Why the Press Hates Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin’s surprise announcement during the 4th of July weekend that she will step down as the governor of Alaska once again took the national media by storm. Her resignation, just two-and-a-half years into her first term, was greeted with the usual off-color jokes, over-the-top criticism, and elite scorn. As she had done both during and since the 2008 presidential campaign, her retreat into a “higher calling” took center stage over such notable stories as North Korea firing off seven ballistic missiles and the on-going saga of Michael Jackson’s death.

Our regional newspaper–The The Seattle Times–carried a large “Happy 4th of July” banner at the top of its masthead, and below in large letters their lead story declared “Palin Creates Political Stir with Sudden Resignation.” The article described her announcement as a “mostly rambling speech” and then went on to largely question the former vice-presidential candidate as being reckless and unconventional. The Times also “happened” to mention a recent Vanity Fair article that was critical of the governor. Their glee over the announcement and disrespect for Sarah Palin was clear.

My oh my, how perspectives can differ! My wife and I watched the entire Palin speech and were nearly in tears at the end. It was actually one of the most heart-felt political speeches we have ever heard:

  • It oozed sincerity and honesty–such a missing quality in most politicians.
  • She mentioned her faith numerous times, her principles, her policy perspectives, and each one brought a responding “yes” in our spirits.
  • Her decision made sense. She had already decided not to seek a second term and could have easily stayed around as a lame duck for the next eighteen months and taken junkets on the public dime and reveled in the power and position. But because of the unfair and relentless liberal attacks on her governance that was costing Alaskan tax-payers millions of dollars to defend, she had decided to do the right thing for the state of Alaska. How novel. How refreshing.

A couple of days later on her blog, she again stated her future goals: “I am now looking ahead and how we can advance this country together with our values of less government intervention, greater energy independence, stronger national security, and much-needed fiscal restraint.”

Yet, despite her explanations and candor, the press continued to question and ridicule her. That prompted this response from Governor Palin: “How sad that Washington and the media will never understand; it’s about country.. And though it’s honorable for countless others to leave their positions for a higher calling and without finishing a term, of course we know by now, for some reason a different standard applies for the decisions I make.”

How true. Sarah Palin is the most media-brutalized politician of my life-time. Only George W. Bush is comparatively close–but still a distant second. Barack Obama left halfway through his first term as US Senator to run for president without a peep from an adoring press. No criticism–no questions. Not Sarah Palin.

The press absolutely hate Sarah Palin. Why?

Before I answer that question, let’s review with honesty the unfairness of the 2008 campaign coverage against vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. How was she mistreated and mis-characterized? Just a few examples:

  • She was labeled “inexperienced”– even though she was the only candidate on either presidential ticket that had executive governing experience, both as a mayor and as a governor. Not a peep was said about Barack Obama being the most inexperienced candidate in the history of the United States.
  • She was labeled as lacking detailed policy knowledge — That’s true of every candidate that steps onto the national stage. She was an expert on energy policy but needed a crash course in foreign affairs. Barack Obama was experienced in nothing–and made numerous gaffes when away from his tele-prompter. Joe Biden was a gaffe-a-minute–with no outrage from the national media.
  • She “blew” the interviews with Katie Couric & Charlie Gibson – They weren’t her best moments, but both were rigged to trip her up. Totally unfair. Gotcha questions.  Barack Obama was given softballs for an entire year. Major media bias.
  • Criticizing her looks and ward-robe – What’s wrong with being pretty? Do we criticize Hollywood stars for their beauty–and the money they spend to have it artificially created? And the $150,000 clothes? Please. How come we never got a monetary figure for Hillary’s pant-suits or Michelle’s sleeveless dresses? Totally one-sided bias.
  • The tabloidization of her family – This was really low. Most families in presidential campaigns are off-limits–and for good reason. And to imply that her eighteen year old daughter’s getting pregnant out of wed-lock was a stain on her family values is to say that Jimmy Carter was responsible for Billy Carter. No–people, children, siblings, make their own choices–regardless of parental input. Everyone knows that–except the jaded national press.

Yet, despite the media machine that pummelled her daily, Sarah Plain drew bigger crowds in many cities than Barack Obama, and probably added three-to-five percentage points to John McCain’s losing campaign–an unheard of accomplishment for a VP nominee.

So why do the national press and political elite hate Sarah Palin?

It’s very simple. She’s a threat to their future power because:

1. She’s the wrong kind of woman – In the age of feminism, only liberal feminists are tolerated by a supportive press. Geraldine Ferraro was a media darling in 1984 and Hillary was the establishment choice in 2008. Barack Obama was embraced because he is a liberal African-American. Sarah Palin? “Why she even made the “horrific mistake” of having a Downs Syndrome baby. She didn’t abort Trig! The audacity of being pro-life!”

2. She has the wrong political philosophy. She’s a conservative on almost every issue. Gad zooks! That makes her non-enlightened, a red-neck nutcase, out of touch, terribly old-fashioned and worthy of late night TV ridicule and scorn.

3. She has the wrong kind of faith. She is a born-again Christian. “She’s one of those religious bigots.” There is a sinister move in this nation to label “all things Christian” as not only out-dated but in need of some hate speech laws.  This was the number one reason for trying to damage her. The “progressives” now in control of the media and academia are trying to stamp out the Christian foundations of this nation. Sarah Palin is the type of political leader that stands in the way of their plans.

4. She’s the wrong kind of American. She’s one of us–an average person who worked hard and rose to become mayor of a city and governor of a state. But she never forgot her origins. She shares simple American values of faith, family, hard work, personal responsibility, and freedom. She wasn’t educated at an Ivy League School or born into a weathy family. She’s a “little guy” who still acts and thinks that way. That puts her at odds with the liberal elite who really don’t care too much for the Average Janes among us.

Sarah Palin is the number one target of the liberal media and elite because she is the greatest threat to their dreams since Ronald Reagan in 1980. She has to be destroyed. The devil–the Destroyer–is very much in play here. So whenever you hear Sarah Palin being called a “Caribou  Barbie” or described as a “Slutty Flight Attendant” you can know you’re hearing a demonic echo.

In a few weeks she will step out of office into a new future–one she will have to craft herself. There will be no trappings of power around her, just her faith, family, principles and passion. Let’s pray for Sarah Palin that she will be is used by God to raise up many people like her in all the fifty America states. There’s great darkness on the immediate national horizon. We need, as Ronald Reagan used to say, a “new morning in America.”

Will Sarah Palin ever run for office again? I don’t know. But based on her past record, I know she’s going to do what’s right for America–regardless of what the media says.


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