Things Are Not as They Seem

Sometimes things are not as they seem. They appear to be one thing, but in reality they are something far different from how they project themselves.

The United States is currently facing two immense cultural battles that fit in this category of intended deception. What’s an “intended deception?”

That’s the dictionary meaning of a LIE. So what are some areas where we are being lied to–where things are not as they seem?


 Seattle’s staunchly liberal newspaper, the Seattle Times, which is in business because it wasn’t as blatantly liberal as the now-defunct Seattle P.I.,  is in the forefront of pushing the acceptance of homosexual marriage in the state of Washington.  

On November 3, Washingtonians will have the opportunity to REJECT Senate bill 5688 through Referendum 71 which would elevate homosexual marriages to equality with marriage through expanded domestic partnerships. On the support side, the Times has been running one-to-two articles a week for some time championing the homosexual cause. An October 4, 2009 front-page lead article on the issue was entitled “Stakes High in Fight over Gay Rights.” To their credit, the article fairly quoted people on both sides of this monumental 21st century debate.

The Times’ Opinion Page was another story. It’s lead editorial said, “The Times recommends Promote Families: Approve Referendum 71. The article went on to applaud homosexual “unions” with the following semantical posturing:

  • They called homosexual-led “families” simply “ordinary people with ordinary family lives.”
  • They said SB 5688 was about “equal treatment for all Washington residents going about their private lives.”
  • They said their cause was about “responsible adults in committed relationships.”
  • They said passage of the new law was about “loving couples–our relatives, friends, and neighbors–who own property,, operate businesses, and take care of their children.”

I think you get the idea. This is all about loving, committed, ordinary folks who, by the way, simply want to change the five thousand definition of marriage–and have the state pay for it in benefits.

But on this paramount issue of our lifetime, “things are not as they seem.”

Homosexual marriage is not about family, marriage, love, or commitment. It’s about using legal means to permanently change the moral code that undergirds our civilization. It’s about full acceptance and promotion of homosexual behaviour–which according to every religion on earth is immoral, unnatural, and destructive to people–both in this life and in the next.

For five millennia–and especially two thousand years of Western culture, wise civilizations have accepted the truthful premise that the only responsible form of sexual behavior, designed specifically by our Creator and Savior was between a man and a woman in a covenant relationship we call marriage. All other forms of sexual choice are immoral–and include fornication (sex by unmarried people), adultery (sex with some else’s spouse), homosexuality (men with men or women with women), pedophilia (adults with children), and bestiality (humans with animals).

Homosexuality is not singled out in this list. It is just one form of sexual perversion–“making crooked something that is straight”–which is where the words “pervert” and “straight” originate. The only difference in our world today is that it is the homosexuals who are demanding that civilization change its tried and tested moral code and allow them to be viewed as “normal.”

But homosexual behavior is not normal. It’s lowers your lifespan (to an average of 42 years), it is one of the most promiscuous forms of sexuality (four times that of heterosexual perversions), it doubles your chances of depression, it is often grossly ugly and vile in its forms, and in terms of a person’s relationship with God–separates them from his forgiveness and grace through a refusal to turn away from sexual sin. Never mind that homosexuals cannot produce children, and so they must get them from others–often breaking up real families when one of them comes “out of the closet.”

No, this issue is not about “loving, normal couples.” It is about permanently condoning and legalizing immoral behavior. And because I love people, I cannot accept the lies that will destroy people and our civilization in the name of tolerance.

That’s why I’m encouraging all Washingtonians to not accept this charade of fairness and decency and vote to REJECT Referendum 71. 


The Obama administration is pushing radical legislation in our nation that would permanently alter the way health care is received and practiced in the United States. The progressives and their allies would have you believe that this issue is about:

  • Compassionately providing health care for all American citizens.
  • Cutting the costs of health care and not adding to the nation’s deficit.
  • Providing better healthcare than the current system which is the best in the world.
  • A right to qualitative healthcare that we all deserve and should demand.
  • Not providing for abortions, giving coverage to illegal citizens, nor increasing rationing for health services.
  • Not limiting benefits for Seniors via cuts in Medicare.

But again–when it comes to the truth about the health care bills now being voted on and discussed in the United States Congress, “things are not as they seem.”

Though I’m sure some well meaning people might believe the ideas listed above, the real force behind the move to government health care is the power to control–not the desire to provide. This health care debate is all about government power to squelch freedom in our beloved nation.

Here’s the plain and simple truth:

  • Government run health care will decrease innovation and service and greatly multiply deficits.
  • It will not be better than private care–it will enforce mediocrity on all.
  • There is no right to healthcare–only to life (they can’t murder you), to liberty (they can’t enslave you), and to happiness or property (they can’t heavily tax you.)  Everything else is a privilege and differs among human beings due to their gifts, choices, and circumstances in life.
  • The bills being considered will include abortion (they say it’s just a medical procedure), provide for illegals (it’s all about votes!), and will lead to rationing (there aren’t enough doctors who will remain at their posts).
  • The only way the government option (control) will work is to sqeeze $500 billion dollars out of Medicare.

The essence of this debate is not about health. It’s tyranny versus liberty, control versus choice, government further perverting its role from being rightful protector of God given rights to assuming the role of God in “providing” an all powerful Nanny State to its slaves, er, citizens.

There’s that word perversion again. Perverting marriage and perverting government’s role in our lives.

Things are not as they seem.

I pray to God that our eyes will be opened.

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