The ABCs of the Immigration Crisis and What We Can Do About It

We all learned during childhood that to form words and give them real meaning, it was necessary to learn our ABCs.

At the present time we have an illegal immigration crisis on our southern boundary. Nearly 50,000 people a month, twenty percent of them unaccompanied minors, are crossing over and overwhelming the officials that are supposed to protect us.

Most of the illegals are from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

What are the ABCs of the crisis and what do we do about it?

Let’s use the English alphabet to describe the players, terms, and concepts that we must understand to solve our current immigration nightmare. Problems can be solved when you 1) Define the players, 2) Design a solution, and 3) Have the will to implement it.

Some of the alphabet will have one name or concept, and others will have multiple entries.  At the end, I will give my proposal to end the crisis that is vexing our nation.

A – Z

A. Aliens. A biblical term to describe “foreigners” that come to live in another country. Put together with another word, illegal alien is a person who unlawfully enters another sovereign nation. It is a better term than “undocumented worker” since some do not work, and we don’t call people who break into our places of residence “undocumented visitors.”

Amnesty. The bad idea of treating those of break the law the same as those who keep it. Ronald Reagan, considered the best president since WWII, believed that the amnesty law of 1986 (that didn’t seal the border) was one of his worst mistakes.

B – Borders. Nations have borders for the same reason that houses have walls and fences. They are there to protect the rightful owners or inhabitants from those who would unlawfully abuse them.

C – Compassion. God’s command for his people to care for those who encounter unfortunate circumstances in their lives, including strangers. To be compassionate means to “suffer with” someone else in their adversity. Individuals and churches do best at showing God’s compassion on earth.

Chamber of Commerce. The American business group that is pushing amnesty for millions of illegal aliens for the cheap labor they provide.

D – Democrats. The party in power in the White House and US Senate who are responsible for the current crisis. Their push for “comprehensive immigration,” lax security and lack of deportations is for the primary purpose of gaining votes from future entitlement-dependent foreign immigrants.

Dreamers. The children of illegal aliens who are not responsible for the wrong choices of their parents, grew up in America, and should be provided a path to citizenship.

Deportation. Sending illegal aliens back home. For years the Obama administration reported they were deporting more illegals than George W. Bush and other past presidents. However, we now know that they changed the definition to “cook the books” which helped create the crisis. President Obama is currently asking for more money to process and deport the masses crossing the border. But that is not realistic since 90% of illegals don’t show up for their deportation hearings.

E – E-Verify. A national computer system to certify citizenship that will screen out illegals from working in the United States. It’s never been fully implemented because of the resistance of the Democratic Party and Chamber of Commerce. A person should not be able to work in a nation if they are not a citizen or have a legal work permit.

Elections. What the American people need to use in 2014 and 2016 to get rid of either wimpy or bad leaders who have brought the illegal immigration problem upon us.

F – Fence. The building of a wall to protect private property or national sovereignty. Critics say that our 2000 mile southern border is impossible to fence. However, this is the first step we should take in solving the immigration problem–and where any new monies from the federal government should be spent. When your basement is flooding, you don’t waste your time and money buying buckets. You stop the leak first.

Freedom. Freedom in an individual or nation is always in direct proportion to self control (boundaries). Right now neither illegal immigrants nor the American people are “free” to pursue their dreams and livelihoods because of the out-of-control situation which drains jobs and resources and raises taxes.

G – Government. Its primary function is to protect its citizens. The refusal to defend and guard the southern border by our federal government is a total abdication of its constitutional responsibilities and is the main driver of the rising anger in the nation.

H – Homeland Security. A monstrous federal bureaucracy that is failing the people of the border states.

I – Illegal. See “Alien” above. No matter if the motive for crossing a border is food, provision, or a better life, it is wrong to break the law. The end does not justify the means. People in desperate circumstances must look to God for deliverance, not to criminal acts that hurt others.

Impeachment. What Sarah Palin suggested for President Obama’s dereliction of duty over immigration. I don’t disagree that he is committing impeachable offenses, but I would wait until after the November elections to not distract from the tepid economy, the noose of Obamacare, and numerous other scandals engulfing this administration. 

