Why Free Speech in the 60s is Being Banned This Century

Some of us are old enough to remember the “free speech movement” of the 1960s. It featured bully pulpits on the Berkeley, California campus (and many other universities) that championed the right to say what you please. The leaders of the movement proclaimed the “right to free speech.”

That’s a good thing. Freedom of speech is paramount in our Constitution based on the inalienable rights that God gives each human being.

The free speech movement took place during the height of the Vietnam conflict, the hippie culture. and the overall youth free love/sexual revolution. The young dreamers demanded their right to speak out. They said that “freedom” was the issue.

But today’s generation is actively squelching free speech–at Berkeley and many other bastions of education.

Why was free speech sacred in the 60s but now banned by the same people this century? Read More