Yes, Virginia, There's a Deep State. In Fact, There Are Two.

Our local newspaper runs an annual editorial at Christmastime called "Yes, Virginia, There's a Santa Claus." Its point is that some things that are invisible can be true none-the-less.

Last November, when Donald Trump was elected president of the United States against all odds and poll numbers, I modified the headline to "Yes, Virginia, There is a God"--to again prove that things unseen can have a hand in events on earth.

Now it's time to borrow the phrase once more:

Yes, Virginia, There is a Deep State. In Fact, There are Two.

You can't understand what's going on in America right now without getting this. 

Here's why.

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The Wisdom of Profiling--And Why We All Do It.

It appears that the dark days of anti-police sentiment is on the decline in the United States.The current Administration believes strongly in Law & Order and supports those who fight crime and defend our shores. 

Because of this commitment to enforce our borders, a renewed pledge to fight crime in our cities and neighborhoods, and a refreshing willingness to push back evil around the world, common sense is once again making a comeback in America. 
These types of social renewals are usually based on God-given truths and simple ideas. One of them making a comeback is the simple tool of police profiling.
It's right, makes sense, and saves time and lives. 

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