The Real War on Women

War has been with us as long as city/states have existed. Human beings fight because fallen people are selfish and like to conquer others.

Behind human wars is a satanic war mentioned in the Bible in Ephesians 6:12. Paul explains: “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

Recently, another kind of war has entered American politics called “The War on Women.” Progressive politicians have used this phrase in the past two election cycles to make it appear that conservatives and people of faith hate women and are trying to suppress them.

That’s not true–just like the promises of the Affordable Care Act (which is quickly becoming history’s most famous oxymoron).

Let’s discuss the real war on women taking place in America and around the world.

First, we must be clear that the so-called “War on Women” that Sandra Fluke and the 2012 Democratic Convention made famous is a crock that was cooked up to win votes.

Here are the facts: American single women tend to vote for liberal causes and American married women vote for conservative ones. This is understandable. In today’s world, single women are more dependent on government and more self-oriented in their lifestyles. Married women, with husbands and children in tow, possess greater family support and have learned through experience that life is not about them.

So, there is no “war” on American women in general. Single women lean left and married women lean right.  Let’s get rid of the nonsense of an overarching “War on Women.”

But worldwide, and inspired by the satanic realm, there is a very real war against the female gender. This is the true war on women that we ought to be praying and fighting against.

I will list, in order of severity, the real war on women that we must engage and win.

1. The Abortion War

Modern-day abortion is, by far, the world’s greatest holocaust. In the past forty years, it is estimated that 27.5 million female unborn babies have been killed in the United States–never to see the light of day. That’s like systematically killing all the residents of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, and Austin, Texas–the nation’s eleven largest cities.

Imagine the “fearfully and wonderfully made” women lost to American society whose beauty, creativity, mothering abilities and vocational gifts were lost to eternity on the pro-death altar of the sexual revolution.

And that’s just America. Possibly a half-a-billion to one billion women have been killed through the carnage of abortion worldwide. That’s like dropping atomic bombs on the entire continent of Africa and killing every single living person.

Abortion is the real war against women–and, of course, it includes an equal amount of men.

2. The Islamic War

There are about 50 Muslim nations in the world containing 2.3 billion followers of Islam. Let’s assume that 1.2 billion people in these nations are women, and that half of those women live in suppressive Muslim states (The Middle East and North Africa in particular).

So, today, in the modern world, at least a half a billion Muslim women live in subservient slavery where they are treated as property and sexual objects.  That is the true state of Muslim women who live under the teachings of the Koran.

We might be able to excuse this type of authoritarianism if we read about it during the time of the Dark Ages or maybe fifteen hundred years ago when Islam began.

But in 2014?  A half a billion Muslim women cover themselves from head-to-foot, are not allowed outside by themselves, do not go to school, are not allowed to drive, and are treated as a piece of meat by their husbands?  In our time period?

This is shocking even to contemplate because the Western world has been blessed by the Christian worldview which gives equality of value of women and has liberated billions of women worldwide.

But not in Islam. Women are still in chains. Where is the outcry? Where is the tear-stained scream for justice and civil rights for the women living in oppressive Muslim states?

3. The Sex-Trafficking War

The U.S. State Department estimates that between 600,000 and 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders each year. Eighty percent of those trafficked are women and girls, mostly for sexual exploitation. These figures overlook the millions more victims who are trafficked annually within their own national borders.

So, let’s say conservatively, that at least 480,000 women–really young girls–are used as sexual slaves for lusting men in the international arena each year. That’s equivalent to the entire city of Seattle being forced into prostitution. Those figures do not take into account the sexual slavery taking place within domestic borders.

Whichever figure you choose, the outcome is the same — far more women and girls are forced into brothels annually in the  21st century than African slaves were shipped into slave plantations each year in the 18th century.

Sex slavery is bigger today than racial slavery in the past. And the problem of sex slavery is getting worse. Trafficking for sexual exploitation is one of the fastest-growing organized crimes, generating $27.8 billion each yearmost of it involving the abuse of women.

Sex-trafficking is certainly a satanic tactic to to hurt and destroy women.

4. The Inflation War

You may have never thought of this, but current American monetary policy is also a war on the female gender.

