Freedom Wins: The Primary Lesson from the Kavanaugh Victory

October 6, 2018 should go down in history as a “Day of Renewal” in the United States. It brings to mind the following Scripture that was used to commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 (actually July 2, but the press got it wrong):

“Proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants” (Leviticus 25:10). 

This particular verse is fittingly inscribed upon the Liberty Bell, enshrined near Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It speaks of the triumph of law, principle, truth, and victory over mobs and tyrants.

Justice Kavanaugh’s victory as the 114th justice of the United States declares the same.

Freedom wins.

What is the primary lesson from the Kavanaugh victory?

There are numerous truths that can be learned (or re-learned) from epic fight for Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Here are my top ten:

  • Choose highly qualified people whose temperament and principles can withstand the forces of hell itself.
  • The rule of law is worth fighting for (Thomas Jefferson – “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance”).
  • A person is innocent until proven guilty.
  • All guilt requires corroboration. (“One witness is not enough to convict anyone accused of any crime or offense they may have committed. A matter must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses” – Deuteronomy 19:15).
  • Women lie and men lie. Women tell the truth and men tell the truth.
  • Never believe the gender or words–believe the evidence.
  • Some people are good liars and others are poor truth tellers. Never convict by style–just substance.
  • Senators should advise and consent on presidential nominees–not seek and destroy.
  • If court nominees are qualified people of character, they should be approved regardless of their judicial philosophy (i.e the Republicans accepted Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan under Democratic presidents).
  • Elections have consequences.

I’m sure there are many more lessons than listed here.

On the culture-war side of things stands the primary lesson that the American public must take away from the Kavanaugh confirmation process:

Secular Progressive rejection of morality (our Judeo-Christian heritage) threatens the fabric and future of America. Our freedom is at stake if we fail to realize who and what we are fighting.

The time to grasp that lesson is now–as we head into the mid-term elections.

SP radicalism, emanating from various elite groups, the Democrat Party and the mainstream media, threatens the very essence of Americanism. What makes the United States exceptional in world history is our social and political founding on biblical ideas of freedom, justice, due process, morality–and many other qualities that emanate from the Ten Commandments and our commitment to “In God We Trust.”

Good laws create the “playing field” where free lives operate.  Without this foundation in law (laid out in our equally exceptional Constitution), including innocence until proven guilty, due process, multiple witnesses, truth-telling under oath, the right to a jury trial and many other safeguards, nations devolve into mob hysteria  (think the French Revolution) or rule by tyrants (the USSR or present day North Korea).

Without moral character and its positive restraints, a nation’s playing field of civil polity is ripe for picking by demonic powers, anarchists, mobsters, and dunderheads.

We witnessed all of these manifestations of evil during the Kavanaugh donnybrook:

The “satanic face,” which has been masked in our nation for centuries by godly character and self-control (most of the time), came peeling back during and after the confirmation hearings–egged on by the press and their fellow travelers.

We saw the face of sin in all its ugliness. Evil can reveal its true colors when the moral foundation in law is being chipped away. And in America right now, public and private morality is being jack-hammered into oblivion.

Author, commentator, and symphony conductor, Dennis Prager wrote an article recently on America losing its moral underpinnings:

“Today, we watch leftist mobs scream profanities at professors and deans, and shut down conservative and pro-Israel speakers at colleges.”

“Conservatives don’t do these things. They don’t close highways, yell obscenities at left-wing politicians, work to ban left-wing speakers at colleges, smash the windows of businesses, etc.”

“Why do leftists feel entitled do all these things? Because they have thoroughly rejected middle-class, bourgeois, and Judeo-Christian religious values.”

“Leftists are the only source of their values. Leftists not only believe they know what is right—conservatives, too, believe they are right—but they also believe they are morally superior to all others. Leftists are Ubermenschen—people on such a high moral plane that they do not consider themselves bound by the normal conventions of civics and decency. Leftists don’t need such guidelines; only the non-left—the “deplorables”—need them.”

Ubermenschen was a term coined by German philosophy Friedrich Nietzsche in 1883 to describe a race of people who “progress” beyond the moral restraints and subsequent freedoms of biblical concepts and ideas. The word literally means “Over-man” or “Super-man” and includes belief in a superior human who can rise beyond conventional (biblical) morality to create and impose their own values.

The angry, deranged Nietzsche developed this idea for young atheists to practice because “God is Dead.” The first horrible outworking of Ubermenschen? The Bolsheviks of the 1920’s and Nazis of the 1930’s.

Today’s secular progressives are their 21st century counterparts, springing up in various parts of the Western world.

Gary Randall describes a recent example of SP bullying:

“You recall the attack on Vice President Pence because of his deeply held Christian, biblical beliefs? He was openly mocked on ABC’s ‘The View,’ late-night television and even in the so-called news media.”

“Hollywood celebrities were claiming Pence would be ‘worse than Trump’ because he would seek to impose his values on our country. You can understand why the Left hates a man like Pence—and everyone else who refuses to join the secular, humanistic march. Judeo-Christian values is the heart of the ethics and values that ‘Ubermenschen’ seeks to destroy.”

“For the moment, thank God for the victory. But be prepared to continue to stand strong in the faith. The ‘Ubermensch’ will continue to scream and rage its way through the coming days and weeks and years.”

Bill O-Reilly, former host of the “Factor” on Fox News–which dominated cable television news for fifteen years–was himself drummed off the air by the lying tactics of secular progressive zealots. He regrouped and started the “No Spin News” a thirty minute, no commercial, straight-as-they-come internet news broadcast.

NSN is now my favorite source of common sense, Judeo-Christian-based news analysis (Bill calls it “traditional”). You can sign up by becoming a premium member at

Interestingly, Bill O’Reilly and I came to the same conclusion last week. He told his audience that though he’d been an “independent” for many years and voted for both Democrat and Republican problem solvers, he could no longer vote for Democratic candidates because of the take-over of the party by secular progressives.

I came to the same agonizing conclusion that same week.

I state again the primary lesson coming out of the Brett Kavanaugh battle:

Secular Progressive rejection of morality (our Judeo-Christian heritage) threatens the fabric and future of America. Our freedom is at stake if we fail to realize who and what we are fighting.

We must win this battle for the hearts of minds of the American public and at the ballot box (the governing instrument of a free people). We must vote down evil in the mid-terms (next month) and thereafter. If we rise to that challenge, the Kavanaugh “contest for the culture” will have been worthwhile.

Secular progressivism is a hurtful ideology that must be DEFEATED through prayer, spiritual renewal, and civic revival.

If we persevere faithfully, freedom wins.

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