The Collateral Blessings of Trump’s Triumph

 The word “collateral” is sometimes used in the context of a bomb being dropped on a target while bringing some secondary destruction nearby. The unintended consequences are called collateral damage.

It appears that the “bomb” that is Donald Trump has dropped on America. Some like Madonna are still in mourning and dis-belief. Others are encouraged that the secular progressive momentum has been halted (for now) and possibilities for renewal exist.

Through the 2016 elections I believe the United States has been given hope in a number of unusual categories.

Let’s examine the collateral blessings of Donald Trump’s triumph.

Author/researcher George Barna reminds us of the incredible electoral miracle that was Donald Trump. Barna describes all that Trump had going against him in 2016:

  •  He was facing an opponent with decades of experience, a network of contacts, universal name recognition, campaign infrastructure, party backing, and a president who worked hard for her election.
  • He lacked any political experience, which was evident in his debate performances, his public speaking, his staffing choices, and his bare-bones and confusing policy statements.
  • He was outspent by an estimated 2:1 ratio.
  • His campaign had virtually no “ground game” – the effort of local staff and volunteers to identify supporters and turn them out to vote.
  • He was not only mistreated by the media – he made a game of calling them out for their lies and bias, a strategy no previous candidate had dared attempt.
  • Abandoned by the Republican establishment, his own party disowned him and many of its leaders  publicly criticized him and said they would not vote for him.
  • Two out of three Americans believed he was unqualified to serve as president, and his “favorability score” was the lowest of any presidential candidate in history.
  • Foreign leaders mocked him as unworthy of leading the country.
  • National polls consistently showed him losing the race.
  • Political analysts and pundits almost universally agreed that he was incapable of winning.

Barna concludes: “Yet today, he is President-elect Trump. His victory almost defies explanation; it makes little sense from a rational, empirical point of view. And that’s what a miracle is: God intervening to change our reality to align with His sovereign will.”

“Mr. Trump did not win because of superior political strategy or performance. God produced a miracle in response to the prayers and fasting of His people. Christians throughout the nation have been seeking God’s forgiveness and grace on America for months. The challenge is now for the body of Christ to be agents of reconciliation and unity, and to now lead the country toward policies and behaviors that will honor God and His life principles.”

If this is true, we should deeply contemplate why God has allowed Donald Trump to be raised up for “such a time as this” (Esther 4:14). What possible blessings can flow if Trump gives good leadership and the American people return to the faith of their fathers?

Here is my take on some of the collateral blessings of the Trump triumph:

 1. Unifying the Federal Government

We have not seen it since 1928. Republicans not only control the majority of state legislatures, but they also earned majorities in the US Senate, House of Representatives, and won the presidency. D.C. gridlock was smashed giving the Rs both the privilege and responsibility of changing America’s course.

The Democrats last shared that power with Barack Obama in 2008-10. They squandered it by ramming the [Un]Affordable Care Act down the throats of the American people. It was a great bureaucratic waste of time and money. It will be be given a worthy death by being repealed, replaced and/or wither away.

There are no more excuses. Donald Trump and the Rs must deliver on reviving the economy, loosening the chains of the regulatory state, privatizing healthcare and education, rebuilding the national infrastructure, securing the border and dealing with illegal immigration, becoming energy independent, and a host of other issues.

2.  Saving the Supreme Court

I believe the most profound implication of Trump’s election was rescuing the US Supreme Court from decades of judicial activism. President-elect Trump will appoint at least one and possibly three Supreme Court justices over the next 4-8 years. He has made it clear that he will put Constitutional loyalists on the Court. This will help guard the American experiment in liberty well into the 21st century.

It could lead to the reversing of Roe. v Wade which sanctioned the slaughter of 55 million innocent children on the altar of abortion. Replacing Antonin Scalia with a good justice, then Anthony Kennedy (who some believe is thinking retirement), will produce a 6-4 pro-life majority. Then there will be no unwanted babies in America.

Stopping the abortion holocaust would be similar to abolishing slavery in the 19th century. The issues are the same. Slavery was tolerated under the false guise of “choice” (states’ rights) and the lie that blacks weren’t fully human. Abortion is promoted under the same false banner of “choice” (women’s rights) and the lie that unborn babies aren’t human. Both arguments are wrong and their actions evil.

If Hillary Clinton had been elected and placed her justices on the Court, abortion would have continued unabated for a generation–killing millions more people. Because of Trump’s triumph, there is hope to stop the killing.

That may be the GREATEST collateral blessing of the election of 2016.

3.  Preserving Religious Liberty

Secularists have been subtly changing the language that guarantees religious liberty. Here’s the trick. Americans believe in freedom of religion–enshrined in the First Amendment–which guarantees freedom of religious practice in places of worship and in the public square.

