Random Thoughts

You might remember that the great Thomas Sowell, African American writer and economist, regularly titled his weekly column “Random Thoughts” to share what was floating around in his mind.

This week I want to honor him with the title (he’s 92 and retired) and do the same. I don’t have the brilliance of Sowell, but hopefully share his heart for truth.

Here are my random thoughts of the week. 

Random Thoughts


The long-awaited “Durham Report” finally came out after four years and millions of dollars spent investigating the origins of the Russia Collusion hoax. That lie attempted to tilt the 2016 election to Hillary Clinton and dogged Donald Trump for years.

The report confirms that the Clinton campaign made it all up aided by the FBI, Department of Justice and the secular media. Durham gives no names, so “justice” isn’t coming to the liars. That’s not fair, but as Bill O’Reilly points out, life in this world is often unfair.  

There will be absolute justice one day before God (Romans 14:10-12). Let that satisfy your longing for fairness, but also realize in the fear of God, this applies to each one of us.

Greg Gutfeld of Fox News, the new king of late night television, gave the clearest view of the Durham Report and what it means to America. 


The Democrats used to be the party of the working class, the “little guy,” and champions of liberty. In the 21st century they have become the party of the rich and famous who hurt the masses with policies and regulations that destroy.  

Democratic policies are destroying families via crime, drugs, sexual confusion, and a welfare mentality (especially inner cities), destroying children (unlimited abortion, drag queens & porn in classrooms, and failing schools), destroying the economy through deficit spending and rampant inflation, destroying law and order through permissive DA’s and defunding the police, destroying the military through retreat and woke policies, and pulling our nation toward communism

Their policies are wreaking havoc. In the 2022 governor’s race in New York, the people could have elected a sound leader in Lee Zeldin, but 90% of African Americans in NYC voted for a Democrat progressive (Kathy Hochul). That’s blind, banana-republic voting.

It’s now a statistical fact that most believers vote GOP and atheists vote for Dems. 

I have voted for Democrats in many past elections–but not today. They are now the party of destruction of everything we hold dear. How could any sane person vote Democrat?      


Let me answer my own question. The most underreported aspect in our world is the open hatred and carnage of Satan and his demons in our lives. It’s never mentioned in the news, though the face of evil is seen almost everywhere. From mass murders to devil-dancing at the Grammys, Satan has come out of the closet to deceive and torment people (with our help).  

Much of what you hear on the news is deception–the telling of lies as if they were true. Since pride is the doorway to demonic deception (Obadiah 1:3), a great “fall” is coming (Proverbs 16:18). We vote for bad people because we are deceived. We must vote with godly discernment. 


We no longer have a nation because the current Administration has created an open border between the U.S. and Mexico to flood the country with illegals, criminals, and terrorists (seven million since President Biden took office). The purpose is to more quickly destroy the American economy and reward the law-breakers with entitlements so they will vote Democrat. 

The open border is a failure to enforce the wise laws of the land (every nation has legal borders) and is happening despite two-thirds of voters viewing the border as a crisis. But you rarely hear about it from the pundits and swamp creatures that make up  the new American Axis of Evil.          


Bill O’Reilly of the “No Spin News” frames the division in America as a battle between “Traditional America” and “the Left.” That’s true, but let’s go deeper. “Traditional America” means those who ascribe to the Judeo-Christian worldview. “The Left” is a non-descript term that really means radical atheists who want to annihilate every aspect of our biblically-based culture.

O’Reilly said recently that President Biden is a “divider.” That’s true. It’s part of the demonic strategy (divide and conquer). He also opined that we need a “unifying leader” to bring the two sides together.

I disagree. We are in worldview culture war (as O’Reilly wrote about). There is no way to unite people of faith and people of force. One side must win and the other lose–just as in a shooting war. 

We win through prayer, evangelism, and discipleship. If they win, it will be through force.


I have always been fact-based in my personal faith (there’s far more evidence for God than evolution). That applies to everything else. Facts are the pillars of truth, and we should seek them in every area of knowledge including our media sources.

But there’s one problem with being fact-based regarding today’s news. The facts are being hidden–just like the Russia Collusion hoax. So, we have to dig deep.

If we’re blessed to get a faith-based president in the future, we need to restore trust in facts/truth on every level. That includes either abolishing the FBI and DOJ and starting over, or firing all upper management in a complete purge and renewal. 


If you enjoy listening to Talk Radio in your car/truck, you need to lobby the carmakers. An effort is underway to do away with AM radio in all electric vehicles. They say it “interferes” with the system, but I think we know the real truth. Many progressives want to limit biblical/conservative ideas being heard by millions on the AM dial.  Ford even wants to remove it from their gas-powered vehicles.

Choose your future car carefully. We need more points of view, not less.


On a positive note, the breakout of spring always encourages me to worship God through enjoying the beauty of creation.  The older I get, the more I appreciate God’s glory and design in the world of nature. Gardening leads to praise and wonder–how a tiny seed can become a fruit-bearing plant ten thousand times its original size. Soli Deo Gloria

Darrow Miller has written extensively on the cultural trinity– that there are three things in life that all sane human beings seek: truth, goodness, and beauty. Truth brings certainty to life. Goodness promotes meaning. And beauty creates wonder.

Are you growing your cultural trinity as medicine to your soul?


Loren Cunningham, the founder of YWAM, who has stage four lung cancer (but God is sustaining him), recently spoke by ZOOM to 2500 of our workers in the Americas. He shared that God is giving him great revelation as he nears his life’s end on getting the Bible translated orally into every Mother Tongue on earth. Revelation 7:9 tells us that heaven will be populated by people from every nation and language.

That means every Mother Tongue. YWAM is leading a global thrust to accomplish it “on earth as it is in heaven.” You can join the OMT revelation/vision by going to Pray Oral Mother Tongue.

And speaking of revelation, do you need some encouragement? Then read Dennis Prager’s How to Introduce Others to the God of the Bible

Then go and do likewise.

Would love to hear your random responses.

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