Praying for One Patriot Among the Tyrants

Webster’s Seventh Collegiate Dictionary


1. Patriot: One who loves his country and zealously supports its authority and interests.
2. Tyrant: An absolute ruler unrestrained by law or constitution in the harsh use of authority or power.

Many of us are making phone calls, sending e-mails, staying constant  in prayer—and sitting on pins and needles this week– as we watch the liberal progressives now in charge of our government try to force national health care upon the American people.
At least Barack Obama’s obsession with controlling one-sixth of the American economy—which would push the Federal Government near the ominous threshold of 50% control of the US economy—has exposed what many of us feared: that he is a rigid ideologue who has no regard for centrist or bi-partisan politics, but rather is about radical change of our national moorings.

The current president and his allies want the United States to head down the road of European social democracy—what Jonah Goldberg rightly calls the path to smiley-faced fascism.  And they’re willing to bend the US Constitution and use any means possible to get there including:

  • Bribing Senators and Congressmen and women on a level never before seen in our Republic. No—this is not politics as usual as the mainstream media would have us believe. It’s “arm-twisting on steroids” that has no equal on a major piece of US legislation.
  • Neglecting the American economy, mired in deep recession, while they push, push, push for over a year to pass their Holy Grail of health care takeover.  Yes, they threw nearly a trillion dollars of stimulus money at combating the recession, but don’t think they’re naive enough to believe that would create jobs and bring down the unemployment rate. They know that only tax and spending cuts would accomplish that—but that is not the goal.
  • Circumventing the normal check and balances of government to achieve their ends. A fascinating study came out today showing how the Obama Administration has systematically been side-stepping many of the restraints on power that the US Constitution wisely places on human government to achieve their ends.  It’s a frightening abuse of power, and one acknowledged openly by Senator Chuck Schumer in a recent secretly-taped Democratic strategy meeting.
  • Refusing to consider the wishes of the American public whom they represent. No matter which poll you look at, there is ample evidence that some 80% of Americans are satisfied with their current health care plans,   70% are against government controlled care, over 60% disapprove of the Senate bill now under consideration in the House of Representatives, and clear majorities want  the government to scrap the current bill and take incremental steps to improve health care in the United  States.
  • Using the “nuclear option”—a Senate practice called “reconciliation” with a 50% threshold to pass a major piece of legislation that should require the 60% threshold of a deliberate Senate body.  This choice to bend hundreds of years of legislative protocol was the final ominous sign that foul play is at work here—not normal vote-getting and taking.
    This is a very serious moment in American history.  We are not fighting an agonizing Civil War, nor engaging in World Wars that greatly try the human spirit.

We are facing a government-led cultural war on our faith and freedom-based ideals and way of life that could have immense ramifications for our children and grandchildren.  In the midst of this danger, I am praying for even one patriot—ONE courageous Democratic Congressman or woman who will have the nerve to say NO to the culture of corruption and rise up and defeat this bill.

I’m praying for a modern-day Paul Revere to arise—and warn us again that the Redcoats are coming.

The Redcoats of old—the British Empire in the 18th century—stood for tyranny in the American colonies. That tyranny took the form of over taxation, taxation without representation, use of force to accomplish their objectives, and political intimidation. Not all the American colonists initially saw King George as a tyrant—but those most in tune with biblical concepts of liberty gradually began to understand that their freedoms and prosperity were worth defending.

It was Paul Revere, among many, who stood up on April 18, 1775 to warn the American colonies what lay over the horizon.   Revere had the vision to see that tyranny was coming—in his case, in the form invading armies that would squelch the infant American dream of freedom under God. Revere got on his horse, sounded the alarm, and woke of the sleeping nation to its impending crisis.

Another legendary American hero—Benedict Arnold—did the opposite. He betrayed his nation during their time of need, and attempted to sell out her soul.
Let’s state clearly that those voting for a federal takeover of health care should be viewed as the Benedict Arnolds of our day. They may believe they have a noble cause and that they must do their duty whatever the cost–as Arnold did.  But their approach is nothing but economic and cultural tyranny. We must pray they will be defeated.

We need one patriot—at least one Paul Revere-like Democratic Congressman or woman—to vote for liberty and defeat the progressive strategy. That person could be more important to the process of good government in American that the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts or the courageous action of Paul Revere in 1775.

Here’s some current information for your prayers and e-mails.

Where your Congressmen/women stand

 Pierre Bynum who authors the Family Research Council’s regular prayer letter, gives the following information in today’s e-mail alert:

“Democrats need 216 House votes (GOP members will all vote no) to gain a 216-215 majority — only 37 Democrats can defect and the bill still pass. On Sunday, trackers at The Hill newspaper reported that 35 Democrats say they will, or will likely vote no; 73 remained publicly undecided. House Majority Whip James Clyburn also admitted that he does not yet have the necessary votes. USA Today says the bill’s fate “rests with a handful of House Democrats,” in their view: Representatives Jason Altmire (Pa.), Michael Arcuri (N.Y.), Jim Cooper (Tenn.), Raul Grijalva (Ariz.), Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (S.D.), and Bart Stupak (Mich.).”
I’m praying this week for one patriot among tyrants. Will you join me?

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