Personal Growth

Character and Greatness

We live in a time when character is in decline and greatness remains rare or wrongly defined. Many of the “great” people of our time are famous simply because of their entertainment wealth or following. They live sad, debauched and immoral lives but are put on pedestals by those who adore them. Not so George…

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Unanswered Prayer

I usually prepare seven days in advance for my weekly blog and often have 20-25 “drafts” in a digital file that contain subjects I’m pondering. But this morning, at the end of my devotional time, something inside me said I needed to write on the baffling and sometimes agonizing subject of unanswered prayer. I’ve learned…

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Humbly Accept Your Limits

Many issues shout out for attention this week. Impeachment madness casts a pall over Washington, D.C. and remains a waste of time and money by progressive politicians bent on overturning the 2016 election. Let’s vote them out in 2020. I’m still weighing President Trump’s decision to remove troops from Northern Syria. Most people I trust say…

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Overcoming the Lies

When I began writing River of God: Where Religion Began and Why Grace and Love Will Triumph in 2012, I had no idea the world would soon be awash in lies. Today, the popular name is “Fake News”–but that’s just a cute way of saying that much of what you hear in the mainstream media is…

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Believe the Opposite

The Mueller Report was delivered Friday to Attorney General Bob Barr who announced over the weekend that no Russia collusion was found in the Trump campaign. What’s the biggest lesson we can learn from this waste of taxpayer money? That the explosion of lies in the 21st century threatens our entire civilization. When listening to…

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Got Your Assignments?

For many years I’ve used the Christmas holidays to reflect on the past year, ask God for marching orders for the coming one, and then commit to accomplish them–by his grace and strength I’ve got my assignments for 2019. Do you have yours?

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Surveying the Culture War Battlefields

The past three weeks I’ve focused on the threat of organized evil in the United States and other nations in the 21st century. We appear ripe for such a revolution due to our deficit of character and decline of faith.

This clash of civilizations is a culture war because it pits the Judeo-Christian view of life with its emphasis on God, faith, family and freedom against secular priorities of Big Government, skepticism, family breakdown/re-definition and economic socialism. 

Most weeks I try to focus on one issue. Today, let’s climb the heights and view the Bigger Picture where the culture war is being waged. I want you to think biblically when looking at all of life.

Here’s a sample survey of the culture war battlefields.

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Grave Danger Part 3: Marching Orders for the People of God

When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him” (Isaiah 59:19).

Two weeks ago I warned about the grave danger of organized evil in out time. Last week I discussed the weakness of our culture that makes this growth of evil possible: a deficit of character in the American people.

Francis Schaeffer warned us a generation ago that if America turned away from its biblical, faith-based, and virtuous roots, it was only a matter of time before a tsunami of evil would sweep us away. He titled his famous book on the subject, “How Should We Then Live?”

It’s one of my favorite books of all time. Read it.

It’s the question of the hour. As the forces of evil converge to tear down the United States and the rest of Western civilization, what must be our response?

Here are some marching orders for the people of God.

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Grave Danger Part 2: Trump, the NFL Protests, Why Now?

Last week I wrote about organized evil that appears to be growing in the United States and other nations. 

The obvious questions are “What is allowing this to happen?” and “Why now?”

Today, I’d like to discuss what is America’s gravest and most ominous threat. It is not anarchists, God-haters and communists, snowflake universities, twenty trillion dollars in debt, global terrorism or North Korean nukes, or inept and delinquent political leadership.

All these are serious problems that could hasten our demise.

But, what is the BIGGEST threat to our survival and destiny as a people?

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Simply Redeemed–With A Smile and a Hug

On Friday morning, August 18, my beloved father-in-law, Charles Edward Cookson, breathed his last and was transported into the arms of Jesus. I’m sure his homecoming was marked with a big smile and warm hug.

Both were a trademark of Chuck Cookson. The other was simplicity of heart and life–two rare qualities in today’s complex world.

He is now simply redeemed.

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