Why The Media Loathes Sarah Palin, and Will Soon Have Michelle Bachmann in Their Cross-Hairs

I admit that according to the current PC standards at CNN, I shouldn’t have used the term “cross hairs.” But it’s the only image that comes to mind when I ponder the the utter contempt and hatred that the media has shown for Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for the past three years.

She’s not just in their “cross hairs.” They’ve editorially murdered her numerous times.  I’ve never witnessed such hostile bias toward a candidate. The most recent bullseye they put on her back consisted of drooling over what they might find in some 24,000 government e-mails she sent while governor of Alaska.

All they revealed was that Sarah was a competent and likable governor who really loves her children. How humiliating.

Why does the secular media loathe Sarah Palin?  And if she does not run for president of the United States, why will they soon train those same guns on Minnesota Representative Michelle Bachmann?

I can think of at least seven reasons why the secular press has done everything in their power to discredit and discourage Governor Palin from running for president of the United States:

1.  Sara Palin is an out-spoken, evangelical Christian. The secular press in this nation–which includes The New Times, LA Times, Washington Post, Associated Press, the Big Three television networks, and CNN and MSNNBC–have become fairly anti-faith in the past thirty years. They used to be more balanced in their approach to the news, but today they make no bones that they do not support the Judeo-Christian worldview which is at America’s core. They are secular, media outlets who do their best to ridicule and marginalize Christianity while peddling the principles and worldview of atheism.

The only exception was the “puffing” of born-again Christian Jimmy Carter. But that was for good reason. Carter may have been a Christian in heart, but his public policies were clearly secular or humanistic. He was a political liberal–something they share in common. So they overlooked his faith to promote his ideals. Those policies were disastrous for America in the 1970s.

The Big Media hate Sarah Palin because she is a person of faith both in heart and in mind. That makes her a major threat to their progressive agenda. They want to “progress” away from Christianity–not restore and encourage its blessings.

2. Sarah Palin is a principled conservativeand they loathe the views of conservatives. Why? Because conservative positions on most issues are the Christian expression of political ideas. In the same way that Christian faith is meant to “conserve culture”–Jesus said we were to be the “light of the world and the salt of the earth,”–biblical truths applied to government help conserve civilization. They strengthen families, promote justice, enhance freedom, and encourage right relationship to God and others.

Sarah Palin and other conservatives are fighting hard to point America back to God and his principles for just and free societies. The secular media is the opposing team.

3. Sarah Palin is articulate–sharing common sense solutions to America’s problems. If she wasn’t so good at it they wouldn’t pay attention to her. She may not be as smooth as other candidates, and she makes her share of mistakes as all politicians do, but on the whole she is refreshing  because her perspective on the issues is wise and practical: Balance the budget, stop spending money you don’t have, encourage thrift and hard work, support the military who defend our shores, lower taxes, decrease government regulations, and Drill, Baby Drill (energy independence)! 

The secular press disdains the wisdom of the past–the things that made America great. They’re into social experimentation and freedom without boundaries or restraints.

Somehow, some way, they need to make the Sarah Palins of the world look like country bumpkins. 

4. Sarah Palin is feminine–even pretty–which is the anti-thesis of their unisexual ideal. The liberal left has spent more than one generation trying to permanently change the image of women. Feminism has made some positive contributions to modern society, but its great negative has been to blur the distinction between men and women–essentially encouraging women to look and behave like men. The goal is a uni-sexual culture that breaks down the God-given distinctions and giftings of the two sexes.

The clearest expression of this in the 20th century was Communist China where women and men all dressed in drab black suits and performed the same jobs. Atheism doesn’t like maleness and femaleness and the roles and responsibilities that go with it. It’s harder to control. And secularism–or liberalism–is all about control.

Have you noticed that the “ideal” liberal woman usually look and act like men? Think of Hillary Clinton in pant-suits and Geraldine Ferraro’s masculine haircut. Sarah Palin is the opposite. Yeah, she’s tough,  and enjoys the Alaskan frontier–but in looks and demeanor she’s a female “Ten.” Not the image and policies that feminism (and its policies) want in the White House.

What kind of person does the New Times and its kind want to be the first female president? A feminist!  Sarah Palin does not fit the bill.

5. She’s a common person, not a member of the elite. One thing we have come to learn about liberalism or secularism in the past few years is its love affair with experts or the societal elite. Ivy League schools are preferred and membership in the Tri-Lateral Commission. Secularists believe they are superior to the common folk. They know better. Thus, they must control the decisions and lives of everyday people. There is an arrogance that follows much of secular thought.

Sarah Palin is refreshingly a humble, common American. She has no pedigree, inherited wealth, or social privilege. Shirley and I really enjoyed Sarah Palin’s Alaska, her beautifully filmed reality series that show-cased the beauty of our forty-ninth state. The adventures of the Palin family were fun to watch. But the thing that struck me most was this: Sara Palin is one of us. She’s a plain, ordinary person to whom I can relate. She understands the problems and pains or the common man and shares their solutions.

How refreshing! The liberal elites just want to vomit.

6. Sarah Palin is patriotic–not an internationalist. Make no mistake that the forces that are driving us toward one-world government or control are those of communism, secularism or Islam–not Christianity. Secularism’s savior is government–and the bigger the better. That’s why most liberals are not extremely patriotic. They like the benefits of America but not the beliefs that made her great.

7. Sarah Palin is a female version of Ronald Reagan who would set back their cause back thirty or more years. They loathed the Gipper too, and did everything in their power to see him defeated. But Reagan rose from from humble beginnings to become one of the great conservative-minded presidents of the 20th century. Sarah Palin could just possibly do the same.

That’s why she must be chopped down to size by the libeal press so that her negatives are so high through biased reporting that she becomes unelectable.

The  media has done a pretty good job of ruining the reputation of Sarah Palin over the past three years. So good that my guess is that she will not run for president in 2012.

But after last night’s Republican debate and announcement, there is another Sarah Palin waiting in the wings. Her name is Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann.  She too is an evangelical Christian, an articulate conservative, pretty, a common sense woman (she raised 23 foster children), who’s extremely patriotic, and very Reaganesque.

She annonced last night that she will be running for president in 2012.

I can already hear the sighs and curses in Big Media newsrooms. And I can imagine the vicious attack that will soon begin on a woman who could lead us back to God and greatness.

Let’s not let them succeed.

Let’s pray, get involved, and vote for those leaders who can help us restore the American Dream of “One Nation Under God.”

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