E-mail Across the Pond About America

I received an email this week from a British friend I’ve known for over forty years. We have worked together on three continents. He is a fine leader and great thinker–though more liberal on some issues.

Because of the media’s near-monopoly on “truth” these days he did not believe his own British sources and wanted my perspective.

Here is what I told him about America.

Email Across the Pond About America

I’m in a very busy period, Old Bean (my British nickname for my friend), but I’d like to get off some thoughts to you because I greatly value our friendship and respect you immensely.

Let me give my perspective on what’s happening in America. You will never be told this is the British press.

Yes, I understand the difference between classical liberalism which I respect and secular progressivism (coupled with socialism) which has taken over the Democratic Party in the USA. I rarely use “liberal” anymore as that would demean the word. The “new liberals” are atheist in theology, statist in political philosophy and socialist in economics.

For the sake of this email, I’ll call that side of the political aisle SP’s (Secular Progressives).

In the clearest context, I believe the battle we face in America and the Western World is a battle of worldviews. I agree with Francis Shaeffer’s writings on this subject and especially his analysis in Christian Manifesto (1981). His main point is that we are not dealing with just a few issues of difference but two completely opposite views of reality.

I couldn’t agree more.

My sixth book–River of God: Where Religion Began and Why Grace and Love Will Triumphconcludes the same. It was the culmination of forty years in global missions and my doctoral dissertation in 2012. I postulated there are only five views of God–thus five worldviews in tension around the world. All world religions fall under one of the five.

Chapter Eleven refers to the worldview “Battles” taking place in different parts of the globe. In the Western World, I believe that secularism (atheism) and biblical faith–as total worldviews–are engaged in a struggle for supremacy. Secularists are trying to tear down the 230-year foundations of Judeo-Christian principles. One side will win the present tussle and the other will lose. This is the lens through which I interpret Donald Trump, the political strife in our nation, and what is coming in the future.

As you know, the United States was founded on biblical principles unique to human history (outside of ancient Israel). As I wrote in a recent blog, our Pilgrim ancestors (Brits!) gave the greatest impetus to American society through their faith and civil polity. It stands beautifully inscribed in the “Monument to the Forefathers” in Plymouth, MA which contains five pillars. The largest is Faith. The four beneath it are Morality, Law, Education and Liberty.

Though imperfect (all nations are), America became a great nation socially, economically, militarily and in global missions in the 19th and 20th centuries–taking the cultural baton from Great Britain. Our exceptionalism was rooted in biblical truths. In the 20th century, that base began to erode in churches, schools, government, and the general culture. In the 21st century, these trends have brought America to the brink of cultural collapse.

The Church is most responsible for this decline through turning out the renewing “lights” of evangelism, discipleship, conscience, and the cultural mandate.

Cultural change in a 330-million-person nation takes time. But the presidency of Barack Obama greatly accelerated it. President Obama was clearly SP in political philosophy and led our nation into moral, economic, military, and international decline contrary to our biblical foundations. He brought America to the tipping point of devolving into a secular society. Hillary Clinton’s presidency was the hoped-for capstone of the SP triumph.

But Clinton campaigned poorly and ignited a huge groundswell among Christians and traditional folks who saw the threat of “losing America.” They rose in mass in 2016 and prevented her coronation.

Donald Trump was not my first choice for president–for obvious reasons. Every Christian leader I respect says the same thing. But amazingly–even providentially–he triumphed over twenty Republican contenders and defeated Mrs. Clinton. Like Reagan before him, he appointed outstanding people into his government and began to restore many faith-based traditions in America that were under assault.

For four years, he legislated more righteously than any president of my lifetime–including Reagan. I’m talking about policies (not personality and tweets). I voted for him in 2016 and 2020 because of his worldview–and would do it again. Like many others, I believe he was the only man in America in 2016 with the strength to stand up to the American Axis of Evil (AAE) which is a quasi-unity between the secular media, Democratic Party, and Deep State bureaucrats from both parties. They are the “machine” we now fight on the political battlefield.

The AAE (backed from hell) was so angered by Trump’s triumph in 2016 which stopped the ascendancy of secular humanism in our nation that they spent the next four years trying to destroy his presidency. They used lies, conspiracy theories, impeachment, and suppressing knowledge of his accomplishments (economic growth, border security, defeating Isis, religious liberty, Middle East peace agreements etc.).

It was a four-year hissy fit because they had temporarily lost their worldview momentum. Trump had to tweet daily to 100 million Americans because the AAE ignored virtually everything good he said and did. (I wish the tweets were more elegant, but Trump is a fighter by nature). 

I believe Donald Trump won the American election in 2020 after millions of citizens prayed and went to the polls. But it was stolen by the Democratic machine in 5-6 battleground states, installing Joe Biden who will ultimately give way to Kamala Harris (the number one rated SP in the US Senate). Biden will probably prevail as president-elect due to deception. America will then trudge again down the road to secularism, socialism, shrinking stature, globalism, increased persecution of Christians and other evils.

Donald Trump will not concede. He will fight the corrupt election results and could birth a new American political revolution in 2024.

But only a God-sent revival of truth can save us now. 

You will notice that in your (U.K.) article not one positive thing is said about President Trump (same as the US media reporting 90% negative on him for four years). Every reference to Barack Obama and Joe Biden is positive because they fit the SP agenda. The magazine blames Trump for divisions in our nation. But Barack Obama was the greater race and morals divider while the media fawned over him. 

The SP’s ultimately push globalism–what we call a “One World Government.” All the British magazine’s accolades about “unity” and “coming together” and “joining the world community” are Orwellian doublespeak for world-wide secular tyranny. It will be either a bad one or the last one.

Believers in America are fighting this evil with all our hearts. 

That remains my perspective. It would take a book to share the details.

To summarize, I see the “division” in America between two totally opposite worldviews: biblical faith which is our 230-year heritage and secularism tyranny. We are divided right down the middle between these two constructs of reality.

In our lifetime, either biblical faith will be renewed, or secularism will triumph and make us slaves. 
I am committed to “occupying until Christ’s comes.”  I know you will do the same. May King Jesus lead us forward.

Your affectionate Old Tulip,



  1. Ron Boehme on December 9, 2020 at 5:31 pm

    Appreciate you both very much. Above all the earthly slime–Christ is born!

    Have a wonderful Christmas celebrating Him.

  2. Vivian Batjes on December 9, 2020 at 5:00 am

    Hi Ron…..Oh, so well put!! Will be sharing this with Jason and Maylene.

    Thanks for continuing to use your pen and gift to write so clearly and pointedly. Pete and I continue to stand and pray President Trump will prevail for the next four years in the Presidency.

    Blessings….Merry Christmas.


  3. Derrel Emmerson on December 9, 2020 at 3:48 am

    Ron, I believe that Biden is a victim of users who know he will not last the run. Kamala will be tossed aside, also, after she has served their purposes. I even suspect that when Biden fades and Kamala fails the issue of a third term for Obama , or another demagogue may be raised again voiding the policy since Roosevelt of not having presidents serve more than two terms. These two are shills and do not know it. We will see. This one thing I do know….spiritual awakenings come at times like this.

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