Obama’s America: A Sobering Assessment

America will soon vote in one of the most important presidential elections of our history. The stakes are high because:

  • We have not experienced a nation-wide spiritual awakening in many years.
  • The tide of moral and economic disarray is accelerating in our nation.
  • The next president of the United States will likely choose one to three US Supreme Court justices–setting the cultural course in our land for a generation.
  • The choice of presidential candidates reveals a stark contrast in governing principles.

As I wrote previously, that choice is between a FAR LEFT ticket in Barak Obama and Joe Biden and a CENTER-RIGHT ricket in John McCain and Sarah Palin. Even the expremely liberal, pro-Obama Newsweek magazine admitted in last week’s cover story that America is a CENTER-RIGHT nation. So why would we vote for a FAR LEFT president?

I can think of a few possible reasons: 1) The triumph of style over substance. Obama is young, charismatic, and an incredible speaker. However, his policy positions are socially immoral, economically socialistic, and militarily naive. But his likability quotient trumps those concerns with many people. 2) Intellectual ignorance. Many people no longer understand the Judeo-Christian principles that made America a unique and blessed nation in history. Those principles include rights to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, limited government, hard work, personal responsibility, low taxes, secure borders. sound money, and a national destiny. 3) A growing welfare mentality. In an insecure world we want the government to provide health care, manage the economy, oversee my social security etc. Unfortunately, human governments, by design, uniformly fail in these functions (eg. the demise of Europe and “Exhibit A” – the former Soviet Union). But many of us no longer understand this. 4) The historicity of electing an African-American. I, too, could get excited about this possibility if it was the “right” black man or woman. I would enthusiastially support candidates such as Michael Steele, Thomas Sowell, J.C. Watts, or Condeleza Rice for president of the United States. They share America’s historic values and are clear-thinking leaders. Barak Obama is not.

So many people are inclined to vote for Obama–including some evangelicals. What’s an evangelical? A person that believes in the authority of God’s Word and the necessity of sharing his or her faith. This is the scariest part of the 2008 election: It could be the votes of Obama-infatuated evangelicals that put him over the top. In the 2004 election, 22% of professing evangelicals voted for John Kerry–a Far Left politician. Right now the polls show 30% of evangelicals may be inclined to vote for Barak Obama. If that stat is true, then the extra 8% could be the margin that carries Obama to victory.

Then Christians would be responsible for electing an anti-Christian president (in worldview and policies). That’s an extremely scary thought. Can you imagine standing before God one day and explaining how your vote helped bring down a once great and godly nation?

If you think that last point is extreme and far fetched, then you might want to read the following article called “Letter From 2012 in Obama’s America.” It’s fairly long, but it is well researched and reasoned, and is the best article I’ve seen this year on the consequences of the 2008 United States presidential race.

If you are a Christian, please read it with an open mind and heart. Your future may depend upon it. Here’s the link. May God speak to you.

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