Shutdown Over Obamacare: Be Careful Little Eyes What You See

President Obama was a part of two shutdowns that affected me this week.

First, the government shutdown that affected the nation (especially veterans trying to visit the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C.). And second, a letter I received from our insurance company saying that we had been cancelled because of the Affordable Care Act (dubbed Obamacare).

We were told to go to the “exchange” and try to get new insurance.

It crashed.

So I said goodbye to Tony, our family physician and to the company that has provided health care for us for the past ten years.

Both shutdowns involved the Affordable Health Care Act, and if you believe the mainstream press, it is the “anarchist” Republicans who are at fault. Our local newspaper had a four page spread on ACA – and one page of it was “definitions of terms.”

Here are my “definitions” of what is taking place in America right now.

My first advice is what I learned in Kindergarten: Be careful little eyes what you see.

One of the realities of life is that the same people are events can be viewed from totally different points of view, depending on your facts (or lack of them) and your faith.

Here’s an obvious example.

During the time of the Third Reich in the 1930s and 40s. the German people came to believe that they were a superior race, that Hitler was a charismatic and noble leader, and that conquering Europe and the world might be a good thing for all people.

On the other hand, in other European nations, across the English channel, and in America, people viewed the same events and leader in a totally different light. Because of their different view and faith, they did everything in their power to thwart and obstruct the mad German dictator.

So be careful little eyes what you see.

You may have the sight right on the lens of your eye, but your interpretation of what’s happening may be totally different from reality.

That brings us to the partial government shutdown over the Affordable Care Act.

Let me give my take on the sobering and confusing events of this week. I will do it through the lens of my own definitions–some of which, you may disagree with. That’s okay. Just check your facts carefully so that your eye will be filled with light (Matthew 6:22).


Government Shutdown

A very partial thing. Essential services are open, Social Security checks are being mailed, and most people don’t notice much difference in everyday life. Do we really need all this government?


The Grand Old Party goes back to Abraham Lincoln and has mostly stood for the values of Judeo-Christian culture (though very imperfectly) for the past 150 years. Republicans generally believe in limited government, God-given rights, economic freedom, restraints on morality, and a strong national defense to ward off evil in a fallen world.

Today’s R’s are divided. Some believe that secularism is triumphing in America and that they need to become “Democrat-lite” to win elections. Most of these have been in Washington, D.C. for awhile and make up the old guard. They are squishy on some issues and generally avoid confrontation.

There is a new guard of Republicans who believe that we have turned away from God, are in bad straits economically, that the ACA will only exacerbate our demise, and that we need to turn back to the time-tested ways.

The Republicans are the minority party who only control one half of one third of the branches of government (the House of Representatives). Their leader, John Boehner, is a part of the old guard. The R’s are not causing the government shutdown–but you wouldn’t know this by listening to the news.


A noble and longest-serving party that found its voice during the administrations of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson. Democrats have a greater belief in government and want it to grow to take care of the needs of the people. They believe in centralized control, restraints on capitalism, complete freedom in morality, and have a general dislike of the military and its role in the world.

For many years, the core values of the Republicans and Democrats were fairly similar. In the 20th century, the party swung more into the secular progressive vision of a large welfare state, a one-world government (think United Nations), and rejection of the Judeo Christian past.

Democrats control the US Senate, the White House, and probably–slightly–the Supreme Court as evidenced by Chief Justice John Robert’s decision to approve the individual mandate found in Obamacare. They are backed up by a very liberal academic world at many universities and liberal stars in Hollywood.

The Mainstream Media

Once an independent voice to keep the government in check, the current mainstream media has simply become the media arm of the Democratic Party. They share the secular progressive vision for social democracy in the United States and the ascendancy of the United Nations (think climate control).

Let’s be clear about the major players: (you need to watch for their by-lines to be aware of the bias you’re getting). The New York and LA Times, the Washington Post, the Associated Press, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC. Others include the Politico, the Huffington Post, and

This vast media empire is currently blaming the Republicans for the government shutdown. Our local newspaper (which is very liberal) came out with this headline on Tuesday: “Republicans Shut Down the Government.” There was a large and unflattering photo of John Boehner, and a smaller and thoughtful photograph of President Obama.