You may have noticed Hillary Clinton and other progressives changing the words in the past few years. Instead of saying “freedom of religion,” they’ve changed the terminology to freedom of worship. The purpose is to confine all religious activities to within the four walls of the church. You can practice your faith there, but not in the public square.

Fortunately, they lost–and the Trump Administration appears committed to guarding freedom of religion in the churches, in the work place, the schools, and everywhere else. We can also begin turning back religious persecution against Christian bakers, florists, photographers etc. for living out their faith.

If the statists had won in 2016, religious persecution would have continued to intensify in our nation.  Praise God–freedom won and tyranny lost.  This is a YUGE victory for all.  

4. Achieving Energy Self-Sufficiency

For eight years the Obama Administration did everything possible to push renewable energy and cripple oil, gas, and clean coal expansion. They also pushed the deceptive agenda of climate change–a scientific ruse to control the economies of the world and re-distribute wealth.

Trump’s victory smashes that plan and makes it possible for pipeline approvals, putting coal miners back to work, and unleashing oil and gas extraction on the North American continent. With the right business mojo and political cheer leading, America could become self-sufficient in energy–pulling the economimc plug on nations that hate us.

American could become the world’s energy Wal-mart–producing thousands of jobs with minimal environmental impact.

5. Triggering Urban Renewal

Donald Trump’s visit to Detroit and encouraging African American leaders with “What have you got to lose?” could be one of the great blessings. The appointment of Dr. Ben Carson as the secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) signals a desire to get rid of business as usual in the inner cities and launch true urban renewal.

Early in his administration, President-elect Trump can set the stage for one of the greatest revivals in American history. He should travel to inner city America to 1) Encourage the restoration of the black family, 2) Mobilize the churches to meet human needs, 3) Unleash private industry to create jobs in America’s hardest hit cities, 4) Provide school choice for inner city kids, and 5) Encourage the local police to take criminals and gang members off the streets.

This could be one of the greatest fruits of a Trump presidency–restoring dignity, safety, and opportunity to the urban masses.

6. Promoting Peace Through Strength

Finally, a Trump presidency with Department of Defense leaders like General James Mattis at the helm, can rebuild America’s military, take care of veterans, defeat ISIS, and once again “lead from the front” in a dangerous world. Peace is fragile. It can only be won through a strength that is willing to take on evil–and prevail.

Think US leadership in World War II as we celebrate the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor and the eventual defeat of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Read the number one non-fiction book in the world right now–Bill O’Reilly’s Killing the Rising Sun–if you need some inspiration.

There are still great dangers ahead–especially twenty trillions dollars of debt that hangs over our nation. That and other disasters could trigger great hardships in the future.

But be encouraged.

And continue to pray for the collateral blessings of Donald Trump’s triumph.





  1. Dahn on December 13, 2016 at 12:45 am

    I daily am grateful for so many dear brother's and sister's in Christ being led to pray at all times and in all places. I found myself just being prompted to pray so much these last 4 months and still am led to pray when I hear all the awful and damaging rhetoric which is still flooding a large segment of the news cycles. I know as believers in the sovereignty of God, we would have been ready to accept whatever the outcome of the election was. I have to admit being filled with Joy when I heard of what truly seemed to be "a miraculous outcome" of the Presidential Race.
    Giving God The Glory is truly what I was led to do! I'm so thankful for the Hope that truly got spawned in the hearts of so many of the silent majority of citizens in our nation. I really think the issue of freedom of religion and the desire for "we the people" to have a voice in lawmaking instead of executive orders or unelected officials the day after Christmas enacting laws that 75% of the population didn't feel like going along with. I'm hoping more and more Godly men and women get involved in our law making process. We have seen what happens when zealots on the left are left unchecked. It will be really nice as a Republican voter to no longer be demonized 24/7 by the Commander and Chief! Thank you Lord Jesus! Let your Wisdom and Peace rule and reign. Gain more hearts for Yourself! Give Voice to those wise servants who know and serve you in all our branches of government! In Jesus's Name..Amen!

  2. Mark on December 8, 2016 at 3:47 am

    We had our new elected State Senator, Brian Hughes speak to our staff today , and express what is on the Texas agenda to support our new President , and what our state is already doing to support the life issues, and religious liberty in our state.

  3. Alan Mumm on December 8, 2016 at 3:45 am

    Well put Ron. I would mildly disagree with one of Mr. Barna's points. I happened to see Reince Pribus on one of the Sunday shows, and he spent quite a bit of time describing the effort developed since the election of 2012, that actually inceased the number of voters personally contacted by over 1000% in 2016.

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