Arizona Grudges and the Poison of Bitterness

The state of Arizona sports many aspects of scenic beauty and grandeur. Of special note, the city of Phoenix rises from the desert as a testimony to what resourceful human beings can do when given an opportunity to “take dominion” over the forces of nature.

I’ve greatly enjoyed speaking in many settings in the Grand Canyon State and have a son who manages a business in the capital suburbs.

So what’s up with the Arizona grudges that are poisoning our nation?

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Healthcare Stalemate: Could It Be a Flashpoint for Renewal?

Like many of you, I watched with sadness the recent defeat of the Obamacare repeal and replace bill in the United States Senate. I was grieved, mad, disgusted, and yet hopeful that something good may still come out of this momentous failure.

I’ve previously criticized the Democratic Party for its secular tendencies and lack of concern for the common person.  Now it’s time to be equally disgusted with the gutless and hypocritical Republicans (at least some of them).

But, are we really looking in a mirror at the failures of America’s most prestigious club (US Senate)? And could the healthcare stalemate produce a flashpoint for renewal in America?

I think it’s important to analyze ALL the players in the healthcare fight. It’s not true that everybody failed in this endeavor, just like it’s wrong to conclude that everyone in America is equally responsible for our cultural decline. Read More