The Benghazi Hearing: Covering the Barrel of the Smoking Gun?

In 1893, Arthur Conan Doyle wrote a popular book about Sherlock Holmes called “The Adventure of Gloria Scott.” In this late 19th century thriller, Holmes used the evidence of a “smoking gun” to catch his villain.

The Collins English Dictionary defines a smoking gun as “a piece of irrefutable incriminating evidence.” In other words, if the gun still has wasps of smoke around it near a victim, then it’s probably the one that committed the crime.

During the Watergate years, the term was used in reference to the secret tapes that brought down Richard Nixon.

This past week we discovered Hillary Clinton’s smoking gun regarding Benghazi.

So why did the secular media cover-up the gun’s barrel to hide the smoke?

After last week’s ten hours of testimony by Hillary Clinton on Capitol Hill, you’d think the news headlines across the nation would have read something like:  “Hillary’s Smoking Gun: She Lied to the American People,” or “Obama and Clinton Deceived The Nation to Win Re-election.”

See any of those headlines?  I didn’t think so.

Instead, the liberal pundits gushingly proclaimed that it was the “best week in Hillary’s campaign”  and implied that she’d put the committee in their place and now was on a roll to become the next president of the United States.

Incredible. Shocking. Devious.

They failed to mention the smoking gun. Yes, incriminating evidence came out at the hearing that proved that both Hillary Clinton and President Obama lied to the nation about Benghazi.

Yes, I have deliberately used the word “lie.” It means “an intended deception.”

Here’s the backdrop.

The fall of Libya into anarchy and the Ben Ghazi terrorist massacre that occurred on September 11, 2012 took place on Hillary Clinton’s watch as Secretary of State toward the end of Barack Obama’s first term.  In fact, the massacre occurred just fifty-eight days before the 2012 elections.

Four brave Americans died in the battle at our American consulate and CIA compound, including Ambassador Chris Stevens–the first American ambassador to be assassinated in office since 1979. Killing an American ambassador (and also raping him in the process) is a heinous crime.

Immediately after the attacks, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and numerous other Democrat leaders told the nation that the attack took place as a result of a spontaneous demonstration provoked by an anti-Islamic YouTube video.

They blamed the terrorist attack on a video.

For the past three years, a congressional committee, led by former prosecutor Trey Gowdy, has been trying to determine what really happened at Benghazi, why our government didn’t respond to help those under siege, and who was responsible for the killings.

Three years is a long time for a committee to deliberate. The Democratic Party and many in the secular pundits have criticized this delay as simply a prolonged political witch-hunt against their anointed candidate for the Oval Office. I know congressional leader Kevin McCarthy gave this impression, but he simply misspoke.

Now we know that there were at least two reasons for the delayed hearings.

First, HIllary Clinton personally obstructed the investigation. The committee sent numerous requests to the State Department for information on the Benghazi murders including asking for the e-mails of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The State Department replied they had no such e-mails.

They were truthful. They didn’t have the Benghazi e-mails.

Less than a year ago we found out why.  Hillary Clinton had been using a private server outside of the government’s perusal and guidelines that few knew about. She’d kept all the e-mails from her time in office on that server in her New York home in violation of Freedom of Information requests.

Unprecedented. Secret. Not secure.

And now under investigation by the FBI.

This now famous “e-mail scandal” that has greatly tarnished her credibility was only unearthed because of the committee’s perseverance. If it weren’t for Trey Gowdy and his merry men (and women), we may have never known that Hillary Clinton bent the rules and put many government secrets at risk.

At Hillary’s appearance before the committee last week, we learned the second reason for the three year wait. Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration had something big to hide. I would call it a bigger smoking gun than the Nixon tapes or John Dean’s testimony which revealed them.

Here it is: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton deliberately lied to the American people about Benghazi to insure Obama’s re-election. Four people died and they lied about it to the nation.

That’s a far bigger deal than a few Watergate burglars and subsequent cover-up.

Michael Barone tells us:

“Contrary to media narrative, the Benghazi committee did produce some news. As Rep. Jim Jordan noted, on Sept. 11, 2012, the night of the Benghazi attacks, Clinton emailed her daughter that “two of our officers were killed in Benghazi by an al-Qaida-like group.” That’s also what she told the Libyan president that evening and the Egyptian president Sept. 12.”

“But in a public statement on Sept. 11, she blamed a spontaneous protest of an anti-Islam video. She blamed the video again on Sept. 12 and Sept. 13. The father of one Benghazi victim relays how Clinton told him that the administration would arrest ‘the filmmaker who was responsible for the death of your son.'”

“She made no public protest when Susan Rice, then ambassador to the United Nations, blamed the video for the attacks on five Sunday interview shows Sept. 16. Nor did she demur when President Obama was still decrying the video in his speech to the United Nations Sept. 25.”

Thomas Sowell gives us this insight into Hillary’s deception:

“One of the things that the former Secretary of State was trying to cover up was the utter disaster of the Obama administration’s foreign policy that she carried out in Libya. Having intervened in Libya to help overthrow the government of Muammar Qaddafi, who was no threat to America’s interests in the Middle East, the Obama administration was confronted with the fact that Qaddafi’s ouster simply threw the country into such chaos that Islamic terrorists were now able to operate freely in Libya.”

“Just how freely was shown in September 2012, when terrorists stormed the compound in Benghazi where the American ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, was staying. They murdered him and three other Americans who tried to defend him.”

“Meanwhile, there was an American presidential election campaign in 2012, and Barack Obama was presenting himself to the voters as someone who had defeated Al Qaeda and suppressed the terrorist threat in the Middle East. Obviously the truth about this attack could have totally undermined the image that Obama was trying to project during the election campaign, and perhaps cost him the White House. So a lie was concocted instead.”

“The lie was that the attack was not by terrorists — who supposedly had been suppressed by Obama — but was a spontaneous protest demonstration against an American video insulting Islam, and that protest just got out of control.”

“Now that Hillary Clinton’s e-mails have finally been recovered and revealed, after three years of stalling and stonewalling, they showed explicitly that she knew from the outset that the attack that killed Ambassador Stevens and others was not a result of some video but was a coordinated terrorist operation.”

That’s the smoking gun.

Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama knew the night of the Benghazi attack that it was terrorism related and carried out by an Al Qaeda affiliate. Hillary said so that evening to her daughter and the next day in two phone calls to heads of state.  No “fog of war” impaired their intelligence.

Their problem was that the attack destroyed the “triumph over terrorism” script that was key to being re-elected.

So they lied for political gain.

Hillary Clinton deliberately misled the American people about the death of four courageous Americans and then tried to cover up her tracks.

Most of the secular media followed suit. They saw the gun, smelled the smoke, and pretended that it didn’t exist.  They did the same thing in 2012 because they wanted Barack Obama to win re-election.

They want Hillary to win in 2016 because she lines up with their agenda.

Immediately following last week’s hearings, Fox news anchor Megyn Kelley passionately shared the truth about Hillary’s smoking gun. Bill O-Reilly, the most watched newsman in America, focused his analysis more on whether Clinton’s State Department adequately protected Ambassador Stevens.

It didn’t–and a horrific tragedy followed. Ambassador Stevens had requested the State Department 600 times for more protection for his people.

Help never came.

But at least the smoking gun has now been found–giving some closure to the grieving families.

Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton lied to us. And the secular news outlets sadly confirmed that they, too, cannot be trusted anymore to give us the honest truth. They’re in bed with the politicians.

Take that revelation with you thirteen months from now when you cast your vote for the next president of the United States of America.

The smoke doesn’t lie.

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