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“We will all die one day. That is one of the few things we can be sure of. But will we die well? That is less certain. Dying well means dying for others, making our lives fruitful for those we leave behind. The big question, therefore, is not ‘What can I still do in the years I have left to live?’ but ‘how can I prepare myself for my death so that my life can continue to bear fruit in the generations that will follow me?

Henry Nouwen



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Why Free Speech Was Praised in the 60s and is Being Suppressed Today

The last couple of years I've done some adjunct teaching at Faith International University in Tacoma, Washington. Faith Seminary is the graduate division of the school and is the only biblically-based seminary in the state of Washington.

FIU is growing by leaps and bounds as are many other Christ-oriented schools across America. In fact, yesterday, we joined some 1000 campuses in America who have birthed prayer rooms on their campuses. Many call them "Furnaces"--where faculty and students can fire up their hearts for God.

That's greatly needed today because many colleges and universities have been taken over by secular humanism, and not only don't believe in prayer, but reject many aspects of truth including freedom of speech.

Say what?  No free speech on campus?

Free speech was praised in the 1960s. Why not today?

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The Power of Unity--for Good or for Evil

Many years ago, God convinced me about the importance of unity in the Body of Christ around the world. This came out of a time of meditation on John 17--the longest prayer of Jesus in the Bible.

From that moment, I committed myself to be a unifier of God's Church for the sake of world evangelism.

Two recent events confirmed to me the importance of unity as a means of great blessing. But there is also a devious application as well.

Unity is powerful--both for good and for evil.

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