Glenn Beck – a Modern-day Jeremiah?

Who we trust–who we seek out for perspective and advice–says a lot about our values and priorities.

If we’re wise, we’ll trust God as our most important Wonderful Counselor. We will also seek out godly people (another way of hearing from Him)–those with wisdom in various dimensions of life from whom we can learn, benefit, and be encouraged to make good decisions.

In 2006, I’d never heard of Glenn Beck. Over the past couple of years, I’ve listened to him occasionally on the radio and a watched him a few times on television. The more I hear, the more my respect for the man grows–especially in one area that he talks about constantly.

I’m beginning to wonder if he’s a modern-day Jeremiah to America and this generation.

First of all, I admit that I listen to many people to gain understanding. Loren Cunningham, the founder of Youth With A Mission, believes that the more humble a person is (and that’s a good trait!),  the more you will recognize authorities in your life–in many different categories.

My wife and parents are high on my list. Shirley gives me wise family counsel and compassionate perspective. My parents are prudent financial and “life” counselors. I have board members and leader friends that I go to for business and corporate advice. 

There are also other astute voices in the public arena that I pay attention to:

  • I like Rush Limbaugh when it comes to understanding liberalism (secularism).
  • I respect Michael Medved, Ann Coulter, and Charles Krauthammer for their intellectual clarity on social issues.
  • I’m amazed at the constitutional insights of Mark Levin and Jay Sekulow.
  • For political hunches, I appreciate the perspectives of Sean Hannity, Dick Morris, and Karl Rove.
  • On family issues, I trust James Dobson. On military strategy, I admire both Oliver North and John McCain.
  • I have many religious heroes–including numerous YWAM leaders, Rick Warren, Leith Anderson, Franklin Graham, David Yonggi Cho, and David Wong.
  • Danny Lehmann and Nancy Wilson are my evangelism heroes. I love the literary brilliance of Max Lucado.

This list could go on and on. There are so many voices that I value in my life and work.

When I started listening to Glenn Beck, I asked myself: “What can I learn from this man?” What wisdom or perspective does he possess that I need to hear and comprehend? After listening carefully for a couple of years now, his role is coming clear.

Glenn Beck, a Mormon, a former alcoholic–a man born and raised in my home state who is now a shooting star on both radio and television–just might be America’s foremost prophetic voice. 

He just might be a Jeremiah to this generation. (He’s also an expert on “progressivism.”)

Here’s why. Jeremiah the prophet served during the time of Israel’s greatest testing as a nation. By the time he was born, Israel had grown as a tribe for nearly a thousand years, and a nation for four hundred. They had experienced numerous cycles of national revival and decline.

In Jeremiah’s day, they were facing a terminal judgement situation. If they didn’t turn to God they would lose everything–at least for a time.

Jeremiah pleaded with the nation to return to the Lord. He called them to return to God for forty faithful years (627 B.C. to 586 B.C.). Unfortunately, it’s not recorded once in the book in the Bible that bears his name that the people took the message seriously.

So in 586 B.C., God allowed the Babylonians to carry Judah off into captivity–they experienced a national collapse–and their way of life was lost for centuries. In fact, they never really recovered.

Back to Glenn Beck.  Over a year ago, Glenn began to call the American nation back to God.

One day I turned on the radio to listen to his show (the third largest audience in the U.S.). He spoke for twenty straight minutes on Ephesians 6:10-18 (putting on the armor of God). I was stunned. Another day I heard him speak for fifteen minutes on the need of Americans to turn to God. In the coming months, he kept returning to that theme.

Some months ago he announced he was facilitating a gathering in Washington D.C. called 8-28 (August 28). He said there was a need for the nation to come together to get right with God, understand our Christian heritage and founding, and restore respect and honor. Later he announced that he’d rented the Kennedy Center on 8-27 for a leaders night before the main event on August 28.

That sounded awfully familiar. On April 28, 29, 1980, I served as the capital city coordinator of Washington For Jesus (WFJ) which brought 700,000 people to our nation’s capital to fast, pray, and call the nation back to God and its roots. John Gimenez, a Puerto Rican ex-con had received a burden from God to bring the people of faith together in the nation’s capital. A highlight of that day was watching 1.4 million hands stretched out toward the Capitol Building while an African American named Ben Kinchlow prayed for major changes in the United States government and leadership.

Six months later, Ronald Reagan swept into office and multitudes of corrupt incumbents were tossed out. Reagan’s election was viewed as “morning in America” and brought twenty-five years of economic growth and prosperity. According to Arthur Laffer (an economist I trust), the Reagan Revolution gave birth to the greatest period of economic growth and freedom in the history of the world.

Yes, I said that right. Between 1982 and 2007, 20 million US jobs were created and America’s household net worth increased by 32 trillion dollars. That’s Trillion with a T.  Prayer, repentance, unity, faith and sound economic principles brought blessing to the nation during that era.

WFJ–a unifying event–was a part of the equation.

God had used an ex-con to bring us together.

Now he’s using an ex-alcoholic Mormon.

Our God is amazing.

In 2010, radio/TV personality Glenn Beck is calling the nation to once again gather in Washington, D.C at the Lincoln Memorial. He says we need to return to God. He believes we need to understand our history (David Barton of Wallbuilders will be teaching this subject on 8-28). He says we must put on the full armor of God, and restore faith, honor, integrity, and respect in American life.

I know of no other person–with anywhere near as large a megaphone–making this call in America today. It’s the right emphasis, at an extremely critical time.

If you live in the Washington D.C., or can travel to the nation’s capital for 8-28, I strongly encourage you to go. In other parts of the nation, between 10am and 1 pm EDT on August 28, 2010, let’s bow our hearts before God and ask for his gracious intervention in our national affairs. We need his forgiveness, favor, and vision to awaken a nation for his glory.

Glenn Beck just might be a modern-day Jeremiah.

What kind of responders will we be to his message?



  1. Sharon Libby on September 13, 2010 at 11:33 pm

    My heart is singing. Why? Because I believe everything that you said about Glenn Beck. At first, I thought Glenn Beck was "weird" and "acted out" on many issues; however, the more I watched him on television the more I HAD to watch and listen; and, watch and listen I did. Then it happened…August 28, 2010. It was like watching a revival which is what we need in America! I know of no other lay-person or pastor that has drawn over 300,000 people all in one place at one time with God at the center. If we don't come together as a Christian Nation soon, like our forefathers did before us, our United States as we know it will NEVER be the same. In God We Trust is what our country was founded on and yet over the years WE have allowed God to be taken out of so much. Isn't that like saying, "it's okay for the devil to rule/win?" We need to come together as God-loving people. Every person needs to get down on their knees, if they are physically able to do so and PRAY, "WITH YOUR POWER GOD, UNITED WE STAND!"

  2. Sally A. Lunsford on August 20, 2010 at 5:46 pm

    Great minds and faithful hearts will be there on 8-28 to praise God and hear the message He has for us. I wish I could be there. God be with all who work to put this day of prayer and worship together.

  3. Nancy Entzminger on August 18, 2010 at 2:17 pm

    Hey, Ron – greetings to you and Shirley. I'm sitting in for Susan at the Christian Assembly office and had a chance to read your recent email regarding Glenn Beck. You did a fine job of encouraging us to first choose mature, informed, and wise counselors in this day in which we live. God first, then others.
    I'm sorry John and I missed seeing you in May this year. If you get here again, please give us a call to say hi.
    Every blessing in Christ to you and your family. How many of your kids are married now and have children of their own? One day you and Shirley will be crowded out of the "picture" with so many around you! Ha!
    Love in Jesus – Nancy Entzminger

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