The Economic Blessings of Faith

All throughout Easter week I thought on the amazing blessings that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ brought to the world. The forgiveness Christ offers, the power that comes from His Holy Spirit, and the fruits that He produces in human lives are of inestimable value to the human race.

In the same way, his followers have greatly changed and improved the planet by taking His teachings to the nations. One of the unique aspects of the United States in particular is its founding on the biblical principles of Jesus in family life, government, and even the economic sphere.

Not long ago, some major studies came out that detailed the economic blessings of faith in America.

What they found out might surprise you.

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Why the Resurrection Matters

I have believed for many years that the most important week in world history is Holy Week--the seven day period when Jesus of Nazareth arrived to fanfare in Jerusalem, died on a Roman cross of torture, and three days later was raised to life.

Of those seven days, Good Friday stands as the centerpiece--the day God substituted the death of His own Son in the place of humanity's sin to bring forgiveness to all who believe. Good Friday was a day of atonement--a "covering" of our rebellion by the agonizing love of God.

Recently I've been thinking more about the Resurrection. It wasn't the day of redemption. It didn't have anything to do forgiving our sins.

But the Resurrection matters.


Here's why.

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