The Real Reason for Stormy Daniels

I wanted to title this “The Real Reason for SD” but I thought that some people might think of San Diego, STD’s, or other things–and stop reading.

Honestly, I didn’t want to put an infamous porn star’s name in the headline because I don’t believe she deserves this fleeting moment of fame.

Yet, she’s getting it because her emergence seems to be a primary strategy of the Democratic Party/mainstream media to bring down a sitting U.S. president and influence the 2018 elections. They must not have other issues to run on.

There are many reasons that SD is in the news. But, I’ve not seen one article on the real reason.

Here it is.

First of all, a little confession, but before that, a definition.

I did a Google search on the word pornography and they varied. Then I hauled out my huge Webster’s original 1828 Dictionary–a go-to-source for the proper meanings of words. “Pornography” wasn’t listed. Guess it wasn’t much of a problem then.

Finally I found an Oxford Dictionary definition that seemed accurate:

Pornography: noun. “Printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate sexual excitement.” (Origin: Mid 19th century: from Greek pornographos ‘writing about prostitutes’, from pornē ‘prostitute’ + graphein ‘write’.)

So, pornography literally means “writing about prostitutes.”

Keep that in mind.

Now to my confession. I have looked at pornography once in my life. When I was a young teenager, I remember a classmate giving me a magazine behind an abandoned house one afternoon. The cover displayed a fully exposed woman in a grotesque pose.

I remember being intrigued, but utterly disgusted at what I saw. Growing up with no sisters, I really didn’t have a concept of female “plumbing” and what it looked like. So that was interesting. But overall, I felt like throwing up. It didn’t seem right for my young eyes.

Fast forward  fifty years. During these decades, I have faced the normal male temptation to look at pretty woman in low cut blouses or bathing suits and “admire their beauty” (tongue-in-cheek). Most often, I’ve learned to look away or click away from the web-sites after conviction from the Holy Spirit.

I’ve never looked at Internet porn or a magazine since my youthful surprise. I give God all the glory for any degree of victory I’ve achieved. Pursuing my own will, I’d be as debauched as any man alive.

Which brings back the topic of current porn star–SD–who is becoming a household name.

She allegedly had an affair with Donald Trump over a decade ago, signed a NDI (non-disclosure agreement), was paid $130,000 to not tarnish his reputation, subsequently broke the agreement–and now is being used to tilt the fall elections toward the Democrats so that the president can be impeached. Donald Trump denies the affair. (Only God and a few others know the truth.)

A number of reasons exist for SD. (Life has different levels.)

  • The pursuit of fame and fortune–both of which she’s getting. (A friend believes her lawyer is being paid millions by nefarious groups to keep her story on the front pages through November.)
  • Affecting the mid-term elections–already mentioned. The Republicans tried to do the same thing with Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski in 1996. Their strategy failed.
  • If the affair is true, maybe God is trying to use it to humble Donald Trump (who was married to Melania at the time). You reap what you sow.

But, there’s a much bigger reason why SD debuted with George Stephanopoulos, gave all the gory details (true or untrue) during numerous interviews, and appeared this past weekend on Saturday Night Live  to the cheers of the audience.

Here is the primary reason for SD:

To mainstream and legitimize pornography.

This is not SD’s motive or those wanting to sway elections. It is the motivation of the demonic world to destroy human lives through the perversion of the beautiful God-given gift of sex within the confines of marriage. The demons have been winning this battle in our culture for decades.

Here’s the back-drop.

Many years ago, I noticed in the Old Testament that though all sins are equal in their motive (selfish and lawless), they are not equal in their ramifications or consequences. In fact, the teaching of the Bible and human history is that deviating from God’s wise boundaries of a man and woman experiencing sexual love in marriage is extremely hurtful and destructive.

That’s why the Old Testament elevates sexual sins above some others. Just peruse chapters such as Leviticus 18 or 20 and you will get the picture.  Sexual sin is bad.  It hurts and defiles people.  That’s why God told the nation of Israel to hate it, avoid it, and legislate against it.

God does not want human beings to suffer the dreadful consequences of perverting his beautiful gift of sex.

Enter the 1950s. The world had just experienced two dreadful wars in which a total of 76 million people died (16M in World War I and 60M in World War II). That was about 4% of world population at the time. Millions more were wounded, displaced, some nations reduced to rubble, with psychological damage unfathomable.

Out of that devastation, a time of calm prevailed in the Western nations where GIs came back from the war, got married, had kids and begun to live more “normal” lives. At the time, a strong Judeo-Christian world view coupled with an evangelical awakening led by Billy Graham and others gave credence to biblical norms in sexual activity.