If you go back two generations, you find that a majority of women in American preferred spending most of their lives as wives and mothers who believed the greatest vocation was the care and nurturing of the family unit. Those generations were indeed blessed by the godly women who were not forced into the work world to provide for their families.

I grew up in the world of stay-at-home moms. My maternal mother was one. My mother-in-law was another. My wife also preferred to be a stay-at-home mom who tended the family fires and even home-schooled her six children.

The strength of America was built upon this foundation of many generations of stay-at-home mothering.

This changed when a Republican president, Richard Nixon, took America off of the gold standard in 1972. Then both Republican and Democratic administrations carelessly inflated the money supply for the next forty years. This caused the price of everything to rise–forcing many women into the work world where two incomes were required to pay the rising bills.

Most of us have never thought about the sudden emergence of two-income homes because it’s all we’ve ever known. Dad works and mom works (whether she wants to or not). But this is a recent phenomenon. Fifty years ago, only 7% of married women worked outside the home. Today, the number has “forcibly” risen to nearly 60%.

According to one study, about half (51%) of respondents say that children are better off if a mother is home and doesn’t hold a job. Nearly three-quarters of adults (74%) say the increasing number of women working for pay has made it harder for parents to raise children, and half say that it has made marriages harder to succeed.

Wrong-headed inflationary policies are another form of war on women in America.

5. The Hollywood War

A cultural dimension of the real war on women is the Hollywood-inspired portrayal of females as sex objects. For two hundred years of American history, the Proverbs 31 model of womanhood held the day where faith, chastity, hard work, and family were the bulwark upon which a great society was built.

But starting with Marilyn Monroe, and then exploding into the starlets, models, and porn stars of today, women have been relegated today to the status of sex toys to meet men’s lusts. This is a huge step backwards into the female slavery of the Dark Ages and Ancient Roman obsession with sex.

This is not liberation. It is a sexual targeting of women.

6. The Advertising War

Finally, the Hollywood stereotype of women has been fueled by modern-day advertisers. A false image of “beauty” has been forced down women’s throats, telling them they must have a certain hairstyle, curves, bikini-body, breast implants, or plastic surgery to “compete” in today’s oversexed world.

This is also a lie– an expensive and depressing one. A woman’s beauty is her uniqueness and godliness, not whether she looks like Marliyn Monroe or Scarlet Johansson.

How many women are beaten down today by the advertising hype? Probably millions. Or maybe, they’ve just given up. This is yet another form of the devil’s war on the female sex.


Let’s reject about the phony war on women and focus like a laser on fighting the real one.

  •  Give your effort and time to see the abortion holocaust halted (the repeal of Roe v. Wade).
  • Pray for and share your faith with oppressed women in the Muslim world, believing that God can bring about an amazing deliverance.
  • Support organizations that are freeing women from sex trafficking.
  • Vote for political leaders who will restore us to sound monetary policy.
  • Influence Hollywood to produce films that showcase Proverbs 31 women, not sluts.
  • Reject the advertising lies, and encourage female freedom to be “beautiful in Christ.”

Yes, there is a global war on women (and human beings in general).  We must know our true enemy. We must resist his fake rabbit trails and understand his actual strategies.

Let’s help liberate the women of the world.



  1. Angie Nolting on February 13, 2014 at 10:26 pm

    Ron, Thank-you for your broad perspective and your words. I am a Bremerton mom who has heard you speak locally at Faith Fellowship church. I have 3 bio kids and 4 adopted through the foster system. It is a high privilege to be a stay at home mom. "Don't put your trust in princes…Psalms" I ignore the culture and pour in here at home. My children feel their value and this can never be taken away. We home school when it is needed, public, private where ever we need to go to meet the need. I picture our time as Christians as Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman as she is being approached by what appears to be a very "successful" person Richard Gere in his fancy car. He is lost and can't even drive. She says something to the effect of "too bad for you, I ain't lost." I continue to press into the Loving God I believe in and the call that He has given. My joy, purpose and vision has no limits. Let every man lose so that God's ways can be revealed. People don't listen until their lost, He is always seeking them. Our culture is deaf and dumb to LIFE, I am glad that it's not my problem and I am ok with Gravity continuing to be ON until He returns.

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