Massachusetts Miracle: Scott Brown – The Male Version of Sarah Palin

Scott Brown’s stunning victory in Massachusetts on January 19, denying the 60-vote stranglehold in the US Senate and possibly dooming the government takeover of health care, is the secular progressive’s worst nightmare.

That’s because Scott Brown is the male version of Sarah Palin–and that doesn’t bode well for their desired future for America.

Let’s remember for a moment why the liberal media tried to destroy Sarah Palin.

Since Governor Palin joined Fox News team, she has been asked repeatedly why she was so viciously and unfairly attacked in the 2008 presidential campaign and why the hatred persists. She says she’s not sure, but that it has something to do with her “common sense” solutions to the nation’s problems.

That answer is true–but it goes much deeper than that. Sarah Palin’s emergence on the national state in 2008 was an absolute nightmare for those who want to change America. Here are some of the reasons:

1. She was the wrong kind of woman–a conservative female. After the liberal establishment’s desire for an African American president (Barack Obama), their second choice would have been to nominate a liberal woman (like Hillary Clinton). The left in this country loves diversity of color and gender–but is completely intolerant of diversity of worldview. For a conservative woman like Sarah Palin to become Vice President of the United States–and then possibly run for president–was absolutely unthinkable. Hence the all out assault on her family, beauty, clothes, intellect, and governorship which eventually led to her resignation from Alaskan politics and “re-loading” of her career and influence. Secularists love feminism–but only women with statist views.

2. She was an evangelical Christian. The battle for America future is actually rather simple. On the one side is the historical Christian worldview which is America’s political, economic, and religious foundation and the reason for American exceptionalism. The United States has played a unique role in history because we have chosen to honor the God of the Bible in our political structures, economic system, individual liberties, families, and social life. The US is a Christian expression of civics–certainly not a complete one–but a unique role model in history. The competing worldview in America is secularism (now taught almost exclusively in our government-run schools)–a belief that there is no God, truth, absolutes, and thus man becomes God through an ever-increasing and all powerful State (read “government takeover”). In the 2008 election, Barack Obama ran on the secular platform. Sarah Palin, even more so that John McCain, symbolized America’s Christian heritage and future. Thus Sarah Palin had to be chopped down to size by those who long for a secular progressive socialist vision.

3. She was a common person with everyday common sense. This was her preferred answer to the liberal slander, and it was true. Most Americans related to her Cinderella story and working class background. She was one of us–thought like us–valued our same traditional (i.e. Christian) values–and wanted to bring those common sense solutions back into American political life. Statists really don’t respect the common person though they talk incessantly about policies that will “help the people.” But they really believe they’re smarter than their subjects, know what’s best for us, and tend to rule with elitist demagoguery. Classic example: the present health care bill which the American people oppose but that the liberals nearly crammed down our throats via bribes, kick-backs, sweetheart deals, and Chicago-style politics.

Which brings us back to the Massachusetts Miracle–something the secularists should deeply ponder and should lead them to faith. In a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans nearly 3-1–where a Republican senator had not been elected in forty years–in a seat held by far left senator Teddy Kennedy who was the strongest advocate for nationalized health care, Scott Brown decisively and providentially  ran away with the prize.

The Massachusetts Miracle was stunning. Historic. Unbelievable. Exhilarating.

And he won, partly, because Scott Brown is the male Sarah Palin. The secularists were stopped in their tracks in the bluest of blue states by the male version of the former Alaska governor. What is this nation coming to?

The answer: It’s coming back to its senses and roots. 

The comparisons between Sarah Palin and Scott Brown’s are numerous:

  • They both come from normal, working class American backgrounds.
  • She drove her SUV all over Alaska meeting the people and relating to their concerns. Scott Brown drove his now famous “200,000 mile” truck into every corner of the Commonwealth to meet and greet the people of Massachusetts.
  • She was a popular gal from the small town of Wasilla. Scott Brown was well-liked in his hometown of Wrentham, Massachusetts.
  • Both were star basketball players with Sarah leading her team to a state championship and Scott being a star at Wakefield High School (where he also ran track and still holds a school record). In her basketball career, Sarah was known as “Sarah Barracuda.” Because of his shooting ability, Scott Brown’s nickname was “Downtown Scotty Brown.”
  • Sarah won some beauty contests and Scott worked as a male model, even appearing in Cosmopolitan magazine at the age of 22.
  • Both are strong on the military and the need to keep America safe from terrorism. Sarah’s son has served a tour in Iraq and Scott has served for over thirty years in the Army National Guard.
  • She was a pit bull with lipstick; He ran as a Doberman with mousse.
  • Both are big on freedom and the need to lower taxes. Sarah follows the tax-cutting principles of Ronald Reagan. Scott agrees with the tax-cutting values of John F. Kennedy (the fiscal conservative of Camelot).
  • One’s from a Red State–and one’s from a Blue State. Parties don’t matter much to either and both are loved by Independents.
  • Both attend evangelical churches. Scott’s home church is Grace Chapel in Franklin, and he also has ties to a Catholic order in Wrentham.
  • Both Sarah Plain and Scott Brown are pro-life and pro-family. Brown’s stance is weaker than Palin’s on various points, but that would be expected due to the difference in their home states.

To state it simply, both Sarah Palin and Scott Brown are average Americans who are people of faith, hard work, common sense, believe in limited government, strong defense, and traditional values. They’re also articulate, good-looking, down-to earth, and want to represent the rights and opinions of the people of the United States.

The Secular Left should be scared to death of them because they appear to be the future.

In 2010, we need to find to find 535 Sarah Palins and Scott Browns for the US House of Representatives and thirty for the the United States Senate. We need to work and vote for other everyday, common sense, traditional value people for mayor, councilmen and women, state reps and senators, and governors across the land.

And in 2012 we need one of them–or someone like them–to run for president of the United States to lead this nation back to common sense greatness.

Can the Massachusetts Miracle become the Washington, D.C. Miracle?

Yes it can.



  1. Sharon Gakin on January 27, 2010 at 1:49 am

    Has Brown had any comment about his nude photos?

  2. Judith E. White on January 27, 2010 at 1:41 am

    Dear Ron, great job and very acurate, I hope you sent a copy to Sarah. God Bless and thank your for your support. Judith

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