Transgenderism is a Cruel Lie

“So God created man in his own image. In the image of God He created him; male and female he created them.”  (Genesis 1:27)

If I were the devil, I doubt I could think up a more insane or destructive hoax than the idea that human beings can choose the gender of their choice.

But that’s now the “lie of the year” in American education, and even becoming standard fare in grade school curriculums in places like Washington State.

You determine your gender, your identity. Not God. Not your created biology. You are the master of the universe and can be anything you want.

But here’s the truth: trangenderism is a cruel lie.

This all exploded when the current US administration sent a directive to the schools in America stating they needed to protect the rights of transgender students. Boys could use girl’s bathrooms and vice versa. Boys who “thought” they were girls could shower in the girl’s locker rooms.

The directive erupted into the national consciousness when the city of Charlotte spoke up against the guidelines while liberal CEO’s and entertainers threatened to boycott North Carolina over “transgender discrimination.”

Let’s dissect the rhetoric and listen to some voices of sanity–starting with the One who really understands.


Look at the Bible verse above once again. “God created them male and female.” To get the full context, read Genesis 1:23 through and end of chapter 2. This beautiful story of the origins of man centers around the Loving God creating two complimentary human beings, purposely designed to physically join together (marry) to enjoy, create and perpetuate life. 

Maleness and femaleness are by design. They are as fixed as the earth is round and orbits the sun. No amount of fibbing to yourself that “you know better” can change the facts. Your identity begins with your creation and becomes complete when you are born again via God’s Spirit through salvation in Christ.

Yes, some women are strong women. Some men are sensitive men. But they’re still men and women, made in the image of God and find their true identify in Christ’s redeeming love.

Dr. Paul Mahugh

The distinguished service professor at John Hopkins University and former psychiatrist-in-chief at John Hopkins Hospital says that transgenderism and sex-reassignment surgery is a “mental illness” and that enabling it is tantamount to “collaborating with madness.”

“We have wasted scientific and technical resources and damaged our professional credibility by collaborating with madness rather than trying to study, cure and ultimately prevent it… After the early major research was concluded, we at Johns Hopkins Psychiatry Department eventually concluded that human sexual identity is mostly built into our constitution by the genes we inherit and the embryogenesis we undergo…We psychiatrists would do better to concentrate on trying to fix their minds and not their genitalia.” 

The Bible calls “fixing your mind” repentance and faith.

Walt Heyer 

Listen to the sobering counsel of a man who once bought the transgender lie.  

“As someone who underwent surgery from male to female and lived as a female for eight years before returning to live as a man, I know firsthand what it’s like to be a transgender person–and how misguided it is to think one can change gender through hormones and surgery.” 

“What has arisen is a new breed emerging among young people that falls outside the purview of the LGBT: the gender nonconformists. Gender nonconformists, who constitute a miniscule fraction of society, want to be allowed to designate gender on a fluid basis, based on their feelings at the moment.”

“I call this group ‘gender defiant’ because they protest against the definition of fixed gender identities of male and female…The gender defiant group doesn’t want to conform, comply, or identify with traditional gender norms of male and female. They want to have gender fluidity, flowing freely from one gender to another, by the hour or day, as they feel like it.”

“Under the cover of the LGBT, the anti-gender faction and its supporters are using the North Carolina bathroom bill to light a fuse to blow up factual gender definitions. [President Obama] does not grasp the biological fact that genders are not fluid, but fixed: male and female.”

“One fact will remain, no matter how deep in the tank Obama goes for the gender nonconformists: gender cannot be changed. Biological gender remains fixed no matter how many cross-gender hormones are taken or cosmetic surgeries are performed. No law can change the genetic and biblical truth of God’s design.” 

Roger Severino

The director of the DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society at the Heritage Foundation wrote an article on the transgender bathroom debate in the Chicago schools. You can read it here.

He says, “Put concretely, boys now have the ‘right’ to undress in the girl’s locker room before gym class so long as they say they would feel more comfortable doing so. Kids and teens have many things to worry about as they grow up into adulthood and get an education. But having to deal with people of the opposite sex in their bathrooms and showers shouldn’t be one of them.”

