Code Words of Destruction

Today as we prayerfully remember the unspeakable tragedy of 9-11, I am reminded that one of the strategies of the satanic world is get human beings to use words in manipulative ways to cover up the reality of destruction.

As the doomed planes were bearing down on Twin Towers in New York, the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., and the ground near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, the hijackers purportedly shouted out “Allahu Akbar” (God is Great).

These words sounded lofty and good, but they really meant “You are about to die!”

This deceptive demonic strategy continues in many forms. Especially during this political season, we must ask God for discernment when we hear certain “words.” To the casual ear they may sound helpful and right.

But they are really code words for destruction.

Of course, the tactic of saying one thing while meaning another goes all the way back to the beginning of time.

The serpent in the Garden of Eden used a clever verbal smokescreen to deceive Adam & Eve. He deliberately lied to them, saying, “Did God actually say ‘You shall not eat of any tree in the garden?’ and then assured them that if they did eat of the fruit, “You will not surely die” (Genesis 3:1,4).

It was a lie. When they disobeyed, they immediately experienced “death” (spiritual separation from God), and eventually that led to physical death which was a consequence of their transgression.

They had been fooled by words that sounded right and pleasant. They had failed to comprehend their true meaning. Thus the words were simply code words for their own destruction.

There are many code words in the current political debate. I will highlight a few of them and pray that God would lift the veil from many eyes.


This word was heard scores of times at a recent political convention. Many speakers, most of them women, applauded the concept of “choice” as “reproductive freedom,” “a woman’s right to choose” and many other positive spins.

Of course, the word “choice” is a decent word in itself. God uses it frequently in the Scriptures. In Deuteronomy 30:19, he tells us, “Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. Now I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Oh, that you would choose life, so that you and your descendants might live!”

So God believes in choice. But, of course, in the Deuteronomy passage, the choice is “life.”

In a recent political convention it was exactly the opposite.

It’s amazing to me how “choice” has become some kind of virtuous code word for abortion. We believe in “choice, choice, choice” as if there’s something noble in choosing itself. However, there’s no morality in the idea of choice. The morality comes over what you choose.

So what are the feminists celebrating when they champion choice? I’m a straightforward guy and like to ask simple questions. What are they choosing? The honest answer is “I’m choosing an abortion.” Going a little further, with greater honesty, we might ask, “What actually happens in the choice to abort?” The truthful answer is, “I kill my baby.”

So choice is really death. I’m choosing to kill my own child (for a variety of personal reasons).

Here’s the bottom line of the abortion debate: You’re either pro-life (letting your child be born and live) or you’re pro-death (willing to kill your own offspring for almost any reason). That’s the true way to frame the argument. You are not pro-choice–which is a verbal hoax. You are pro-killing innocent babies.

Remember that the next time you hear the “choice” mantra.

Choice is a code word for destroying defenseless human beings.


This is a word that is also being used extensively today, and the discussion will continue because it is a huge problem in United States and the Western world. We have been taught by our governments that we are “entitled” to certain monies for Social Security, Medicare, disabilities, food stamps, or other government benefits.

Another way of stating this is that you “deserve” something from the state.

Some of this is proper. In the case of Social Security, most people have contributed to a fund where, if the government was honest, the money should have been invested, caused a good return, and should be given back to the worker in their latter years of life.

So, for example, if you paid $200,000 in SS taxes over a lifetime, and it was invested properly, then you deserve to receive that amount plus interest when you retire.

But it is mostly a charade, and at the least, an abysmally-run program. The money you gave to the government was never invested, and it didn’t create a return. Besides, Social Security was designed to help people who retired at age 65 and died around age 71–not for people are living into their eighties and nineties.

So this poorly managed Ponzi scheme is forcing the younger generations to pay for the unrealistic promises that were made to the greatest generation. But there are not enough workers to do so, and the program is growing broke.

And we are building our “new society” on this kind of reasoning. In truth, the only thing that human beings are entitled to is to be separated from God because of our sins. That’s what we really deserve--not money and benefits for life.

Some human entitlements are appropriate. Many are not. Overall, the code word of “entitled” does three things to a society: It destroys human dignity, it kills personal incentive, and if it is not changed and re-defined, it destroys government budgets. Think Europe–and next–the United States.


This has probably been the most satanically-manipulated word of all time. One example is the teenager who says he “loves” his girfriend as a prelude to asking her for sex. In this case, love is simply raging hormones that want to be satisfied by lust.

In the current cultural climate the most common mis-use of the word “love” relates to the secular promotion of homosexual marriage. This tactic was in full force at the recent political convention–even by the president of  the United States. He and others boldly stated: “You should be able to marry who you love.”

Sounds so good–but is really so bad. Humans beings have learned from revelation and experience over five thousand years that children need a mom and dad, and that having sex with “whoever you love” destroys the gene pool (incest), tears apart families (adultery), brings hurt and disease to singles (fornication), causes gender confusion (homosexuality), and brings man down to the level of animals (bestiality).

You can “love” anyone you want–but you can’t or shouldn’t have sex with them. The sexual prohibitions are there to help people not hurt them. Love is truly defined as “doing what’s best for another person from God’s perspective.” So the consummation of sexual love should only be between a married man and woman who can create children and protect and nurture them via their union.

The modern code word of “love” will further destroy the family–and many individuals along the way.

Investing -Fairness

Two other code words being thrown around in the political arena are the words “investing” in the future and being “fair” when it comes to taxes.

I think you get the political hoax of “investing.” It’s a clever political term for raising your taxes. Sounds like you’re loaning your money to the government and will get a return for it. No, they just want to tax you more for their own purposes. Because governments face no competition and easily become bloated, they are very poor at investing money, but very good spending and wasting it.

Hence the need for smaller government–not more “investments in the future.”

Tax “fairness” is the other word game. We are told endlessly by somethat the rich don’t pay their fair share in taxes and that they should pay more. And more. And more.

However, tells us that the top 5% in America pay 57% of all federal income taxes, the wealthiest 25% pay 86% of the same, and 49% of Americans pay none at all.

Does that seem fair? It’s more than fair. “Taxing the rich” is simply a class warfare mechanism to grow the size of government.

“Investing” and being “fair” are modern-day code words for growing tyranny and destroying jobs.


President Obama is using the word “Forward” as the overarching slogan of his 2012 campaign. the word implies progress, goodness, prosperity, moving in the correct direction.

But I submit to you that this slogan is also a code word of the 2012 election cycle. In 2012, taking further steps in the current direction will take us off a social and economic cliff from which there may be no return.

The following video called “Words Matter” is quite an eye-opener.

My friends in America and the Western world: Don’t be fooled by the code words of destruction.

Listen carefully.

Search for the real meaning.

And discern and live for the truth in every area of your life.




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