The New Radicals Are Coming

At the recent Urbana Conference, 16,000 young people responded to David Platts’ revolutionary message and committed to help change the world. In less than 24 hours, his four thousand Radical books sold out.

Last week, Jason Hershey, director YWAM Washington, D.C. and Washington House of Prayer, and another band of young radicals stood on the steps of the US Supreme Court and declared a breakthrough of God’s love and truth in the American nation.

I was there to support them. A loving, uncompromising generation of young radicals are being raised up. Call it the Jesus Revolution times one hundred.

Let’s support them.

Jason Hershey on behalf of the young generation, March 8, 2013:

“First of all, I want everyone to know that those of us that have gathered here have all had real encounters with Jesus.  We are believers through and through, because we have tasted and seen His goodness and powerful hand working in and through our lives.  Some of us have had our physical bodies supernaturally healed as we prayed and Jesus answered.  Others of us, have been rescued out of lives of depression, anger and hurt.”

“As it turns out, God’s good and actually loves us!  We are convinced that he has only good things in mind for America! I promise you, that you will not find a more hopeful people in all of America than this rag-tag band of Jesus lovers here beside me!”

“We have gathered here today, not to condemn, criticize, or judge.  Neither do we have an offended heart.  We are here with gratitude bursting inside of us as to the plans that Jesus has for our generation!  We have gathered here simply to lay out a clear road map for our generation to the path of life and hope for America.” 

“Specifically, the fork in the road that in front of this Court and this generation right now is the issue of marriage. March 26 and 27, the Supreme Court will hear two cases dealing with the definition of marriage.  We pray that the Supreme Court would have wisdom on these cases beyond even our time and place. Proverbs 9:10 says, ‘The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding'”  

“Knowing God as our closest friend brings us to understanding!  And honoring and respecting Him is the beginning of wisdom.  So does God have an opinion on marriage. If He was writing his opinion. What would it say? As it turns out, his opinion is already clearly stated and written down for all to read.  In America, the Bible, is available to anyone at any bookstore or on the Web.”

“The best way to learn how to spot a counterfeit isn’t by studying the counterfeit, but by studying the real. I once was told that Federal agents in training, to spot counterfeits for the first little, don’t look at counterfeit bills.  All they do is study the real.  If you study the real long enough, you will be able to spot a counterfeit every single time.”

“So this morning I will paint a picture of the real.  Marriage was God’s idea in the first place.  In the beginning, God made the heaven’s and the earth. He made Adam and Eve, male and female.  That’s the first key.  Men and women are fundamentally different from each other.  Male and Female, They are different.  It’s one thing to have an affection towards someone that’s the same as you.  It’s completely differently to love some one that’s different than you.”

“So Adam and Eve became the original first marriage and the expression of the real. God took the first man and woman on the planet, and placed them together in a Garden called Eden with the instructions to be fruitful and multiply.”

“Here’s the second key.  God loves people.  He has so much love that he wants as many people as possible!  If a relationship can’t bring forth life and fulfill God’s dream for more people on the planet, it’s not the real!”

“God made us to be in a friendship with Him.  Adam and Eve walked in the cool of the day with God as their friend.  The would walk and talk with God openly in complete oneness with him in friendship. God gave them the ability to have children, but they could only have children through the act of oneness in relationship.  Adam, nor Eve, could have children without the intimacy of the other!  Children were meant to be conceived in love.”

“But what is love?  Love by definition is an unselfish choice for the others highest good. Children were meant to be born into a home where both Dad and Mom were unselfishly loving each other and unselfishly loving their children.”

“So this is the picture of the real:  One man and one woman, walking together in friendship with God, unselfishly, in love with God and in love with each other.  In the midst of that, children were to be born. This is life.  This is the meaning of life, that we know God intimately, like a husband would know a wife, and that we would love Him and each other unselfishly.”

“I can’t tell you want a joy it is to the father of a family where one man, one woman and four children, walk together each day in friendship with God, hearing his voice, and seeing his miracles.  My life is like Eden or Heaven.  Really, Heaven is the dream of Eden restored. God and people dwelling together once again.”

“This is what a real marriage and family looks like: One man, one woman, with children living with and loving God and each other loyally, unselfishly. every day for the rest of their lives. Anything else is counterfeit.  To call counterfeit money the same as the real would cheapens the currency of the real and would break our economy, leaving our nation in poverty.”

