A Week To Change Our World

I don’t usually combine topics, but this week is a doozy. I am constrained to tie together a number of events that will hit our nation and world in some pretty momentous ways.

First of all, a friend of mine reminded me that fifty years ago this week Madalyn Murray O’Hair was successful in getting voluntary prayer banned in the  public schools. Many people believe that decision launched us into a cultural death spiral in which we’re getting very close to crashing into the ground.

Didn’t help Ms. O’Hair much either. She ended up being kidnapped and murdered by one of her atheist buddies. Her body was found on a Texas farm in 2001, cut up in pieces with a saw, and dumped in a barrel.

Sometimes you reap what you sow on earth–let alone before God.

This week some human justice is also going to be meted out that may affect the future trajectory of the United States. Because of a deadline, I have to jump the gun and announce that Obamacare is going down, Eric Holder will be found in contempt of Congress, the lawlessness of the Obama administration has reached new heights, and, in world news, Egypt has voted for terrorism.

Is this a week that will change our world?


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act–more simply known as Obamacare–was a 2700 page boondoggle that a Democratically controlled House and Senate forced on the American nation in March of 2010. It was the biggest federal power grab in the history of the United States, bringing the federal government into regulating nearly one-sixth of the American economy.

Of course, it was intended to be a necessary first step toward a one-payer (government) monopoly on health care that would eventually put private insurance out of business and allow the federal government to control American lives from cradle to the grave. Liberals believe it is necessary and compassionate. Wiser minds understand that it spanks of tyranny and will lead to higher costs, gross corruption, rationed care and ultimately, national bankruptcy (look across the Atlantic).

Though many people in America have been tempted by the lure of “free health care,” the polls have consistently shown that a majority of US citizens opposed Obamacare two years ago and still oppose it today.

That will be a mute point on Thursday. I predict that the US Supreme Court will strike down the entire bill–dealing a stinging rebuke to Barack Obama’s signature issue. The constitutional-attorney-president is going to find out that he didn’t learn the ABC’s of freedom at Harvard. The American Constitution (Commerce Clause) does not allow the government to force us to buy anything, not cars, not insurance, and according to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, not even broccoli.

Obamacare is toast, and probably so is Barack Obama. This week will be his worst week in a string of bad weeks that are making clear to the American nation that he is not up to the job. This is the beginning of the end of the Obama reign.

It also needs to be the beginning of the real health care reform in which we go back to a one-payer system that places the patient in control of his health insurance in direct relationship to his or her doctor, eliminates all the unnecessary mandates, allows portability and competition across state lines, and drives costs down through rubust market competition.

Even if the Court only strikes down the individual mandate, Obamacare is history. May our next batch of leaders take us into wise and constitutional health care renewal.


Also on Thursday, The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote that Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. be held in contempt of Congress for stone-walling the “Fast and Furious” botched gun-running operation. In this ill-advised program, border agent Brian Terry was killed by a gun sold to Mexican cartel operators. Since that time, Holder has testified nine times before Congress, but has refused to come clean on the details nor hold anyone responsible for the tragedy.

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) said Sunday that the vote could still be postponed or scrapped if Holder and Justice Department officials present congressional investigators with documents related to a probe into Operation “Fast and Furious.

If the House votes to hold him in contempt, Holder would be the first U.S. attorney general in history held in contempt of Congress–another major embarrassment for the president and his close friend. The matter would then be referred to the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia — a Justice Department employee and Obama administration appointee — who would have to decide whether to bring criminal charges against the attorney general, and/or his boss.

This cover-up is actually more important than Watergate. It isn’t just a bungled burglary. It was a botched gun smuggling program that killed at least one American agent and probably hundreds of Mexican citizens.


This week the Supreme Court also gave out a mixed ruling on illegal immigration in Arizona. It struck down three provisions that they said intruded on federal responsibilities. But it affirmed the most controversial part of the law which allows local police to check the immigration status of anyone suspected of a violation or crime.

Ultimately, the Supremes kicked the can back into Congress’ court where comprehensive immigration reform is still desperately needed. Again, maybe a new set of leaders next year will finally settle the simmering issue of a porous border, twelve million illegals among us, and America’s commitment to accepting immigrants from the world (more than any other nation) and caring for the strangers among us.

Yet, following the decision to allow police to check papers of suspected illegals, the Obama administration extended its spree of lawlessness by promptly saying it would not respond the the calls of local police to Homeland Security–unless the illegal was a convict!  In other words, they still want the Hispanic votes of most illegals and will only enforce the law when they want to.

The spirit of lawlessness.

It’s an epidemic–for political reasons–in this Administration. The rule of law is being sytematically replaced by the rule of men–the very reason we fought for American Independence.

In fact, it goes a step further. In their response to not getting their complete way on the immigration ruling, the Obama Administration said it would use the local police phone calls to the Feds to determine if the local police are being discriminatory!

When crybabies don’t get their way, they not only take their ball and go home–they bring back a lawyer to accuse you of bullying.

The current Administration is increasingly dissing the other branches of government in most of their policy making, including immigration. President Obama’s previous decision to exempt young illegals (16-30 years of age) from the threat of deportation—without a law made by Congress—drew this response from Justice Antonin Scalia in his dissent in the Arizona decision:

“To say, as the Court does, that Arizona contradicts federal law by enforcing immigration law that the president declines to enforce boggles the mind,” Scalia said.


And finally, this week also saw Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood declared the new president of Egypt by a 51-49 vote.

What’s so had about that? It’s democracy in action, isn’t it?

There are two problems. First, democracy is usually better than tyranny, but without the restraints of law (a biblically-based Constitutional Republic), democratically chosen leaders (such as Adolph Hitler) can dupe the masses and rise to power and create misery for the people.

Mohammed Morsi is an Islamicist–a terrorist. He comes from an organization committed to annihilating the Jews and even setting up their capital in Jerusalem. There is no question that the ultimate agenda of a Muslim Brotherhood run-Egypt will be a drip-feed instigation of sharia law over Egyptian society.

So the noose is tightening around the land of Israel.

We have entered a new phase in human history. A lawless spirit rules in America, though the possibility for renewal has been re-kindled. And near the birth of civilization, the so-called Arab Spring appears to be giving birth to a wintry relgious tyranny–by the vote of the unsuspecting masses.

We need to increase our prayers.

It is a week to change our world.



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