J – Jobs. in the midst of the weakest recovery in seventy years, the illegal immigration invasion is hurting low income Americans who must compete in many industries. It is a myth that Americans will not do the work.

Justice. What is NOT being done on the southern border or in the towns where the feds are dropping off new illegal entrants into the country.

K – Krauthammer. As in Charles, a syndicated columnist, who recently quipped when critics said a fence would never work: “If fences don’t work, then why is there one around the White House?”

Katrina. The hurricane that flooded New Orleans in 2006 that was poorly managed by the Bush Administration. Some Democrats are now saying that the current crisis at the border could be “President Obama’s Katrina.”

L – La Raza. A pro-Hispanic extremist group that is pushing for Open Borders and helping to fuel the illegal alien invasion. They have strong influence in the Democratic Party.

M- Mexico. Our southern neighbor who has strict laws regarding its own border security and national sovereignty, but is encouraging and aiding the mass exodus of Central American illegals across the  border. We should threaten to cut off all aid to Mexico until they stop supporting the pipeline.

Murrieta, CA. A town in southwestern Riverside County, California that has made the news recently when their citizens resisted the efforts of the federal government to ship illegal aliens their way. They are akin to Lexington and Concord during the Revolutionary War when patriots rose up to stop the unlawful British invasion.

N – National Guard. The name suggests they should be sent immediately to the southern border to help stop the flood. They are back from deployments in Irag and Afghanistan. Rotate them into the 2000 mile border for training and security purposes. At this moment, could there be any wiser use of the US National Guard?

O – Obama. From Reagan onward, no president has dealt well with the problems at the southern border. But Barack Obama has exacerbated the situation by lax federal enforcement and deportations, denying states the rights to protect their people, breaking the law with executive orders, and possibly using the current crisis as a distraction from his other domestic and foreign policy failings.

Open Borders. The ridiculous and anarchic idea that nations should just do away with borders and let anybody come in. I’d like the Open Borders crowd to model their philosophy for us in their own homes. Remove all locks and doors and invite anybody who wants to come in, use the fridge, electricity, spend the night etc. and to do so at will. Hint: If it doesn’t work at home it won’t work in the nation.

P – Pelosi. Probably the strangest leader in American history who said yesterday she would like to take all the children that are coming here illegally in the name of compassion. Memo to Homeland Security: Send all the buses of illegals to Nancy Pelosi’s homes in San Francisco and Washington, D.C. That will solve the problem.

Q – Quickly. It is way past time to solve America’s vexing illegal immigration disaster. The people need to continue to speak out and our leaders need to act swiftly.

R – Republicans. Have been guilty of squishiness and duplicity on this issue. We need to vote for leaders with both compassion and spine.

S – Secure. The main purpose of government: “To secure these rights, governments are instituted among men…(Declaration of Independence). Our government is failing in its basic responsibility.

T – Terrible. The idea that we should now throw 3.7 billion more taxpayer dollars at the problem created by our fickle politicians.

U – Undocumented. A way to make illegal sound okay.

V – Visas. Ninety percent of the illegal immigration problem in this nation is people coming legally to America and then staying beyond their visas. This must be stopped and prosecuted.

W – Welfare. The welfare/entitlement state is a main driver of illegal immigration. If these things were not offered, then people wouldn’t come. We should not be giving entitlements to non-citizens.

X – Exceptional. What America used to be when it came to justice and mercy. No longer. We are looking more like a banana republic everyday.

Y – You. We need to care about this issue and elect people who will do something about it.

Z – Zombies. We must vote out our “zombie” politicians and elect people who will honor and defend the Constitution and principles of the United States.

Here’s my plan:

1. Mobilize the National Guard to the southern border and have half of them protect it and the other half build the fence (that’s where we spend any new taxpayer money).

2. Require E-verify in all fifty states.

3. After completing the fence, require all remaining illegals to register with the government within 60 days, pay a fine, and go to the back of the line in terms of applying for a work permit, green card, or citizenship.

4. Police and patrol our borders in accord with the US Constitution.

5. Continue to lead the world in inviting legal immigrants to our nation to experience the blessings and responsibilities of liberty.

How do you spell that solution?

F – R – E – E – D – O – M.


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