Quote of the Week

"The Hawaii judge never interpreted the Constitution, he re-wrote it, usurping to himself the sole power to control borders. The judge dishonored the rule of law in his order and disrespected our legal traditions...declaring himself king and executioner...Meet the new left's America: foreigners first, Muslims preferred, law last, elections irrelevant."

Robert Barnes, Constitutional attorney



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Is America First a Good Idea?

There's a lot happening in the U.S. this week with the Neil Gorsuch hearing, the historic vote on repealing Obamacare, and the London terrorist attack.

I've been thinking for quite some time about Donald Trump's theme of "America First." Is it a right focus for a nation to pursue?  Or is it selfish, narrow, or even arrogant in its perspective?

What does God think about America First?

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The Most Influential "Bad Hombre" in the World?

I was tempted to call this "The Most Influential Evil Person in the World" but thought that headline might raise a few eyebrows. I decided to use the phrase that Donald Trump made popular this past year:

Bad Hombre or "Bad Man."

I've been meditating recently on movements of evil in the world i.e. what is anti-God, destructive, and motivated by the satanic realm. The question was "What single person on earth is influencing the greatest amount of evil on the planet?

You might be surprised by my answer--and even more by what I want you to do.

I believe the most influential bad hombre in the world today is...

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