Unity Wins. So Whose Will Prevail?

The longest recorded prayer of the Savior, Jesus Christ, focused like a laser on the importance of unity.

If you haven’t read it recently, it can be found in John chapter 17  in the New Testament.

These intercessory words are the capstone of Jesus’ final hours with His disciples before His death and resurrection. In an upper room dinner setting, he shared  intimate thoughts with His followers about love (chapter thirteen), the Holy Spirit (chapters 14 & 16), and the need for dependence on Him like branches to a vine (chapter 15).

But his most poignant words took the form of a prayer to His Heavenly Father. In it He highlighted the need, power, and importance of His followers to be “one”–i.e. strongly united–for world evangelism to take place (John 17:23).

Unity wins.

So whose unity will prevail in our time?

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