Racial Triumph in America

Two items dominate the calendar this week in the U.S. First, the celebration of the civil rights prophet, Dr. Martin Luther King, with a national holiday that bears his name. And second, the partisan impeachment of Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States. I will deal with impeachment next week when the circus…

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Let’s Blame Sin–Not Race or Turn Signals

The violence in Charlottesville, Virginia over the past weekend is stirring many passions and story lines.

The Trump-Is-Wrong-About-Everything liberal press used the occasion to slam the president’s response on day one, then stayed cynical on day three when he got more specific.

Many newspapers created the impression that Nazi-sympathizers and white supremacists are taking over the nation–while progressive anarchist groups actually out number them by hundreds of thousands. Others painted the cultural battle as Left versus Right.

I have a better idea. 

Let’s blame sin–not race or turn signals. That might bring revival and reconciliation to America.

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Rotten Core, Baltimore, Who’s Your Friend?

This past week saw the ISIS Islamo-Nazis take major cities in Syria (Palmyra) and Iraq (Ramadi).

In Texas, record rains have broken a ten-year drought, but now flooding rivers have left parts of Austin and Houston underwater with at least eight people dead and sixteen missing.

On the Memorial Day weekend, following a month of turmoil, a record number of people were shot and killed in Baltimore, America’s 26th largest city.

Let’s pray for the situations in the Middle East and Texas. But today, let’s focus on what is absolutely destroying Maryland’s biggest city (along with Detroit, Chicago, and many others).

Rotten core, Baltimore, who’s your friend?

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