The Patriots versus the Vultures in Super Brawl 17

If I was to use a phrase to describe the alt-secular-left reaction to the new Trump Administration, I would use the term hissy fit.

I think you know what I mean from the protests, foul language, character assassinations, and outright hysteria over President Trump.

Here’s the dictionary definition: noun: hissy fit – an angry outburst or tantrum.  synonyms:  temper tantrum, tantrum, angry outburst, fit of temper, paroxysm of rage, histrionics. 

Sounds familiar. What’s really happening in America right now? 

Here’s a good analogy–it’s the Patriots versus the Vultures in Super Brawl 17.

If you missed the recent Super Bowl –possibly the greatest NFL Championship of all time–then I”ll briefly recap the game for you. It boasted a contest between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons.

The Falcons came our strong and dominated the first three quarters–which even included a “pick six” (interception for a touchdown) committed by all world quarterback Tom Brady. Late in the third quarter, when the score was 28-3, I turned to my wife and said “This game is over.”

But in the final quarter, the Falcons made some mistakes and the Patriots began to score and dominate–eventually tying the game and sending it into overtime. During this first extra-period game in Super Bowl history, the Patriots won the coin toss and marched down the field to win. When they scored the winning touchdown, it was their first lead of the game–and the only one that counted.

Patriots 34. Falcons 28.

Politics is much like sports. It’s a contest of ideas where, in the end, one set of ideas wins and the other opinions lose. Sometimes there is compromise in the middle, but not often. Usually, through the ballot box and public opinion, one set of principles triumphs over the other.

Let’s now compare what happening in the United States with the recent Super Bowl classic between the Patriots and the Falcons.

The Patriots

The Republican Party is the only major political party in America that still believes in patriotism. For 150 years, the Rs have generally adhered to the Judeo-Christian concept of limited government, economic freedom, civility & morality, and truth and justice for all. Because of these biblical foundations, many Republicans respect God’s special hand on our grand “experiment” and love America for its exceptionalism in world history.

Most Republicans are patriots.

These principles of liberty flowed for decades from the churches into all aspects of American life.. When the Church experienced revival, the nation prospered. When the Church receded in faith and action, the nation drifted from its moorings.

To be honest, the GOP never modeled these values fully or consistently. But at least they held to the belief that “blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord” (Psalm 33:12).

The Vultures

I know the Patriots faced the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl. Atlanta is a rising team with a great young coach, many terrific players, and a bright future. This is where the analogy breaks down.

For our politiical discussion, the Democratic Party better resembles the Vultures. I don’t believe this is an unfair label. Here’s my rationale for suggesting this particular mascot:

  • Many Democrats today do not love America. Some of them hate this country, believe we need to change, be cut down to size, and become (at least) a secular socialist country.
  • A good portion of the Dems, like vultures, are scavengers–they believe in taking from some to give to themselves and others. Many believe in income re-distribution, open borders, and even the demise of America as we’ve known it.
  • The Obama Administration worked hard to reduce and change the USA militarily, economically, morally and spiritually. The former president now operates what some call a “Shadow Government” two miles from the White House. His new political arm, “Organizing for Action,” recently set up 250 offices around the nation backed by millions of dollars to fight the Trump presidency and retain Obama’s legacy. This disruptive political tactic has no precedent in American history. Most former presidents go home.
  • The marches and protests against the new Administration are being funded and fueled by billionaires like George Soros who want open borders and chaos in the nation.
  • The Democrats are the only major political party in 21st century America that encourages violence and anarchy (marches and demonstrations), has no problem with lying and fake news to advance its agenda (Obamacare, Benghazi, Russian meddling etc.), condones character assassination of the presidential family (even Trump’s children) and relishes the recent takedown of General Michael Flynn. (More thoughts on that later.)
  • The Dems have lost nearly 1000 elective seats around the country in the last eight years. They can’t win by ideas–so they must resort to force/tyranny (denying free speech on college campuses) and judicial activism (the immigration stay of Trump’s executive order) to wield power.
  • The Democratic Party also benefits from the “cheerleaders” of the mainsteam media. The hysterical bias and fake news they peddle is like putting extra players on one side of the field.
  • Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi stand out as poster-children for the new Democratic Vultures. 

Now that we’ve defined the teams, let’s apply the Super Bowl scenario to what we are seeing on the nightly news.

It sure looks to me like the Patriots versus the Vultures in Super Brawl 17.

For eight years, Barack Obama led the USA in a different direction than our heritage. Near the end of his two terms, secular ideas like gender neutral bathrooms and open borders had pushed the USA far away from its heritage and historic beliefs. It also dropped the USA to a staggering #17 on the list of the world’s freest nations–a historic low.

The score looked like it was 28-3 and the game was over.

America had embraced Democratic Socialism.

But then a “Tom Brady” figure appeared named Donald Trump–and believers in the nation began to pray while “forgotten men and women” voted en masse–turning the tide so greatly that, to everybody’s surprise, Mr. Trump won the US presidency.

Donald Trump got off to a fast start in his first two weeks. He’s new at civic leadership, the Dems are holding up his Cabinet nominees (the “players on the “field” aren’t equal), and it will take time for him to learn the ways of the presidency. But he’s a quick study.

In these first thirty days, he “threw an interception” by putting out his immigration order too quickly without considering the activist courts (and protesters) that would try to run it back for a touchdown.

Michael Flynn also made a serious mistake about courtesy phone calls to the Russian ambassador. He was wrong–embarrassing the Vice President to whom he either “re-called badly” or deceived.

Flynn resigned. Trust is crucial.

Another Trump fumble.

(Actually, new presidents often fail to confirm key leaders in their governments. Barack Obama failed on three of his, Bill Clinton on five.)

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

“Flynn took credit for his missteps regarding these phone calls in a brief statement released late Monday evening. Trump administration officials subsequently stated that Flynn’s efforts to mislead the president and vice president about his contacts with Russia could not be tolerated.”

“However, multiple sources closely involved in the situation pointed to a larger, more secretive campaign aimed at discrediting Flynn and undermining the Trump White House.”

What should have been the main headline was that some Vulture-loyalists in the State Department and Intelligence Agencies were illegally working to destroy the new Administration.

Talk about Vultures in the hen-house.

 Right now we are witnessing a brutal political contest with the American future at stake. However, I believe that the Patriots will regain momentum in the fourth quarter and come back to win.

Don’t be discouraged as you watch “Super Brawl 17.”

1. Pray like never before for our new leaders and all Americans. Intercede that God will touch our hearts, bring many to salvation, and turn the game around before it is culturally too late.

2. Tune out the negative voices and lies, even if you need to use your remote to stay above the fray. In our household, we’ve found ourselves muting much of the propaganda while cheering on the “plays” of the good guys who want to rebirth freedom and renewal in our country.

3. Never give up.  That’s the advice of Winston Churchill when facing the dark days of World War II. I’m sure the New England Patriots felt a bit down as they began the fourth quarter of Super Bowl 51. But they didn’t give up, but kept charging down the field and scoring–finally winning the game. Life is a continual contest.  The other team never leaves the field.

We must work harder than the opposition to win. 

If the recent Super Bowl taught us anything, it showed that games are not over until they’re over. We, too, must hang in there, do our part, and believe that we can triumph against the forces of darkness who want to deceive people and destroy nations.

Yes, this is all really about world evangelization.

It’s going to be a brawl. One side wins and the other loses.

Are you on the victorious side?


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