The Best Birthday Present Donald Trump Could Give to America

The 4th of July–our American birthday– is one of my favorite holidays because of what it stands for: a nation committing itself, “under God,” to exist for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Yes, I know the Continental Congress actually approved the Declaration of Independence on July 2nd (the final draft on July 4th) and the delegates probably didn’t sign the document until August.

But the birth of America celebrated on July 4, 1776 changed the world for good.

Enormous good.

Yet, most of us believe the USA needs a “re-birth” during these tumultuous years of the early 21st century.  And a very unlikely leader–President Trump–may be poised to give America its best gift in centuries.

What’s the best birthday present Donald Trump could give to America in 2018?

Let’s admit that Donald J. Trump is an unlikely American hero. His brash style, playboy background, and past political fickleness don’t conjure up images of greatness (he was a Democrat most of his life, now turned conservative Republican). But he miraculously won the presidency in 2016, and since that time, has governed as the most consistent biblical worldview president since Ronald Reagan.

I voted for Donald Trump for two primary reasons: 1) A Hillary Clinton presidency would have been disastrous for America due to her radical secular-progressive policies, and 2) The Supreme Court of the United States.


Like many other Americans I understood in 2016 that the next president of the United States would likely appoint 2-3 Supreme Court justices–and thus cement the direction of the American nation for decades.

Donald Trump promised he would only nominate strict Constitutionalist judges–those who believe in the rule of law supporting life, liberty, and property. So far he kept that promise in his first appointment of Justice Neil Gorsuch. (Bush the elder failed with Stephen Breyer and even Reagan chose poorly in nominating Sandra Day O’Connor.)

On July 9 President Trump announced he will make his second choice of a Supreme Court justice following the July retirement of Anthony Kennedy. If he chooses a judge who rejects judicial activism and believes in the rule of law and the principles espoused in the U.S. Constitution, then he will give America the best birthday present possible.

He will galvanize a Supreme Court that once again upholds the values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

That means that the darkest cloud in the American sky–the evil of abortion–could be altered and ended in America–just like America’s other evil–slavery– was abolished in the 19th century.

Roe. v. Wade will be eventually declared what is always was–unconstitutional.

I’ve been waiting and praying for this moment all my life.

Slavery was ugly in Early America with 450,000 of the 12.5 millions Africans ripped from their homeland ending up in the United States. On the other hand, since Roe. v. Wade in 1973, it is estimated that sixty million innocent human beings have been slaughtered via abortion.

The numbers don’t lie. Stopping the abortion holocaust would be the greatest humanitarian gift ever bestowed on American soil.

Let’s remind ourselves about the ugliness of legalized abortion.

Abortion is not new to history. Barbaric and uncivilized peoples have always killed their young–even in utero. This lie goes back thousands of years. But it was perfected in the 20th century.

Fifty years ago the Western World began to cast off the sexual restraints of its biblical history and the principles of selfless love, marriage, family, and caring for children. This movement was called the sexual revolution.

The motive was selfishness–I will do sexually what I want regardless of God’s commands or the consequences my actions bring.

Two of the boomerangs of sleeping around were unwanted pregnancies and babies born out of wedlock. We needed to create a reason to get rid of the consequences of irresponsible sex, so we revived an old word which didn’t mention killing babies.


Here’s the demented philosophy of abortion in its current form:

1. My body is mine and I’ll do what I want with it. The baby inside of me is not a baby.

2. It is a fetus (which really means “unborn baby”) but it’s non-human if I want to destroy it.

3. Life does not begin at conception–but when I decide it begins.

4. Choosing to kill my baby is one good choice among many. Pro-choice is good.

5. Killing my baby is not murder–it “helps” the child by not bringing them into an unwanted home.

6. When something is small and unseen (like a developing baby), it’s easier to discard.

7. It doesn’t matter if I poison or crush the baby to dispose of it. It’s not a baby unless I say so.

8. Since it’s not a human being, then I can dump it in the trash or garage bin.

9. Don’t worry about your conscience. That’s old-fashioned and outdated.

Millions of people in the West have been deceived over the past forty-five years by this tragic practice. Maybe you were one of them. If you weren’t, you probably knew other people who accepted these lies.

No one pushed the abortion practice more than Planned Parenthood started by Margaret Sanger in 1946. Sanger was known for her free-wheeling sexual lifestyle and also her beliefs in weeding out the unfit and unwanted to create a superior race. That was a popular idea in her day–shared by Adolph Hitler among others.

Today the Planned Parenthood doesn’t mention master races. They say they help people do what’s best for them–forget about those pesky little babies that might get in the way at an inconvenient time.

Just kill them.

History’s Biggest Holocaust

One of the most tragic fruits of the free-sex movement was the revival on the ancient sin of abortion–killing an innocent baby in the womb simply because it was unwanted. As people slept around and sex started to multiply beyond marriage, something had to be done with the inconvenient result of unrestrained passion.

Enter the tragic and legislative stupidity of Roe v. Wade in 1973. It came about for one primary reason: to get rid of the evidence of sexual chaos and evil. Abortion wasn’t new, it was just pagan–an ungodly practice revived in the modern world–to keep hide our sins without “problems.”

Hitler killed 6-8 million innocent human beings. Stalin, up to 20 million. Mao Zedong might have exterminated over 50 million innocent Chinese.

But abortion overwhelmingly tops them all. The Guttmacher Institute estimates that between 1 and 2 billion human beings have been aborted in 20th and 21st centuries worldwide. That makes the abortion machine the greatest holocaust of all time.

Take a moment and weep over that statistic. At least a billion innocent children sucked apart or cut to pieces on the altar of selfish indulgence. Makes the hideous 20th century dictators look like  pikers.

We’ve been duped by the words “pro-choice.” Who could be against choice?

But here’s the reality test: What’s the choice? There are only two: life for a human being or death to a human being.

We need to change the words to reflect the truth and alter the debate. It’s this simple: You are either pro-life or you are pro-death.


We must win the argument by changing the language, changing American hearts, and by changing the Supreme Court of the United States.

On July 9, President Donald J. Trump will get the chance to nominate a man or woman who will shift the balance of SCOTUS in the biblical direction of life–if he makes a wise nomination and if the U.S. Senate has the guts to confirm that person.

Please pray for President Trump between now and July 9.

And on the 4th of July thank God for the life and freedoms you enjoy–and hope they soon come to all Americans who are conceived in the image of God.

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