegal aliens (votes) than hard working Americans. They want open borders and a shrinking U.S.presence in the world.

Some Republicans aren’t far behind. But because of Trump’s leadership, they are lowering taxes, protecting religious liberty, and reversing the onslaught of secular values.

But even that is an uphill battle.

Behind the liberal politicians slithers a well-entrenched Deep State bureaucracy doing everything it can to perpetuate power by removing Donald Trump from office. That’s the only way their ideas can win.

The Mueller investigation is central to the goal. Most reasonable people know that Donald Trump didn’t collude with the Russians in the 2016 elections. That’s a smoke screen, a canard. A year of investigation has turned up zilch because there’s nothing to see.

Yes, Russian collusion did take place in the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton paid a former British spy, Christopher Steele, to produce a political hit job on Donald Trump using false and salacious Russian sources.

That’s the truth–and it’s coming out in droves.

It’s difficult to trust many of our political leaders right now. Here’s the reason: Secularists believe that lying is okay for political purposes. The end justifies the means. You can’t believe a word that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi (and many others) express these days. They believe lies are kosher to the cause.

So be careful, little ears, what you hear.

2. Social Conspirators: Progressive Media and their Academic Cheerleaders

It’s true the American media has generally projected a liberal bias for many decades. However, Judeo-Christian values in mainstream America kept reporters and commentators “honest” in the past.

But no more.

For decades the liberal media pushed abortion-on-demand, legalization of drugs, altering the definition of marriage, and now the blurring of human gender.

It’s a verifiable fact that 90% of mainstream news stories are anti-faith and anti-Trump. It’s not that Donald Trump is the best expression of biblical norms–he’s not in many areas. But most of his policy principles protect God-given rights. He’s erasing the momentum of secular progressive values in many areas.

I used to think that journalists like Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein searched for the facts in the Watergate scandal because of their commitment to truth. However, these same journalists did not look for truth during the Bill Clinton scandals. And they’re missing in action now.

So what gives?

Dirty little secret: Secular journalists only pursue truth when it fits their agenda. When it doesn’t, they not only turn a blind eye to what’s really happening, but actually ratchet up deception.

The latest example is the jaded reporting on the Pyeong Chang Olympics as exposed by Daily Signal columnist Jarrett Stepman:

“The speed at which the American media lapped up North Korean propaganda in the first weekend of the Olympics was stunning. Almost all of the major news networks and publications ran glowing profiles of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, who has attended the games.”

“It’s amazing that the same media that is so quick to slam the Trump administration has apparently been clamoring to show the sunny side of an actual autocracy that allows no press freedom at all. [Whereas] only 5 percent of media reports portrayed the Trump administration in a positive light,  Kim Jong Un’s sister, who is the regime’s deputy director of propaganda, apparently merits better treatment.”

“Perhaps even worse than the glowing profiles, members of the media lambasted the few voices who called out the charade and labeled the North Korean state exactly what it is, an almost unfathomably ruthless dictatorship.”

Then they attacked Vice President Mike Pence’s faith.

Standing behind the media is a generation of liberal professors in our secular colleges and universities that rant against “white privilege,” encourage Donald’s Trump’s assassination, and train a new generation of students to hate and deny free speech.

Progressive academia actually cheers the demise of our Republic.

3. Spiritual Conspirators: Lucifer and his Regressive Demons

But the real power behind social and political movements on earth lies with Lucifer and his demons who actively work to deceive humans and tear down the work of God (Ephesians 6:12,13). They tout “progressive” labels, but they’re for anything but progress.

These fallen angels want human beings to regress into carnality, confusion, and death.

Many people who share anti-God ideas may not realize the source of their errors. The Bible is very clear that satanic activity in the world lies behind all lying, false philosophies, violence, deception, and other tactics that hurt human beings (1 John 5:19). Their ultimate goal is to destroy or slow down the work of Christ in the world (John 10:10, Revelation 12:17).

Never simply analyze events on a human or political level. If you do, you’re missing the primary conspiratorial voice: Satanic-inspired lies (John 8:44).

So listen discerningly for these three different conspiratorial voices in the world. One might say, “Impeach or kill Trump.”  Behind that one, another cries, “Alter marriage and confuse gender.”  And hidden in the shadows, a gravelly voice bellows, “Kill Christ and his followers.”

Be aware of the triple level conspiracy.

How should we then live? As voices and missional agents for revival and the global progress of the Kingdom of God.

Be grateful that God holds the biggest trumpet.

Therein lies hope.





  1. Mary on February 15, 2018 at 9:34 pm

    Thank you, Ron.
    How true your editorial is. We are in a battle, but the Victor is Our Lord Jesus Christ,
    who already won on the cross!
    We are “occupy ” until HE COMES!!
    Maybe it will be within our life times. I’ve heard 2018 is a BIG year for events unfolding
    in Israel! Praise God for a President who stands beside Israel.
    I pray for him and all who are standing in this hour for righteousness.

  2. Ron Boehme on February 15, 2018 at 9:19 pm

    What do we do about this? What God’s people have ALWAYS done: Trust and obey. That begins with much prayer and seeking His marching orders. That will be different for all of us individually, but certainly He will also give wisdom to His corporate Church.

  3. Rick Allen on February 15, 2018 at 8:59 pm

    Well said, Ron. It’s refreshing to read an informative and well-researched article that also acknowledges the reality of the unseen forces of evil at work in our world. Thanks so much!

  4. Rick Best on February 15, 2018 at 8:48 pm

    EXCELLENT Ron ! ! ! Seems like it does beg a couple of questions . . . ! What is God doing in all of this? And . . . What are we to do …as the body of Christ ?

    Deeply concerned for our children…and grandchildren . . . the “Church” …and our culture . . .


  5. Gerry Buckner on February 15, 2018 at 3:13 am

    Wow, excellent Mr. Ron!!!!! This is being sent on to many of my friends and family!
    God bless and continue to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and the convictions of
    our faith!

    God bless!

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