The Tragic Tale of Lewd and Liar

Once upon a time there was a battle for Leadership in a republic that had once been filled with Light. The Light of Liberty was waning, and Lawlessness ascending. 

Out of the shadows emerged a contestant for the throne named Lewd. From the same twilight appeared his political combatant, Liar. 

Both were products of their time because truth was growing dim. One day, they hooked up in mortal combat for Leadership of the republic. 

This is the tragic tale of Lewd and Liar. 

Lewd and Liar were not produced in a vacuum, or were extremely different from their subjects–called the Little people. Here is the story of how they came to be. 

The republic of the two aspirants to the throne had been formed hundreds of years before by the sons and daughters of Liberty. They loved their Lord, Law and Liberty more than they loved themselves. They created a unique nation in history–a land filled with moral Light–and warned their future prodigy that the preservation of that Liberty was dependent upon their future vigilance. 

But, alas, over time, the sons and daughters of Liberty forgot their Light-bearing past and and began to pursue the Lawless ways of the nations around them. They started to follow another lord of the universe who had rebelled against the Light. 

His name was Lucifer–the father of Lies. 

The Liar followed Lucifer’s ways and lived by lies much of her life. She was born wealthy, married into ambition, and developed a hunger for power and prestige. The way to attain her dreams of Leadership was to fib her way to the top: 

  • to lie about her marriage and its brokenness.
  • to lie about her beliefs, positions, and identification with the Little people.
  • to lie about sexual liaisons, corrupt deals, missing e-mails and harassment of bimbos.
  • to lie about helping the Little people.
  • and to lie her way into making history. 

She married one worse than herself, a man named Most Lewd. He was more filthy than her opponent and he had previously come to the throne by using his charm and a string of false tales. Most Lewd not only had a filthy mouth, but a reprobate life that didn’t change over his lifetime.

When he first married Liar he was wildly unfaithful. While he occupied the throne of the republic, his lewdness entered into the very throne room. After leaving the kingdom, he continued his debauchery at his private residence in NY, on pleasure jaunts to Lewd Island with his friend Perversity, and even in his fifth floor apartment in Little Rock.

Most Lewd was the most sensually cunning of all the kings of the republic. Most Lewd broke Liar’s heart–but she continued to carry his name to pursue her own dreams.

Eventually Liar reached the pinnacle of her craft by becoming the leader of the Lying party. This party began well during the early days of the republic, but over centuries stopped believing the truth and practicing virtue. The Lying party now hideously believed:

  • That it was okay to kill its Littlest subjects in the womb. Ten of millions of them.
  • That sexual pleasure was king and marriage archaic and out-dated.
  • That it was better for the Little people to be dependent on the kingdom and not on themselves.
  • That they should control all aspects of Life because they knew better.

The Liar’s opponent, Lewd, was also born into wealth–much more so than Liar. He turned his millions into billions by selling things to the Little people–very successfully. (Liar made her millions by selling favors to international kings and other ambitious folks. Both became rich–one in the private world and the other on the public dole.)

Lewd also lived a perverse life for many years, even during some of his three marriages. Because he was well known and prosperous, his loose lips and lifestyle often made it into the news of the day–and got him into trouble.

Lewd burst into the public eye by changing from the Lying party to the Lousy party. The Lousy party had also once been faithful to the principles of light, but eventually began to enjoy status and privilege more than principle. By the time Lewd emerged on the scene, the Lousy party had become stupid, inept and intoxicated by its own flirtation with power.

In the jousting matches that led up to the final clash, the Lousy party fielded a number of champions with leadership, experience, character, and faith to possibly renew the the kingdom. But the Little people had been drawn to Lewd’s swagger and riches–and he had soundly vanquished his challengers.

(As for Liar’s preliminary jousts–only an aging Santa Claus/Robin Hood came close to winning that match by promising to give the Little people everything they wanted–for free!  He was eventually defeated by Liar’s cunning use of the party politburo and its endless offense of deceit.)

Liar also had another ally for the final battle–Liberal scribes, poets, actors and jesters of the day. They “kept the court of public opinion” by elevating the lies of the Liar and suppressing the remaining light that still dawned, though rather dimly, through the Lousy party. The “prince of the power of the air” controlled the air waves–so lies were more prevalent than truth.

The Little people were not without fault, though suppressed by the Lying Party and disappointed by the Lousy party. They had produced both contestants by participating in the same sins and by tolerating iniquity in their own lives. Lewdness was publicly acceptable because many people threw F-bombs around and engaged in locker room talk. Lying was du jour because many lived their lives by creating allusions about themselves.

Both Lewd and Liar were mirror images of the what many Little people had become. A lewd and lying culture was now rooting for champions in their own image.

But most responsible for the penetrating darkness threatening the republic were the spiritual ancestors of the sons and daughters of liberty. They had failed to cherish the light, increase its brightness, and pass on its liberating ways to succeeding generations.

The Light bearers had failed to be salt and light… and Lewd and Liar had emerged. 

Most of the remaining sons and daughters of Liberty would reluctantly vote for Lewd because the Lousy party still contained some elements of truth. But many wouldn’t vote at all, some were deceived by Liar, and Liar and her public minstrels held court over the majority of the Little people.

Just before the final jousting match between Lewd and Liar, it looked like Liar would win–and take the kingdom into abysmal darkness. But it was unwise to count out Lewd. He had the ability to produce a populist revolt that could overrun Liar–though that possibility was slim.

So what is the moral of the story?

Sons and daughters of Liberty: 

We must personally forsake all lewdness and lying and cry out to the only one that can save us.

He is the Lord of all–pure and truthful. He is the Lamb who takes away the sins of the whole world. Only those who are redeemed by his Love can bring that Light to the nations.

And live happily ever after.



  1. Alan Mumm on October 13, 2016 at 7:14 am

    Written like a Godly bard. So sad to see this nation in such straits.

  2. lea on October 13, 2016 at 12:50 am

    I think I would rather 'trust' more the true lewd person than the liar in their lewdness!

    Of course, never more than the One who is true and pure!

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