The Ten Biggest Lies Propagated by our Government

I’m in Washington. D.C. this week for the National Day of Prayer and other meetings. My accommodations are directly across the street from the Supreme Court where arguments were made last week regarding the marriage debate that could have monumental ramifications in the future. 

When I walk by the offices of the justices this week, and also the Capitol Building (now shrouded in scaffolding for repairs), I will pray for our leaders that “God’s truth is marching on” in this crucial American city.

Because the opposite is also a reality: We live in a time period of the proliferation of lies–major and open deception–that is affecting the lives of not only 320 million US citizens, but also billions of people around the world.

In this article I’d like to explore the ten biggest lies being propagated by our government.

It is convenient in our modern, increasingly secular world to say that all people lie. You and I lie, all politicians lie, so why should we even talk about the subject? This type of moral equivalence not only stops the conversation about lying, but it also gives the false impression that all people lie equally and that every lie is the same.

That is not true.

It’s a lie.

First, it should be mentioned that of the three worldviews now competing for supremacy around the globe–biblical faith, secularism, and Islam–only one is committed to factual integrity at all times: biblical faith. The other two brazenly believe that the end justifies the means and that lying is okay as long as the cause advances.

Thus we have Hitler, Stalin, Mao etc. as the most well-known secular political liars of the past century, and a whole rash of ayatollahs, including the current Supreme Leader of Iran, who rarely speak the truth.  They believe in power–and anything that gets them there including telling falsehoods.

The biblical worldview is different. Lying makes the list of basic sins in the Ten Commandments (Commandment Nine), and is mentioned twice in the list of six things that God hates (Proverbs 6:16-19). The New Testament is replete with references of the need to speak the truth, walk in the light, and live with integrity.

Jesus himself said that he was the “truth” (John 14:6). He expects his followers to follow his example.This means that, in general, followers are Jesus are more honest than secularists and Muslims. Why? Their faith is the only one that calls them to tell the truth in all circumstances.

It’s also true that professing Christians sometimes fail. But when they do, they go against the Scriptures–they are not following their faith. Their failure requires repentance and change.

But when Muslims or progressives tells a lie to advance their cause, it’s in accord with their worldview. Lying is a means to a greater end. They do not need to repent. Their followers don’t care.

This practical qualification about lying–that Muslims and secularists are not bound by their religions as Christians are–should help you understand why some politicians lie more than others.

For example, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are examples:

  • The former Senate Majority leader, joked the other day about lying on the Senate floor about Mitt Romney’s taxes so that he would lose the 2012 election.
  • Ms. Pelosi told us we needed to pass Obamacare to find out what was in it (how’s that for transparency in government?).
  • “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” Need I say more.
  • Hillary Clinton erased 30,000 e-mails. Ditto.

All four of these politicians are committed to secular values. That means playing loose with the truth. If you want to read a good article on the non-moral equivalence of all politicians being liars, try David Limbaugh’s  “All Politicians Don’t Lie Equally and Lying Does Matter.”

It’s important to vote for leaders who practice their faith in God.

Now on to the lies that we currently find in government. I should note that these lies didn’t necessarily originate with politicians, but they came up through our culture and institutions (such as higher education) and are being aided by a complicit (and very anti-faith) mainstream media.

These lies are not in any particular order except for the first two. Lie One has had the most devastating consequences in our nation, and Lie Two could do the same in the next generation

Lie One – Abortion

You will never hear a more stupid or evil statement by a politician than “I am pro-choice.” What choice are they talking about? It’s the choice to murder an innocent unborn baby simply because the mother doesn’t want it. Abortion is built on a hideous self-indulgent lie that has led to the death of over 58 million Americans. This is a genocide, an atrocity, all based on a lie.

Here’s the simple truth: Life begins at conception. Babies are babies–either in or out of the womb.

Lie Two – Same Sex Marriage

This lie could be foisted upon the nation soon by five Supreme Court justices. For five millenia human beings have understood the basic truth of human marriage between a man and a woman. Nothing else is marriage.  Only men and women can “join together.” The plumbing only works that way. Any other arrangement is a colossal lie and unbelievable stupidity.