“Our message to the Supreme Court is simply this: Don’t muddy the waters between what’s real and counterfeit.  Both DOMA and Prop 8 were passed legally, in line with the constitutional processes. Neither of them violate moral law, but simple define marriage as what it is. Sexual morality leads to life.  Sexual immorality leads to death.  I plead with you, Supreme Court of the United States.  Choose Life!”

“Our society is only as strong as the number of real families that we have holding it together.  The truth is, for each one of us, our individual brokenness is almost always rooted in the lack of true family when we were children. As a nation we can see families without fathers, children without care and abuse of all sorts horrific types.  It’s time we aim for the real and do all we can to restore the family to it’s God designed amazingness!”

“I appreciated President Obama’s sincerest remarks concerning children and families after the tragedy in Newtown last fall.  You could see his honest grief, knowing there was no way that he could bring back those lost. You could see the weight of the value of human life was upon his soul.”

“In that speech he said, ‘This is our first task — caring for our children.  It’s our first job.  If we don’t get that right, we don’t get anything right. That’s how, as a society, we will be judged. And by that measure, can we truly say, as a nation, that we are meeting our obligations?  Can we honestly say that we’re doing enough to keep our children — all of them– safe from harm? Can we claim, as a nation, that we’re all together there, letting them know that they are loved, and teaching them to love in return?’”

“His questions were rhetorical with the assumed answers of “no we are not” to each question. I agree with him whole-heartedly.”

“President Obama, I want to speak words of destiny into you. Mr President: “You were called to be a Lincoln-type president.  As a white man from Illinois rose up to end slavery, so may a black man from Illinois rise up to be a voice for the children of this generation. Mr. President you have a calling to write an emancipation proclamation for the littlest in America.”

“If you are really serious about protecting children and restoring good families, switch your position on abortion and stand for the true definition of marriage.  Write an emancipation proclamation for the children in the womb. Fulfill your destiny!  You are to be a history maker. You’re destiny isn’t to merely be the pinnacle of the movement Lincoln started, but you are to be play the defining role in the the battle for justice that has waged now for 40 years.”

“It’s time to end abortion.”

“Just like in the days of slavery, our consciences are waking up to the reality of abortion. Yet I know that to allow that conscience awakening to happen fully would mean that suddenly millions of American’s both men and women, would have to admit that they murdered their very own children. So then what do we do with our guilt?  How do we live with ourselves, even as a nation, knowing what we have done?  What do we do with our shame?”

“This is why Jesus came to the earth.  He took the penalty for our selfish, sinful deeds. He came to take away that guilt and shame, so that we could live again, restored to innocence.”

“President Obama, all of us at times have had to wake up and realize, we were wrong.  It’s humbling to admit, but freedom and blessing are always on the other side.  I am for you and not against you.  You must know that I want you to fulfill your Lincoln-type call.  Mr President, you can’t bring back the dead, but you can give life to the children in the future. Mr. President, End abortion.  this is your watch, and this is your commission. Close the door to innocent bloodshed in our nation!”

“May we, with God’s help, do our part to redeem the true picture of family: One man, one woman, with many children living with and loving God and each other loyally, unselfishly, every day, for their whole lives.”

“The truth is this.  All of us have separated ourselves from God in our selfishness. Since l life is a found in being in friendship with God, the consequences of being separated from him is death.  Jesus came and died on the cross on our behalf and rose again three days later to break the power of sin and death so that we might live with God again and redeem the dream of Eden.  This is His great gift to us.”

“America, I can tell you, we are in desperate need of a new fundamental operating system.  America turn to Jesus, be a child of your Father in heaven and be filled by the Holy Spirit.  “It’s not about me.  It’s all about Jesus now. All you need to do is receive the free gift of his salvation and know that you are forgiven of all your sins!” 

“The Holy Spirit will come into you and you will realize that you’ve never truly lived before!   Your operating system will be filled with the Holy Spirit!  All your anger, lust, impatience, frustration, inner turmoil, anxiety, worry fear, will disappear!  You will begin to hear God talking to you inside your being and your friendship with God will never end. Jesus’ free gift to us is eternal life.  All we need to do is receive it, like Christmas, with much gratitude!”

“Those around me, like myself, have decided that we are not sitting around waiting for our governmental leaders to set a directional course for our nation.”

“And we’re believing God for a breakthrough!”



  1. Stroup on March 16, 2013 at 3:38 pm

    Amen…and amen. May The Lord make it so…

  2. Craig on March 14, 2013 at 4:22 pm

    Thanks for posting Jason Hershey's inpsiring and prophetic word to the President and Supreme Court. What an exciting event to witness. May uncompromising young radicals rise up all over our nation.

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