A Sinister US Senate is the Problem

sin·is·ter [sin-uh-ster], adjective

1. Threatening or portending evil, harm, or trouble; ominous: a sinister remark. 2. Bad, evil, base, or wicked; his sinister purposes. 3. Unfortunate; disastrous; unfavorable: a sinister accident. 4. Of or on the left side; left. (Dictionary.com)

The theme for Barack Obama’s re-election campaign is now clear. He can’t run on “hope and change” because though he is trying to change America into a European social democracy he’s decreasing hope at home. He can’t campaign on his economic achievements–unemployment is 8.6% and federal deficits are exploding.

He can’t run on his foreign policy successes. Despite the one positive of killing Osama bin Laden, it is the premature removal of troops from Iraq, his waffling on Iran, and thumbing his nose at Israel have made the world a far more dangerous place.

So here’s the campaign theme that the president and his media allies will trumpet throughout 2012: We have a “Do Nothing Congress” headed by the House Republicans that is preventing America from going forward.

That’s a lie.

What we really have is a “Sinister US Senate” that desperately needs replacing.

Yeah, I know that a week ago the House Republicans were stupid and lost the PR campaign on the payroll tax. They were right to resist the “two month” gimmick–but they messed up the negotiations with the Senate, then blinked and capitulated when the Democrats and their media allies successfully branded them the enemy of middle class tax cuts.

But who are we trying to kid? Tax cuts?  It’s twenty dollars a week for the average American–for two measly months?  Total = $160.

That’s a tax cut? You can’t even buy half an iPad with $160.

But the Senate was craftier at this legislative game and now the President Obama can perpetuate the myth that this is a “Do Nothing” Congress and that both Republicans and Democrats are equally to blame. His campaign theme will be to “elect an outside like him (!)” who does not vote up on dysfunctional Capitol Hill and can get on his white horse (War Horse?) and lead us to victory.

Don’t believe the spin.

Here’s the reality: We do not have a “Do-Nothing Congress.” We have a sinister US Senate that is recklessly dragging our nation in a wrong direction. On the other hand, the House of Representatives is desperately trying to get us to change course–to head us the right way.

But they are currently losing the battle to the bad guys. That’s because the US Senate has become a very sinister institution.

Don’t believe me? Let’s look at the facts.

November 2010 was a watershed election in which millions of everyday Americans who were laughingly labeled “the Tea Party” woke up and realized that America was in deep trouble. We were spending too much; We were growing the government monster and moving toward European socialism; Illegal immigration was out of control; The institution of the family was under attack.

So rallies took place all across the country and many patriotic Americans stepped into the electoral process. The result in November 2010 was a “re-born” House of Representatives that was the biggest shift from liberal to conservative in over seventy years. It was a mandate from the people that the nation needed to change direction.

Then Tea Party Representatives-elect came to Washington, D.C. to right the ship of state.

However, there was a problem. The Senate also became more conservative in 2010, but Harry Reid, the Democratic leader was re-elected, and the Democrats barely held on to a majority. And this majority of socialist-leaning progressives have been the thorn in America’s side for the past three years.

What we really have is a sinister Senate and a White House in collusion.  And if America is to survive our careening-out-of-control 15 trillion dollar debt, then we need to elect a conservative majority Senate in 2012 and also a conservative president.

A sinister Senate is a bridge to nowhere (no good).

I’m not being extreme in using the label “sinister.” Look again at the above definition.

1. Threatening or portending evil, harm, or trouble

The Senate has been the true “Do Nothing” political body for two years now. Though the House passed  24 bills that would have helped bring down the deficit and create jobs in America, the Senate rejected them all. For over one thousand days they refused to approve a budget. And when it came to negotiating some desperately needed changes in entitlement programs, they refused to give in and brought the government to a standstill. There is no question this brought great harm and trouble to our nation and “threatens'” our very future.

Why is the Senate stalling everything?  Why are they rejecting all the House bills and refusing to pass no legislation on their own? Because they know their radical agenda is out of step with the American people. They know it won’t fly and they don’t want to reveal their true nature by attaching themselves to “bad” votes. This is selfish, cynical politics at its worst.

2. Bad, evil, base or wicked. Not doing the peoples’ business is bad. Failing to deal honestly with the American debt crisis is absolutely evil in its ramifications. Three hundred and ten million people could be plunged into poverty and ruin by their neglect. Astronomical debt is immoral. It is slavery. The Senate is also the greatest proponent of anti-family, anti-security policies that threaten America’s social fabric such as the weakening of our defense capabilities and the promotion of homosexual marriage.

3. Unfortunate; unfavorable; disastrous.

It is completely unfortunate at this point in our history that the US Senate refuses to deal the immense problems this nation faces. They won’t seal the borders. They won’t scale back the size of government. Their lack of a job program that highlights de-regulation, freedom, lower taxes and smaller deficits is totally “unfavorable” to our families and economy. The sinister United States Senate is holding the entire nation hostage to their Big Government utopian dream. Their inaction–their wrong actions–are absolutely disastrous to future generations.

4. Of or on the left side.

It was quite enlightening to realize that the original definition of the word “sinister” related to being “left of center.” Quite an appropriate analogy. I didn’t make it up. It’s in the Dictionary. It’s high time for the America people to realize that “leftist” policies are hurtful and un-American. They are a sinister attempt to take that which is right and corrupt it for the purposes of power and control.

The definitions say it all. We have a House of Representatives that are trying to do the right thing, and a sinister Senate that is holding up the turning of the American ship back to the right path of greatness. Unfortunately, we have a president who also could wear the sinister label..

 Here’s an analogy of our current situation in Washington, D.C.

Imagine a boat heading toward a steep waterfall where all will lost is they plunge over the edge.There are four oars in the boat. One oar is the presidency. The second is the Senate. The third is the mainstream media. The fourth is the House (backed by the Tea Party and other patriotic Americans.)

From 2008 to 2010, all four oarsmen were furiously paddling in the wrong direction toward the waterfall of doom. In the 2010 election, the oar of the House was taken back, and now that one oar is desperately trying to slow down the speed of the out-of-control vessel or even turn it around.

This fight should never be likened to gridlock. Gridlock occurs when there are two many boats all going the same direction, with too little space for them to keep up their speed. Everything bottlenecks and slows down to a stop.

Our current political fight is not like traffic flow. It’s more like a sports contest where one group wants to advance the ball their direction and score a touchdown. The other team is resisting their efforts and wants to get the ball in their hands and score the other way.

In reality, we are engaged in a cultural fight to the death over the expiration or resurrection of the United States as a nation.

For the next twelve months, the pro-left American media will say that the problem is “gridlock,” the “extreme” House of Representatives, and that the Republican presidential nominee is not up to the task.

Don’t believe them.

Our problem is a sinister Senate and its ally in the White House. Fortunately, with the retirement of Senator Ben Nelson D-FL yesterday, there are now seven of the sinister ones that will not running next year. That’s a positive sign.

Because what we really need in 2012 is a “change” of personnel in the US Senate and presidency that will bring a renewal of “hope” for the American future.



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