What the Republicans Should Do

The Republican Party clobbered the Democrats in the recent election because concerned voters came out in droves because they do not like the direction we’re heading as a nation.

Republicans now hold 31 state governorships, will end up with an eight or nine vote margin in the US Senate (the most recent pick-up being Dan Sullivan in Alaska), and have more seats in the “People’s House” than anytime since 1929.

That means that the current American electoral map looks pretty red.

Disgruntled Dems and their media allies now talk about “getting along” in Washington and the so-called problem of “gridlock.”

Neither are problems. They are blessings.

Here’s what the Republicans should do.

My Republican wish-list will be put into a David Letterman “Top Ten” format. And since the elections have been so consuming and intense lately, let’s start with another Letterman ten-fer which will get us to laugh a bit before going back to election analysis.

Laughter is good for the soul, both of people and nations (Proverbs 17:22)

A Few Laughs with David Letterman

If you are not a Seattle Seahawk fan, you probably missed a nearly-frightening circumstance that occurred at last Sunday’s game between the ‘Hawks and the New York Giants.

During the pre-game festivities, Taima, the Seahawk mascot–a large, menacing bird–was released as usual in the stadium to take its traditional swoop across the field and land on the arm of its trainer.

Instead of coming down to earth predictably, Taima went up into the crowd and landed on a man’s head, scuffling around on his hoodie. The amazing fan showed great self-control at being dive-bombed by the vicious hawk.

I think I would have been petrified.

Here is David Letterman’s Top Ten on what the man under “hawk-attack” must have been thinking:

Number Ten – “I shouldn’t have used salmon-scented shampoo this morning!”

Number Nine – “Can I keep him?”

Number Eight – “How about a selfie?”

Number Seven – “Can you drop me off in parking lot B?”

Number Six – “Beats the time I was groped by the Philly fanatic.”

Number Five – “He probably smells my hawk.”

Number Four – “Thanks a lot, Obama!”

Number Three – “My toupee!”

Number Two – “First $12 beers and now this!”

Number One – “Yum, wings!”

If you want to see the hawk landing, and Letterman’s humorous reply, you can view them here.

Oh–one more item on the hawk mal-function. Taima, the Seahawk mascot, to make sure he didn’t get in trouble with the NFL (they have enough problems right now), offered up this “statement” after the incident:

“I apologize to my family, fellow birds everywhere, the Seahawks organization and fans. I am embarrassed by the pre-game incident and poor judgment I showed. Please understand my actions were not consistent with the type of bird I want to become. Go Me’s!”

That’s pretty funny too.

It brings to mind what the Democrats should have said after the people sent them packing November 4th (it seems all we’ve heard are excuses and sour grapes):

Here’s what the Democratic press release should have stated:

“We apologize to you the America voter, and fellow Americans everywhere. We are embarrassed at how we have led this nation in the past six years and the poor judgment we’ve shown on the economy and foreign policy. Please forgive us for ramming bills through Congress and using Executive orders on things not consistent with democratic principles and ideals. We commit to serving the wishes of the people according to the guidelines in the Constitution. Go USA!” 

Actually, I think if they’d have shown some humility, their numbers would be already rising. There’s something beautiful about honesty, humbleness and repentance.

But back to some real election analysis.

What the Republicans Should Do

First, let’s dismiss the drivel about “getting along” in Congress and the problem of “gridlock.” These concepts mean nothing in the present battle for America. The national press would have you believe that the Republicans should now somehow “get along” with the Democrats. Translation: Don’t push your Republican/backed-by-the people ideas. Just submit to the Democratic agenda.

That’s nonsense. The Republicans won this election. It’s only right for the Dems to do the submitting to the will of the America people–not the other way around.

As for the concept of gridlock, it’s actually a good thing for the next two years. The press would have you believe that’s bad for America because the mainstream media want secularism and democratic socialism to continue their march. They believe that anything that stops this imperative is “obstructionist,” “partisan,” and yielding to “gridlock.”


When there’s a huge fire consuming the road ten miles ahead, it’s gridlock that saves you from zipping in the flames.

It’s a blessing–a good thing. Necessary to save the Republic.

So what should the Republican Party, in responding to the will of the people, do for the next twenty-four months and beyond?

Here’s my Top-Ten List:

Number Ten – Stop the progressive agenda. Be firm and don’t compromise with bad policies. You won. Act like it. And, in order to reverse the damage that has been down to our nation over the past six years and beyond, the Rs must patiently work toward winning the next presidential election. If they don’t do that, America’s fall may not be reversed. Two-thirds of government is not enough. We need a Reagan-like statesman or woman in 2016 to truly turn our national tide (and slide). Don’t settle for anything less.

Number Nine – Approve the Keystone Pipeline. The US is experiencing an energy renaissance where we could lead the world over the next few decades. The progressive focus on global warming and renewable fuels is a misguided tangent. Let’s become the new Saudi Arabia in the coming decades both in oil and natural gas while protecting our environment. This will bring a surge of good, high-paying jobs.

Number Eight – Pass the Republican alternative to Obamacare sign it into law once the Supreme Court strikes down the illegal exchange subsidies (which may happen next summer). The Republican bill honors pre-existing conditions, forces no one to have insurance, is doctor-patient centered, and is not a one-size-fits all monstrosity. When the Supreme Court rules next summer, millions of people will lose their insurance and need coverage. Force president Obama to sign the Republican alternative knowing that a veto would bring down the wrath of the American electorate and leave millions without coverage.

Number Seven – Focus your rhetoric and priorities on the rebirth of faith, family, and freedom across the length and breadth of the fruited plane. This is what Americans want. It is their birthright. They want to us to remain “America,”–not become a dying, secular socialist democracy. Cast vision for these principles and the people will follow you.

Number Six – Strengthen and rebuild the military by using the power of the purse. We live in a dangerous world where America’s military might is necessary to defeat evil powers. Congress should re-fund America’s heroes to allow them to protect our shores and lift up the lamp of liberty in other nations.

Number Five – Protect our most fundamental right to religious liberty and conscience in all aspects of American society. Pass any necessary laws allowing people to express that faith in and through their businesses, schools, and neighborhoods in the United States without penalty or persecution.

Number Four – Prepare a Balanced Budget Amendment, and promise to pass it when we elect a Republican president in 2016. The 18 trillion dollar national debt has not gone away and may be up to twenty trillion when Barack Obama leaves office. Only a balanced budget amendment can bring our nation back into economic sanity and health.

Number Three – Change the tax code either through a Flat Tax or Fair Tax and lower the corporate income tax rates to the lowest in the world. This will bring trillions of dollars back home for investment, create fairness in the tax system, and stimulate the growth of millions of jobs over the next decade.

Number Two – Seal the southern border with fences, boots and technology. Then streamline and increase legal immigration to two or three million a year while sending any current illegal immigrants to the back of the immigration line.

Number One – Champion the sacredness of marriage between one man and one woman and commit to rebuilding the American family (especially in cities and minority areas). Marriage and family are the cornerstones of any great society.

These are the ten things that Republicans should do to bring God’s blessing back to the United States of America.

Those are my ideas. I’d love to hear yours.




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