Here’s the truth of history: Marriage is God-created (Genesis 2:24)–a man and woman joining together for love, procreation and the nurture and care of children. 

Lie Three – Deficit Spending

In the past two generations, the American government and people have spent themselves into a debt hell-hole. Our careless spending has destroyed many families and could soon ruin a once frugal and prudent country. Think about it: 18 trillion dollars in public debt. Ten trillion in private debt. And 128 trillion in unfunded liabilities(Social Security, Medicare and Obamacare).

A day of sober reckoning is coming if wise leaders don’t emerge and we, the people, don’t change our ways.

The plain truth: You can’t spend more than you take in. The borrower becomes the lender’s slave (Proverbs 22:7).

Lie Four – Islamic Jihad

The Islamic faith has always been violent. It grew through the centuries primarily through war and terrorism; Mohammed himself set the standard by killing thousands; The Koran contains over 100 war verses that justify Muslims killing other people simply for their refusal to convert.

We are fighting a global enemy who wants to establish a world-wide caliphate. Not all Muslims are violent, but the teachings of Islam condone terrorism and violence. So millions are–and believe they are right in doing so.

The sobering truth: Islam is a warring religion. We must defeat, not appease, Muslim terrorism.

Lie Five – The Unemployment Rate

Just one generation ago we were honest about unemployment statistics. When people lost a job and wanted to work, they were considered unemployed. But the recent recession was so severe, and the governmental policies to right it so wrong-headed, that our government no longer states the truth about jobs in America. They don’t count those who have given up looking.

Our government tells us this month that the national unemployment rate is 5.5%. That’s mis-leading.

Here’s the truth: The real unemployment rate in the USA is closer to 12%. Free people create jobs, not government spending.

Lie Six – Global Warming

Global warming, or climate change, is really a secular conspiracy to tax the Western world for income re-distribution purposes. power and control. It’s a scientific lie based on faulty temperature models, falsifying of data, and probably a desire to hasten a one world government under the banner of Saving the Planet.

The obvious truth: Temperatures have been steady, even cooling slightly, for seventeen years. There is no evidence that burning fossil fuels is impacting world temp and weather in any way.

Lie Seven – Gun Control

Every year progressives try to pass stringent gun control legislation saying that guns are the reason so many people are killed in our nation. They scream, “Guns are the problem!  We need to make it harder for people to get guns! ” But consider this: the death capital of America right now is Chicago. And Chicago has some of the strongest gun control laws in the nation. So what’s the real agenda behind gun control?

I saw this truth on a bumper sticker thirty years ago in Oklahoma: When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. (Think about that.)

Lie Eight – Racism is Alive

We are constantly told that racism is still rampant in our nation–that race relations are getting worse. Agitators tell us that police officers target young blacks, that riots are taken place because of white suppression, and that no progress has been made in 150 years.

Nonsense. America is a changed nation racially.  We voted twice for an African-American president. I don’t know one racist among my thousands of friends. There has been major transformation of race relations since the Civil War and Civil Rights Act of 1964.

This is the wonderful truth: America is essentially a color-blind nation. All lives matter.”

Lie Nine – The War on Women

Women have more rights, responsibilities, privileges, and access to services today than at any time in history. Period. This is a “Golden Age” of women’s rights in the Western World. Don’t believe the “War on Women” nonsense. Enjoy the blessings of your freedom and dignity.

The truth: The only war on women is in the Middle East and other Muslim countries. Let’s liberate them.

Lie Ten – Taxing the Rich will Elevate the Poor

We are so narcissistic and economically illiterate that we are starting to believe the lies of socialism and communism–that class warfare against the rich is the ticket to abundance. How’d that idea work in the Soviet Union? Cuba? Or North Korea? The 21st century Democratic Party is now a political version of Robin Hood who want take from the rich and give to the poor. There’s only one problem:

The truth is, as Margaret Thatcher once opined, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” We need liberty, not the tyranny of taxation.

I could have mentioned more, but I hope you get the point.

Seek the truth. Speak the truth. Live the truth.

And hold your government accountable for the lies that hurt us all.



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