Pat Robertson

I worked with the founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network and the 700 Club some years ago. He has this issue right when he questions:

“Why does the Justice Department get involved? Why does the federal government come in with the mandates? I mean what in the world is this? It’s the constant driving of the agenda of anti-Christian bias. We’re going to destroy any semblance of the Christian morality that exists in our country, and our government is going to be at the forefront of it.”

Erick Erickson 

Now one of my favorite pundits who puts his faith before politics:

“The left tells us that sex and gender are two different things. The law, in other words, refers to what one is born as, not what one through mental issues decides he is.”

“Make no mistake about this, the issue of transgenderism, which affects only three tenths of one percent of the nation, is just the cover for this new front in the culture war. Really, what is at stake here is reality itself. If the left can convince courts and the American people that boys can be girls and girls can be boys, they can convince you that right is wrong, wrong is right, up is down, down is up, and anything else they can get a judge to decide.”

Matt Barber

A constitutional lawyer and founder of Barbwire takes aim at President Obama and his education department:

“What we really need to worry about is the dignity and innocence and purity of young girls who are being placed in harm’s way by this lawless edict…This president knows that what he is doing is lawless. He knows that at best it is disingenuous; at worst, completely dishonest. Transgenders suffer from a mental disorder called ‘gender dysphoria’.” 

“With this president, it makes you wonder about his own mental health. The fact that he is so delusional that he would push this through. He is either delusional, or it’s pure evil. I think it’s more sinister than just a president suffering from a mental illness and a delusion.” 

Glenn T. Stanton

The director of Global Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family lectures on college campuses about issues of gender and sexuality. He begins his talks by saying:

“My primary premise is that humanity exists as male and female; they are different; and they need each other.” For this, he’s routinely greeted with boos, sarcastic laughter, even hissing.

But the actual research in anthropology shows that Gender Studies professors are wrong — as Stanton explained in an Family Research Council lecture  called “The Scientific Objectivity and Universality of Gender Difference.”

“Cross-cultural research shows that certain male-female differences are universal to virtually every human society. It even shows that in more advanced countries — where, because of greater wealth, men and women have greater freedom to structure their lives as they choose — gender differences actually grow more pronounced than they are in more primitive societies. And despite politically correct scorn for the ‘gender binary,’ no third (or fourth, or fifth) sex has been discovered.”

Yours Truly

I was tempted to give this article a number of titles. One of the choices was “Forcing Atheism on the Public Schools.” Sexual confusion, including transgenderism, is the sexual creed of the religion of atheism.

Another possible title was, “Time to Flee the Public Schools.” With the American federal government turning atheistic (liberal, secular, leftist, progressive are all pseudonyms), it’s time for followers of Christ to flee the system that wants to destroy your kids’ faith, sexuality and worldview.

The transgender bathroom issue is really a battle of worldviews. The forces of atheism, inspired by Satan, are desperately trying to destroy the image of Christ and his ways in the Western World–especially through education and government edicts. This deception is cruel because identity and sexuality are crucial to happiness in this life and hope in the next. They are central to your God-given destiny.

What should we do about it?

Know and fight for the truth. Lovingly share your faith with those who are wavering. Remove your children from the public schools. Rejoice that you are fearfully and wonderfully made as a man or woman–in Christ.

And speak out against the cruel lie of transgenderism.









  1. no on October 15, 2020 at 11:31 am

    okay I’m not going to get into everything about gay and shit I’m not qualified for that i know nothing


    relgion of atheism




  2. Gerry Buckner on June 24, 2016 at 12:34 am

    I read this kind of stuff on the web and hear it on the news, and you know Ron, it's almost like I feel that I'm having a nightmare and need to wake up.

    Satan has so polluted the minds of so many that it's nauseating. Everything from the transgender issue to gay marriages to turning minds to believing that life has no value at all so just go and shoot people. It's like reading about Sodom and Gomorrah. I'm looking for God to say enough already and "no there aren't enough good people who serve me to save this corrupt country." How blessed I am (we are) to know we belong to Christ regardless of what happens. It's my prayer that as Christian we take a stand for truth and let those around us know there is a better way, a better life and that we win the battle in the very end and the victory is theirs if they are in Jesus' army.

    Thank you for your faithful service to Jesus in spreading His love and truth in any way you can.



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