The Myth of Systemic Racism in the USA

Happy Fourth of July Week from a troubled-but-still-the-free-est-nation in the history of the world.

Sometimes you read an article that smacks of the truth in a way you’ve been thinking but haven’t been able to articulate. The following is such a piece.

Great deception surrounds the racial turmoil in our country this Independence Day.

Are African Americans being used as pawns in the game?

The Myth of Systemic Racism in the USA

Andrew Klavan is an award-winning novelist who writes for the Daily Caller. He recently wrote an honest, no holds-barred refutation of the idea that America promotes “systemic injustice” against African Americans.

You hear that charge everywhere–especially by the Black Lives Matter organization. But I’ve yet to hear anyone back it up with facts or meaningful perspective.

The charge of “systemic racism” in America just doesn’t pass the history/reality test. Klavan uses a bit more sarcasm than I do but makes his point brilliantly.

Black Americans Are Being Used as Pawns by the Leftist Elite

By Andrew Klavan

“Of course, America is not a racist country. It is the least racist country, the only country even to attempt such a high level of multi-ethnicity with such comity and compassion. And there is approximately zero percent systemic racism here, if by systemic racism you mean barriers to advancement of a race built into our systems. That people dislike and distrust one another on tribal grounds is a fact of human life. That hasn’t stopped Jews, Irish, Jamaicans, Nigerians or anyone else from doing well here.”

“Why, then, is it a virtue to pretend? Why should I — an absolutely lovely person who has nothing but good will toward anyone who does not annoy me — apologize for anything I have not done? Indeed, I would like to declare right here and now that when you look upon my bald head, you should see, not atonement for some racial sin, but a great, big old imaginary tattoo telling antifas and Black Lives Matter they can both pound sand.”

“I am told that as a white man I cannot understand another sort of person’s ‘lived experience.’ I am not convinced. I know a fellow who is a racial bigot. He hates black people. We argue. He says: ‘If I am mugged or robbed, it will be a black man who does it. Why should I not hate them?’  I say: ‘Well, there is a history of prejudice and oppression that has made the black situation difficult.’ He says: ‘What do I care? I just don’t want to be mugged — and in my lived experience, it’s the blacks I have to fear.’”

“’Lived experience’ is not a proof of anything. Facts, as a friend of mine might say, don’t care about your ‘lived experience.’ ‘Lived experience’ is where you begin the search for truth.”

“Here is the truth. Seventy-two percent of black Americans are satisfied with the performance of their local police departments, according to a new Monmouth University poll. Researchers at Harvard, University of Maryland, and Michigan State University all similarly, in the words of one researcher, ‘didn’t find evidence for anti-Black or anti-Hispanic disparity in police use of force across all shootings, and, if anything, found anti-White disparities when controlling for race-specific crimes.’ (This was reported by Jason Riley in the Wall Street Journal.)”

“There are more than 800,000 police officers in the United States: that’s somewhere around the population of San Francisco. Some of those officers are going to be bad guys. Even if it’s only five percent — which would place police officers somewhere between the angels and the saints — that’s over 40,000 villains in blue. Meanwhile, blacks commit a disproportionate amount of crime. Thirteen percent of our population committed 53 percent of the murders and 60 percent of the robberies in 2018. (This was reported in the Wall Street Journal by Heather Mac Donald.)”

“In other words, it is only a matter of time before a bad cop has an unpleasant encounter with a black person who is committing a crime. These are the two people least likely to extract a good outcome from the morass of history and sociology. Bad things are going to happen.”

“But since these bad things are not representative, why do I have to pretend that they are? Why should I think for even a moment that riots and looting are a justifiable response? I understand the anger these awful incidents cause, and I do believe reforms are desirable. But since, according to a Monmouth poll, 73 percent of Americans support the protesters’ cause, whom are they protesting against? And where’s the racism?”

“Impoverished black people are being used as pawns in the Left’s game of thrones. As Daniel Henninger wrote in the WSJ this week, “Fifty-five years of leftist policies have sent trillions of dollars’ worth of  Medicaid, food stamps, welfare, public housing, rent subsidies and federal aid to public schools into poor neighborhoods governed by the Left, and very little in those neighborhoods has changed.”

“But those trillions of dollars represent patronage jobs and they create political dependency that keeps the Left in power while keeping poor black Americans poor. If they are not kept poor, Democrats will lose power and money. Why would Democrats help them then? It’s against their own interest. Instead, they inspire them to anger and disorder, creating the sort of crisis the Left will not let go to waste.”

“So, go ahead, white leftists. Kneel down. But if you debase yourself before a child without a father, he still has no father. If you debase yourself before a man without a job, he still has no job. If you debase yourself while destroying charter school programs and defending horrendous public housing — why then, you are a Democrat and well and truly debased. Kneel down.”

“Russian collusion was a leftist hoax. Brett Kavanaugh hysteria was a leftist hoax. The overlong pandemic lock down was a leftist hoax. So is systemic racism.”

“There are surely legacies of Jim Crow in this country. I have a heart for my fellow citizens who suffer from them. I strongly support the charter schools and housing plans and social and religious teaching that will ease their difficulties.”

“But what’s happening now will do nothing for anyone, except maybe the powerful leftist elites who are using those citizens for their own gain.”

Think about some of the truths Klavan mentions:

  1. America is the least racist large nation in the world (China, India, Russia don’t compare).
  2. Tribalism is a human reality, but never stops the advance of character and drive for success.
  3. A large majority of African Americans need and want the police in their neighborhoods.
  4. Doling out money never solves social problems. Faith and character do (Martin Luther King).
  5. Reforming some police practices will help while respecting their vital role in society.
  6. Kneeling changes nothing in the sociological world (while it’s great in prayer).
  7. The “hate police and destroy property” movement is the latest leftist hoax after Russian collusion, the Kavanaugh hearing, impeachment etc.
  8. African Americans are being used as pawns to destroy the American nation.

I can only think of two aspects of “racism as a system” in the USA. Both involve the same villain–the Democrat Party and its allies.

The first is the Dem’s endless rejection of school choice (vouchers) which confines many African American children to under-performing schools. That’s a rigged system. The second is the welfare state mentioned by Klavan which rewards “the masters” and imprisons its “dependents.”

African Americans vote regularly for these policies by giving Democrats 90% of their ballots.

So, what really must change to empower the disadvantaged among us?

Let freedom ring.


  1. Bill Blatz on July 1, 2020 at 6:44 pm

    GREAT article , facts and truth. You can’t fix something if you won’t examine the truth of what is really causing it.

  2. Edward Earl Young on July 1, 2020 at 2:21 am

    I was expecting your blog to say that we should stop pointing fingers. Because according to God we chose this madness starting with Adam and Eve, yet we still point fingers. All creation sided with evil then and continue to do so now. Yes, we could end this madness if God governed our hearts and minds. Racism, prejudices, slavery and dominion over man was created by man as well as ruling class and submission class of people in the free est nation.

    This is not God’s best or original intent for man to have dominion over man. I am sure in heaven none of this foolishness is tolerated. Evil still is manifested in this free nation via the terrorist group known as the Klu Klux Klan. Lastly, all this madness is birthed from systematic design.

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