P.R.A.Y. for a Great Reversal

The first primaries in the United States mid-term elections take place today in many states. They will be an indicator of what might happen in the fall to reverse the course of the current administration and its “plans” for the American nation.

I agree with many that the 2010 elections are the most important mid-term contest of our lifetime. Why? Because our nation has never been closer to a difficult-to-reverse economic meltdown and the tyranny of a what Newt Gingrich calls a “secular-socialist state.”

We need a great reversal. Today we will either move back toward liberty or sink further into tyranny. I hope we choose wisely all across the nation.

Even the Washington Post sees the hand-writing on the wall–though they spin it as “anti-incumbent sentiment.” No, it’s anti-Obama/Reid/Pelosi/radical Democratic Party sentiment. Here’s their take:

“Tuesday’s voters will drop clues on a variety of questions, about anti-incumbent sentiment, “tea party” power and presidential popularity. Most attention remained focused on Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.), who made a final appeal to voters in his new party Monday, asking them to extend his 30-year career in Washington. Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.), Specter’s challenger in the Senate primary, claimed momentum in the closing days of the campaign, and polls showed the race was too close to call.

Specter, who switched parties last year, has the backing of President Obama, Vice President Biden, Gov. Edward G. Rendell and much of the Democratic establishment. But Sestak has run an effective insurgent’s campaign highlighted by a devastating ad that portrayed Specter as a political turncoat motivated to change parties only to save his job.

A Specter loss would be the third defeat for a congressional incumbent in less than two weeks and highlight anti-incumbent sentiment in the country confronting Democrats and Republicans — although switchers often have trouble winning the allegiance of their new party’s rank-and-file. Sen. Robert F. Bennett (R-Utah) and Rep. Alan B. Mollohan (D-W.Va.) have already been defeated.

But the Specter-Sestak race is only one part of the political mosaic that will be examined after Tuesday’s vote.

In Arkansas, Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-Nb.), who angered her party’s base by flip-flopping on the “public option” during the health-care debate, was seeking to avoid a runoff against Lt. Gov. Bill Halter. Halter scheduled 20 stops in 25 hours in the hope of forcing that runoff that his supporters believe would give him a better opportunity to defeat the incumbent.

In Kentucky, Republicans waited to see whether Rand Paul — an ophthalmologist, son of Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) and favorite of the tea party movement — could carry his outsider’s campaign against Trey Grayson, the secretary of state.

Paul had a strong lead in polls. On Monday, Grayson showed the frustration of a candidate who might have thought he would have a relatively easy path to victory, with the endorsements of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) and much of his state’s GOP leaders. He said that Fox News Channel continually promoted his opponent and indirectly suggested that the network had more power within the party than the establishment itself.

The race that might hold the most clues to November, however, played out in rural southwestern Pennsylvania, where voters will fill the vacancy created by the death of Rep. John P. Murtha (D). Polls showed the race between Democrat Mark Critz, a former aide to Murtha, and Republican businessman Tim Burns to be a tossup.

The culturally conservative district is the only one in the nation that flipped from Democrat to Republican in the 2008 presidential race. And it is exactly the kind of area Republicans must win in November to take control of the House. Each of the national parties has poured more than $1 million into the district.”

As you can tell, the liberal press is a bit nervous.

I’m not. I’m hopeful that a great reversal begins tonight and hits the electoral shores like a giant tsunami on November 2. A significant majority of the American people now understand that the “change” they voted for in 2008 was a terrible mistake. They see clearly that the Obama administration is consistently anti-God, anti-business, anti-freedom, and don’t care what the people think. Newt Gingrich labels this type of governance as “government of the bureaucrats, by the special interests, for the politicians.”

I think he’s right and America is rising up to challenge them. Here’s how we need to proceed with wisdom:

P – We need to pray and fast for God’s mercy and deliverance in our land. We are not ultimately facing a human enemy in this fight, but supernatural powers with powerful strongholds and a desire to enslave and destroy the peoples of the earth. I have set aside every Tuesday this year to intercede for the 2010 elections. We need to bind and confuse the demonic forces, to repent of our sins and apathy, and pray for righteous men and women to arise to positions of leadership. I ask you to join with millions of others that are praying for God’s mercy and favor in the 2010 United States mid-term elections.

R – We must read extensively and keep up on the issues and people involved in them. Knowledge is power, and we live in a time period in which we should be the most educated and enlightened people of all time. Besides a vast array of visual media sources, we have numerous books that can educate us on the changes we must make for our future. It’s interesting to me that many godly and conservative leaders are producing great books to guide us at this moment in history. They include:

  • Liberty and Tyrannyby Mark Levin. This is one of the most important reads of the past five years. Mark’s fiery passion and constitutional understanding is unparalleled in current academic circles. The great struggle of the 21st century boils down a fight to the death between the forces of liberty (God and his people) and the forces of tyranny (Satan and his man-centered lies).
  • Going Rogue by Sarah Palin. The former governor of Alaska and 2008 Vice Presidential candidate’s personal biography was the number one best-seller in America for 2009. That’s for a good reason: it was well-crafted story of a common American who’s now a well-known political celebrity who champions common sense values of faith, family and freedom. Her soon-to-be-released new book, America at Heart,will also top the charts and place her high on the list of presidential candidates for 2012. Don’t believe the nonsense about her lack of experience and intellect. Look at the current White House and longfor the values and wisdom of Gov. Sarah Palin.
  • Conservative Victory by Sean Hannity, host of America’s 2nd most-listened-to radio show. Sean gives a balanced read on how the Republicans failed the nation during their years in power and what is the way home to limited government, energy independence, strong defense, free market solutions, and faith and freedom in American life.
  • To Save America: Stopping Obama’s Secular-Socialist Machine by Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House of Representatives. Newt is as sound as they come on what ails America and the common sense solutions that can lead us back into greatness as a nation. He understands the spiritual side (notice the word “secular” in the book title), and the economic pitfalls of socialism. He’s our idea guy–and his web-site of American Solutions is worth a look.
  • No Apology: The Case for American Greatness by Mitt Romney is also a valuable contribution to the debate about America’s future. The former governor of Massachusetts would make a worthy presidential contender in 2010 because of his strong background in free-market economics and job creation.

A – Actively get involved in your local Tea Party events, issues, and races for public office. I’m attending the launch of a state representative friend tonight in Port Orchard and serving a number of other candidates. Some people have asked me why I’m not running for office this year as it appears that I could win a seat in the WA state legislature. After much prayer I felt that instead of “fishing for myself” I could better use my time to “teach many others how to fish” all over the state of Washington. I’m leading a thrust to raise up godly leadership in all forty-nine legislative districts of our very needy state between now and 2012. What are you doing in this year’s elections? There are myriads of ways to serve,  and every God-loving person needs to report for duty.

YYou hold the keys to America’s future or that of your own nation. Are you living a passionate and godly life? Do you care about the great issues of our day, or have you given up and decided to lead a life of entertainment and denial?

Now is the time to P.R.A.Y. for a great reversal of spiritual, moral, and economic direction in these United States of America. In another generation, famed evangelist and revivalist Charles Grandison Finney admonished his countrymen with these probing words:

“The time has come that Christians must vote for honest men, and take consistent ground in politics or the Lord will curse them…Christians have been exceedingly guilty in this matter. But the time has come when we must act differently…God will bless or curse this nation, according to the course Christians take.”

Between now and November 2, 2010 let’s P.R.A.Y. for a great reversal and revival in our land. God wants each one of us to be an answer to our own prayers.


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