Male and Female He Created Them

“So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them” (Genesis 1:27). 

The assault on biblical sexual morality began in America a generation ago– and has been relentless. It started with Hollywood stars casually committing adultery and normalizing it in the culture. Then the youth rebellion of the 60’s popularized sex before marriage, which eventually collapsed the God-given institution of wedlock in the early 21st century.

The final piece of sexual confusion/destruction comes from the transgender movement: We don’t even know if we’re male and female anymore–which is a state of madness.

Here’s the simple truth: “Male and female God created them.”

Male and Female He Created Them

Cultural trends in the Western World–once the bastion of Christian civilization–cannot be properly analyzed without recognizing the following truths.

First, there is a devil and his demons who hate God and are doing everything in their power to destroy human beings. They spread spiritual and moral darkness across the planet.

Second, the Church of Jesus Christ has failed to evangelize/disciple the current generation. We have turned out the “lights” of salvation and moral goodness in the culture by our apathy and inactivity.

Third, since its easier to sin (moral depravity) than live a God-centered and holy life, millions of nominal believers have turned away from the faith–joining a growing tide of atheistic “nones” that are creating a post-Christian culture. 

And fourth, many of the domains of government, education, and the media have joined the onslaught of tearing down a God-fearing/loving world to create a self-centered universe where each person is his own god.

Enter transgender insanity.

Transgenderism is not just anti-biblical–“male and female God created them”–but it might be the most anti-science idea ever conceived. Atheists do not believe in science. They only use it as a smoke screen to pretend to understand “origins” and avoid accountability to the Creator.

We reject honest science when we tell young children they can be any gender they want. 

That’s Dark Ages stuff (devilish).

True science confirms what the Bible states. Every human being born into the world is either female, with “xx” chromosomes in every cell of their 30-100 trillion-celled body, or male with “xy” chromosomes in every cell. Females have feminine “plumbing” and can birth babies. Males have masculine private parts and can’t.

Yes, there are many different types of men and women in God’s beautiful tapestry of humankind. But all, by nature of their creation, are either male or female.

Thus, the push for gender “fluidity,” numerous genders, and encouraging young children to mutilate their bodies on the whim of wanting to be a boy or girl is abject stupidity.

It’s also devilish cruelty. Once you carve up your private parts and inject your system with hormones, it’s difficult to ever be “normal” again.

That’s the point. The devil wants to destroy people created in the image of God.

I want to share some important voices on the creation of men and women and the current transgender madness. 

Tucker Carlson was taken off the air by Fox News because he was too strong a voice for biblical values. As an Episcopalian believer, Carlson articulates the relationship between the transgender madness and the desire for human beings “to be god” more than any news commentator in America.

His monologue is fifteen minutes, but its worth your time. Carlson, like a modern-day prophet, exposes the “cult of transgenderism” as a “mental delusion that you are God,” and describes this new demonic deception as “religious extremists on a jihad.”

Please watch it here.

One of the best governors in America, Ron DeSantis of Florida, declared his candidacy for president today. He would make a good one in a strong field of Republican candidates. 

In a recent interview, he commented on the error/injustice of transgenderism, especially in sports. And he’s done something about it. Men can’t complete in women’s sports in Florida. That’s fair and right. Here are his recent comments on transgenderism:

“It’s a total fraud. I mean you have a swimmer that competes on the men’s team for three years at Penn, and then switches to the women’s team and then wins the 500 yard freestyle – national championship for women? When you’re a mediocre male swimmer and now you win the women’s? And so, you had a second-place finisher – she was actually from Sarasota [Florida], she should have been the national champion. I did a proclamation from our office saying she was the best woman swimmer in 500 yard, because she was.

[This is] taking away opportunities in athletics and some other stuff, and that’s really really important. But I think there’s also just the issue of are we going to be a society based on truth or we gonna be a society based on deceit? And if you take a man and they dress up as a woman, and you tell me I have to accept that they’re a woman, then you’re asking me to be complicit in a lie, and I just refuse to do that.

We’ve gotta tell the truth, I think that the truth will set you free, and let’s just be honest about what’s going on here.”

A third voice is collegiate woman swimmer, Riley Gaines, who overnight became the leading spokesperson for women’s sports and fair competition. Her words came  after the White House vowed to veto a bill that would stop biological males from participating in women’s sports. 

Under the guise of competitive fairness? Are you really trying to say you would have won a national title against the men? Does it not break your heart to see women lose out on these opportunities? The Biden Admin’s proposed bill denies science, truth, and common sense.”

“This take is selfish and shows an utter disregard for women. The Biden Administration is actively and aggressively working to pass laws that erase decent and fair treatment for women in sports.” 

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, newly-elected governor of Arkansas, is another voice of reason. After lawmakers in hundreds of school districts instituted policies that allowed officials to hide information about children changing their sexual identity, Governor Huckabee Sanders signed legislation called the “Given Name Act” mandating school officials use a child’s birth certificate name for identity. Likewise, educators must address children by their birth pronouns.

That’s recognizing reality, God’s creation, and common sense. 71% of national voters favor this type of legislation.

Yet, my home state of Washington, recently passed a bill that encourages minors to leave home and live in a state “youth shelter” that will allow them, without parental consent, to “change their sex.”

That’s state-sponsored child abuse.

A fifth voice of reason is former Fox News anchor, Megyn Kelly. Please excuse the profanity in this clip, but I believe we must stir up Megyn Kelly’s passion on this issue along with her heart for people struggling with identity issues.

Finally, Josh Hammer shares a stunning fact about Audrey Hale, the transgender shooter, who killed six people at a Nashville Christian school on March 27.

“At some point during the murderous rampage, the shooter took precious time to divert from the school, scurry over to the adjacent church, and unload seven rounds into a stained-glass figure of Adam—that is, Adam from Genesis.”

You can’t reject your creation–but you can allow God to redeem it.

Let’s pray for those struggling with their identity. And tell them the truth which will set them free.

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  1. Doug Burleigh on May 24, 2023 at 6:35 pm

    Great article Ron. We must expose this enormous lie to those who will listen. Just returned from being in 8 cities in Ukraine. Great spirit among the people. In every Prayer Breakfast, the voice of people was for freedom and the opportunity to follow Jesus. Very encouraging!

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