Unconventional Messengers of Grace and Truth

I voted for Donald Trump. But I was not a big fan when he first ran for president. I didn't like the loose tongue, three marriages and playboy past. I also had negative impressions of his wife Melania due to her many seductive photos on the Internet and super model past.

Both of my attitudes have changed--over time and after last weekend. 

On Saturday, February 18, I tearfully watched Melania Trump do something that Franklin Graham says has never been done before by any First Lady in US history. Then I listened to Donald Trump's speech in Melbourne, Florida from beginning to end.

Both of them might be unconventional messengers of grace and truth.

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The Patriots versus the Vultures in Super Brawl 17

If I was to use a phrase to describe the alt-secular-left reaction to the new Trump Administration, I would use the term hissy fit.

I think you know what I mean from the protests, foul language, character assassinations, and outright hysteria over President Trump.

Here's the dictionary definition: noun: hissy fit - an angry outburst or tantrum.  synonyms:  temper tantrum, tantrum, angry outburst, fit of temper, paroxysm of rage, histrionics. 

Sounds familiar. What's really happening in America right now? 

Here's a good analogy--it's the Patriots versus the Vultures in Super Brawl 17.

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