Gender Killing: The Next Stop on Abortion’s Slippery Slope

Our cowardly legislators in Washington D.C.–actually 168 of them (including seven Republicans)– took an infamous vote last week, failing to stop “gender profiling” in the lucrative abortion business. The House of Representatives fell short in an effort to ban abortions based on the sex of the human fetus.

The vote was 246-168, a sizable positive majority, but thirty votes shy of the two-thirds majority that was required for passage.

The legislation would have made it a federal crime to perform or force a woman to undergo a sex-based abortion, a practice that is common in some Asian countries where families wanting sons abort female fetuses. It is common under the “one-child” policy in China–which sparked Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng and his family fleeing to the United States on May 19.

Now he may regret his decision. Our own leaders have become like the godless communist Chinese rulers–not willing to stop the slaughter of innocent babies for almost any reason.

Most pro-abortionists don’t like the term “slippery slope.” They say it’s a straw man argument that doesn’t apply to real life moral issues.

Well, it’s time for a much-needed reality check on the slippery slope of abortion. We’ve arrived near the bottom of the cliff where nearly all selfish choices are okay to kill babies–including if you don’t want a “girl.”

The pro-choicers said it wouldn’t happen. It did.

Maybe this is the real war on women.

Abortion has become so commonplace in the world over the past forty years that we’ve become numb to its chilling reality and effects. Abortion is by far the greatest form of genocide ever invented. According to the Guttmacher Institute, there have been anywhere from one to two billion abortions worldwide since 1970.

Let that number sink in: One to two billion people.

Please forgive the impreciseness of the figure, but abortions have always been hidden and clouded in mystery by those who perform them–so the true number is nearly impossible to come by. But few dispute that one to two billion is an accurate global estimate.

That means in your town or city, one-sixth to one-third of the population has been quietly murdered during your lifetime.

Ponder that thought for a moment.

I live in South Kitsap county, Washington–an area that is home to 60,000 people. Statistically-speaking, some 10-20,000 human beings have lost their lives in my area through abortion since the infamous Roe v. Wade decision of 1973.

Ten to twenty thousand. That’s a staggering number of people.

It’s the same percentage in your town, city, and nation. One sixth to one third of all the people around you have perished in the past four decades.

Do you care? Have you forgotten what evil we tolerate through the holocaust of abortion?

I’m in Los Angeles this week with my family. This morning I purchased a Los Angeles Times newspaper to catch up on world events. On page A-8 there was a lead story entitled, “Seattle in the Grip of Violence.”

Obviously, the story got my attention because we live near the Emerald City. The subtitle to the article read, “A rampage that killed five prompts the city to confront a wave of often deadly gunfire.”

The lengthy story chronicled a spate of murders that have taken place in the city of Seattle this year. The most recent was the senseless killings of a mentally disturbed man named Ian Stawicki who walked into an artsy University District cafe last week and used a gun to murder five people before finally shooting himself in the head.

These murders are tragic and horrific. The story describes the fear and anxiety that now exist in the Seattle area because of the uptick in murders. There have been 21 murders in Seattle during the first six months of the year. That’s the same total for all of 2011.

Twenty-one people murdered. That’s a grievous situation.

But let’s bring ourselves back to reality. Seattle has a population of over 600,000 people. Using the Guttmacher statistic on global abortions as a guide, then the real murder count in Seattle since 1970–through abortion alone–has been one to two hundred thousand people.

That’s 2500-5000 a year.

That’s a heck of a bigger number than twenty-one. And it’s not just a number. It represents the precious lives of real people, just like you and me, who have been cruelly killed through abortion.

To feel the reality of this, let’s go back to my area across the water from Seattle for a moment. According to the global statistics, our region has quietly erased the lives of ten to twenty thousand human beings during the Abortion Holocaust. Imagine a person with a gun, terrorizing the neighborhoods of South Kitsap every day for the past forty years. 

It amounts to killing one or two people every single day for forty years! Can you imagine how the residents of the area would feel if that had been the case?

That’s the reality of abortion. Now let’s return to “sex selection” in abortion.

I was in China twice last year–and will be there again in about five weeks. Last July I was in a gathering of about four thousand young people where the evil of aborting females in China was exposed. At the end of the presentation, hundreds of Chinese girls stood, saddened and weeping over the loss of millions of their fellow females because of China’s sex selection abortions.

The boys and fathers also stood to embrace and confort the girls. In China today, because of gender profiling abortion, 58% of the nation are males–an immense problem in coming years. Yet, as I saw at the youth gathering, even the girls who have survived felt marginalized and unwanted.

I spent hours that night putting my arms around these precious Chinese girls letting them know that they were special–and that the death of their “sisters” had been wrong, cruel, barbaric.

Now this same form of gender-based abortion is rearing its ugly head in America. First it was early term abortions under the guise that fetuses were”not fully human,” just clusters of cells. Then it became later term abortions (did age in the womb really matter?). Next up was partial birth abortions where our little ones are partially removed from the womb in order to kill them. And now it’s come to “sexual preferences.

“If I want a boy, you die!”

A slippery slope–really, a deadly lie that we’ve foisted on ourselves for decades.

All of it–not just the sex selection choice–is based on bare, bald selfishness. If I don’t want a baby, you die. If I don’t want to carry you long-term, you die. If I don’t want a girl, you die. Of course, the reverse is also true–if I don’t want a boy, then you die.

What’s next? If I don’t want a boy or girl that has your father’s eye or hair color, then I’ll kill you until I get one that looks like me?

All of this charade is diabolical nonsense.

The one hundred and sixty-eight US representatives who didn’t have the guts to stop sex-selection in abortion need to be removed from office at the polls in November. Don’t believe their nuanced excuses about “excesses” in the bill or other concerns.

We need leaders who stand up for the right to life. It is the first of all human rights.

National Right to Life legislative director, Doug Johnson, had this to say about the shameful House of Representatives vote: “We are heartened that a strong majority of House members voted to ban performing or coercing abortions for the purpose of eliminating unborn babies of an undesired sex—usually, girls. Shamefully, President Obama, and a minority of 168 House members, complied with the political demands of pro-abortion pressure groups, rather than defend the coerced women, and their unborn daughters, who are victimized by sex-selection abortions.”

Mark Tooley, president of the Institute on Religion and Democracy laments that God’s people have allowed America to careen down the slippery slope of abortion for far too long. He said this about the gender-based abortion vote:

“Churches should be among the first to stand up for vulnerable baby girls. All human life is intrinsically valuable. Years of research have revealed serious instability in societies with lopsided gender ratios. The devaluation of women results in increased sex trafficking and more frequent instances of sexual violence. Consensus against gender-selective abortion should be easy for churches. But where we should hear strong voices, there is mostly silence.”

On The Factor television program that evening (the number one cable show in America), Bill O’Reilly passionately exclaimed that sex selection abortion is repugnant and offensive.

He even used the word barbaric. He’s right–but we need to go further than that:

Every abortion is barbaric cruelty to the child involved.

God help us to repent and turn away from this hideous evil. We need to climb back up to the “summit of life and human dignity” and get off the slippery slope of narcissistic abortion.


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