The message was clear: R’s are bad and the president is doing his best to help the situation.

Compromise or Bi-Partisanship

This used to mean that when the two parties come to the middle to produce law that the entire country can live with.

Today, compromise means that the Republicans give in to the desires of the Democrats.

What just happened over the past two weeks of negotiating the Continuing Resolution and ACA? The Republican House offered to fund the entire government except Obamacare. The Democratic House said no. Then the Republicans offered to delay Obamacare a year and cut the tax on medical devices. The Democratic Senate said no. Then the R’s offered to give people the option for a year as to whether to join the ACA (just like Big Business was given a year’s waver). Again, the D’s said no.

The Republicans have tried numerous compromises (and a willingness to accept many programs and taxes in the CR which they steadfastly oppose) and the Democrats have said nyet.

No. Nada. No compromise.

But their mainstream media arm tells the unthinking American public that the Republicans are the anarchists, terrorists, rapists, etc.

However, in secular progressive America, the message is becoming clear: It’s our way or the highway.

Transforming America

After five years of governing, we now know the meaning of the chant “Yes We Can!” The secular progressives believe they can cordon off faith in the US, destroy the traditional family, re-distribute wealth to those whom they choose, and control the American populace through the ACA law which gives them power over one-sixth of the American economy (to be enforced by the increasing hated IRS).

For the sake of argument, let’s say that their motives are noble. They think it’s fair to take from the rich, give to the poor, and control most of life from cradle to the grave.

I don’t think all their motives are that pure (or they are that stupid), but maybe some are. So what?

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. If they succeed, we will go the way of Europe and maybe even end up like the Soviet Union–the ideal socialist utopia. All we will find in that land is universal, serfdom and poverty.


Any person or party that tries to resist the progressive re-making of America. According to this definition, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the German pastors resistance movement would have been labeled obstructionists by the Nazi regime.

Ted Cruz

One of the new guard Republicans who believes in faith, family and freedom, and was willing to speak for 21 hours straight on the Senate floor to desperately wake up the nation to the problems Obamacare will bring.

Harry Reid

The water boy of the current Administration who didn’t produce a budget for four years and is directly responsible for the government shutdown. I believe he is one of the worst Congressional leaders in all of American history.

Barack Obama

Our twice-elected president who is a fabulous campaigner and great speaker. But he has a problem with telling the truth and has weakened America at home and around the world. He is the true leader of the secular progressive movement.

Lucifer and his Demons

The invisible spirit beings that are indirectly responsible for the chaos, venom, bad policies and potential disasters that could be coming to America and the world. Their goal is to “Kill Jesus” in all of Western culture.


The American people who don’t understand or want to understand what is happening in this battle of worldviews and differing faiths.


Only an act of God in The United States can awaken His Church, bring millions into his Kingdom of love and light, and transform our nation through his truth and power. It’s happened three times before.

This is our greatest need.

So be careful little eyes what you see.


  1. Richard Jackson on October 3, 2013 at 5:00 pm

    I applaud those in Congress who stand for God, Patriotism and Family. The facts couched in the Judeo-Christian worldview as expressed by Ron shows the fallacy of the Democratic agenda that has been tainted by an alleged Communist terrorist mentality that is in power within the US. The mentality taught in the US educational system since the mid-1960s seeks Power and Influence at any cost. (I call it the profit at any cost mentality.) Is that effort by the President and those who realize and those who don't at the cost of their own souls. Perhaps some Americans are too complacent to realize that the proverbial "rug" is being pulled out from under them. When will they awaken? The US population to a majority degree have been lulled into a stupor – a complacency. We need to stand up a defend our nation by helping to change attitudes. Providing a helping hand, getting involved, helping our military veteran families, restoring employment and leading people to Christ and His purposes can help us to work together to put our nation back together and thereby exalt God, Country and Family. God's Prosperity for our nation will follow. 2 Chronicles 7:14

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