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Western culture is facing a seminal moment–one which may determine whether it thrives and survives or joins the infamous dustbin of civilizations whose actions brought the hurtful consequences of sin and the judgment of a Holy God.

The issue at stake in the 21st century is whether the nuclear family–the relational foundation stone of all just and free societies–will remain in tact or torn asunder. It has been ripped from its moorings by our own neglect through easy divorce and infidelity, and is now under attack by those who would have us change our entire moral code–the one upon which our civilization is based–through the imposition of homosexual marriage.

This fight is not about rights or being nice to other people–it’s about legalizing and normalizing immorality. Homosexuality is not a viable sexual choice. It’s immoral, abnormal, against nature, and personally and societally destructive. At greatest risk in the present struggle are innocent and impressionable children, who, if they are told by society that homosexuality is okay, will more easily fall into its destructive trap. If we really love people, we must point them the way of the truth.

In forty-two days the State of Washington will allow its citizens to vote on the issue of homosexual marriage. SB5688 is technically not about marriage–but deceptively so. It will give homosexuals the same rights as marriage that will ultimately lead to the grand prize of changing our marriage laws.

If you live in the state of Washington, this is the time to fight for your culture and children. If you live in other states and nations, would you pray for the citizens of Washington state–that we would understand the truth, vote for the truth, and allow that truth to set people free. If you would like to donate to this vital cause, please click here.

Gary Randall of the Faith & Freedom Network is one of the leading organizers of Referendum 71 which allows the citizens of Washington to vote on SB5688 on November 3. His words are clear and poignant on the the importance of preserving marriage for our children and future generations. RB

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By Gary Randall

SB 5688, the “Everything but Marriage” bill, was presented to the Legislature as a bill about benefits, yet Senator Ed Murray, one of the sponsors, told the Seattle press that it is really part of a long term strategy to re-define marriage and legalize same-sex marriage. SB 5688 is the threshold. Representative Jamie Pederson, also a sponsor of the bill has called it a “bridge” to homosexual “marriage”. The Seattle Times editorial board agreed that with the passage of SB 5688, the Legislature should go ahead and give the homosexual activists the name “marriage” as well.

We must REJECT SB 5688.

If this bill becomes law, domestic partnerships will be elevated to where there is no legal difference between marriage and domestic partnerships. The Washington State Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) will be declared irrelevant and same-sex marriage will be imposed through the courts by litigation, claiming discrimination.

Although they were in the minority, many Legislators opposed this bill and have worked with Referendum 71, to bring SB 5688 to a vote of the people.

The Gregoire Administration has not been able to accurately assess the actual cost of implementing all aspects of SB 5688. It is fiscally irresponsible, in these extreme economic times.

Senator Dan Swecker says, “A domestic partnership diverts rights and resources from a family to an unrelated adult. These include benefits for independent children, end of life decisions by older children for elderly parents and inheritance rights of all surviving family members, just to name a few.”

The homosexual community emphasizes the fact that they have biological children, yet no child is ever produced by a same-sex relationship. There is always an opposite sex partner involved and they can lose their rights as well.

Support natural marriage. REJECT SB 5688.

Homosexual rights, or equality, as they call it, are not equal to civil rights.

Homosexuality is not equal to ethnicity.

The gay movement has evolved. Historically, homosexual behavior was defined as an “act”. Sodomy. Later it was elevated to be a “condition”. Homosexuality. In recent years it has become “Gay”. An “Identity”.

There is no medical evidence to support the idea that people are born homosexual.

Homosexuality is not equal to ethnicity and must not be treated the same as civil rights. Homosexuals have the legal right to live as they choose, but must not be given the right to re-define marriage.

To treat homosexual union as marriage, with or without the name, —even in terms of rights and privileges, is to fake equality between two fundamentally unequal relationships.

SB 5688 is an attempt to deconstruct marriage as it has existed throughout all human history. This unique and exceptional relationship that connects a man and a woman genetically to a child, is the cornerstone of every successful society in history and is the master plan of the Creator. There is no other relationship that meets these criteria for marriage.

Only natural marriage provides generational sustainability.

Rejecting SB 5688 is not rejecting or hating individuals. It is not taking something from someone. It is rejecting their attempt to redefine and deconstruct marriage, normalize homosexuality and rewrite our children’s text books.

Representative Matt Shea has said, “At the founding of our country we made the conscious decision to promote marriage between one man and one woman above all other legal unions because of its inherent value to children and society. REJECTING  SB 5688 will help us preserve that decision for another generation.”

This is your time to speak. REJECT SB 5688.  Inform others.


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