Most men and women married. Fornication and adultery were generally frowned upon. Homosexuality, incest, and pedophilia remained taboo.  The Baby Boom generation–now the second largest generation in American history–were about to arrive. I was one of them, born into a normal, religious home in 1953. Those were the days of “Leave It to Beaver,” “Ozzie and Harriet,” and “Father Knows Best.”

That would all crumble in the late fifties through seventies when I graduated from high school.

The change seemed to start in Hollywood and the music scene. Famous actors and musicians began to sleep around. Stars like Elvis Presley,  the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and others encouraged the young generation to rebel against the old, traditional (and biblical ways). The rebellion appeared to be against God, various authority figures, and sexual norms.

I remember the mini-skirts rising, the pot and sex parties, Woodstock, Playboy, and on and on it went.  A new world was being created where sex was simply my desire for you, baby, to “Light My Fire.”

This was the plan: Over the past five decades, the Devil has mainstreamed fornication, adultery, and homosexuality–destroying millions of lives. All of these distortions of sexual love hurt our minds, hearts, marriages, families, children, and society as a whole.

Along comes SD to make some fame and fortune, influence an election etc. But the MAIN reason behind her notoriety is the demonic world wanting to make pornography appear normal, healthy, even exciting–so it can destroy more lives.

Don’t be lulled to sleep. Here’s the truth about SD and porn.

SD is a media prostitute who’s flaunted dirty, shameful sex with countless men to lure millions of others into sin. She’s being used by the demonic world is to obliterate the moral consensus of the West to destroy its blessings and fruitfulness.

Pornography is ugly, cheap, lecherous, dirty, horrible and defiling. Everything my eyes and heart told me fifty years ago when glimpsing a porn magazine proved true. Porn and its purveyors must never be “applauded,”  interviewed, or lusted after.

Porn destroys people.

Don’t be lulled to sleep. You don’t need the  “writing of prostitutes” or visualizing either. Resist becoming the boiling frog in the kettle.

On the grace side, pray for SD and others to be rescued from their sins. Regarding holy living, “flee immorality” as the Bible clearly commands (1 Corinthians 6:18). C’mon men. Look away and help start a new sexual purity revolution!

Don’t be numbed, tempted or seduced by the stardom of SD.

You now know the real reason she appeared.


  1. Ron Finney on May 9, 2018 at 4:23 pm

    “For though we walk in the flesh, we are not waging war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds. We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ” 2 Cor 10

    Thank you Ron and Steve for your candid thoughts.

    It is a daily battle, particularly for us men, to discipline our minds and actions, particularly in the lust department and the spiritual battle takes more than just will power. “If we in our own strength confide, our striving would be losing…”

    Praise God he gives weapons to fight the battle – his Holy Word to demolish the lies and expose the shoddy “gray market” goods offered by the the ruler of this world. And we have the gift of the Holy Spirit. Paul’s words from Corinthians has been a great encouragement for me, to “take every thought captive,” the very moment that such sinful thoughts land on my doorstep. It is the most effective way to cut sin off at the pass. It is still a daily battle, but God is with us and there are rich blessings that come from striving for obedience.

  2. Steve Herzog on May 9, 2018 at 2:13 pm

    As one whose soul has been diminished by porn, I affirm the criticality of this post. Growing up in late 50’s/early 60’s in conservative Christian home myself, I had similar reaction to the first magazine I stumbled across. But due to ever-increasing access and perceived acceptability, combined with my own character flaws, porn became more and more a part of my private life. Only in recent years have entertainers openly joked about and referred to porn as normal. While this cultural trend towards openness may carry the fringe benefit of allowing sex addicts like myself to seek help, find effective moral resources, and even share a vulnerable post, the spiritual reality is that porn is a flood-tide of evil. I have to be on guard whenever I am online. There is a SD pop-up at every other click, repeating the same visual message: “You know what you want to do! It’s okay–it won’t hurt anyone! Everyone does it!!! Embrace Lust one more time!” Almost every young and not-so-young man I get to mentor struggles with porn. It is an addiction every bit as strong as opiods, and now includes a growing percentage of young women. Do not underestimate this universal and equally damaging demonic play for the souls of both genders! This battle MUST be a strategic topic in the Christian community!!!!!

    • Ron Boehme on May 9, 2018 at 6:18 pm

      Appreciate both of your comments. Thanks, Steve for your honesty and candor. Any man who can’t relate who can’t relate to the seduction and temptation of porn is a liar (maybe there are a few exceptions?).

      You are right that porn has been “mainstreamed” for a long time via the Internet and is easily available. My point was that the “stars of porn” were hidden in the shadows until SD. That’s the change today–making them look like normal folks, doing nothing wrong, and even stars to be emulated.

      Thanks, Ron, for your faith words that we must fight the good fight and start a righteous revolution, first of all in prayer and spiritual warfare.

      Let’s begin with ourselves.

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