Asking the Government to Subsidize Our Sins

We live in a time of dense moral fog.  I spoke to a group of pastors yesterday about the need to preserve marriage in the state of Washington. Our legislature recently crammed down the throat of the WA electorate a bill that legalizes homosexual marriage.

We, the people, will challenge it in a fall referendum.

Re-define marriage?  That’s like re-defining “gravity.” Gravity is what it is. No word games can change its reality. Consequently, no re-definition can alter the fact that only a man and a woman can “join together” in marriage. It’s physically impossible to do otherwise. Marriage was designed by God to discourage immorality and provide nurture and care for children conceived via the union.

If you’d told me thirty years ago that the definition of marriage would be up for grabs in my lifetime, I would have said that you were crazy.

But that’s what we are–twisted, crazy, upside down. Our back-slidden Judeo-Christian culture has perilously lost its moorings–even over something as basic as marriage.

That’s not all. Now we have another crazy idea: we want Uncle Sam to pay for our sexual sin.

Let me introduce you to Sandra Fluke.

You’ve probably heard of her by now–the cute, sassy, “reproductive rights activist” and Georgetown University law student who was paraded before a Congressional Committee last week. She became an instant liberal media sensation by pleading for government paid contraception for those who are “hooking up” in between law classes at Georgetown.

First of all, let’s examine the politics behind Ms. Fluke’s appearance. According to anybody with a brain, it’s obvious that Sandra Fluke’s sob story was engineered by the Obama White House and its secular allies. They desperately needed to take attention away from the mountains of debt, miserable economy and rising gas prices that might cause Barack Obama to become a one-term president.

So somebody got creative. Enter Saul Alinsky Tactics 101:  Create a diversion so people are distracted from reality. George Stephanopoulos brings up the nobody-is-talking-about-it subject of contraception for fifteen distracting minutes in a Republican presidential debate; The press lulls Rick Santorum and other candidates into commenting–and viola!–all of a sudden there is a Republican “War on Women” and we must re-elect the president to make sure none of them die (or miss their pills…you get the idea).

Then, a slick pivot was made from creating a campaign issue for the president to changing God-given rights to government-proscribed rights. Of course, this started with Obamacare–which basically turned America on its head by saying that we all have a right to health care–and that the federal government will mandate it for us. That means force it on us whether we like it or not–and by the way–that health care will include free condoms and abortafacients (morning after pills that kill newly conceived babies).

Of course, your religious objections don’t matter.  We’re all secularists now (actually, that’s the progressive goal, the changing of the American worldview), so shut up and pay your taxes. For the past couple of months, and until the Obamacare mandate is struck down by the Supreme Court later this year, the Catholic Church and others have been fighting this historic denial of God-given religious freedoms.

Enter Sandra Fluke, the third distraction in this trinity of craziness. Not only did she take attention off the economy, and bury the truth about religious liberty, but she invented a new right of free condoms or pills for all (especially “poor” law students who are struggling). You could hear the orchestra of violins playing in the back of the Congressional chambers.

I’ve added some humor to this column to help you through it, but I’m deadly serious about how mind-numbingly twisted our American set of rights and values have become.

Ms. Fluke–President Obama–the Democratic Party–and the mainstream media–are demanding that we subsidize peoples’ personal sexual sins. Can you believe it?  Are we insane?

Yes–a portion of us are morally mad at this point in our history. It is up to the rest of us to expose this cloud of darkness and cast it from the shores of our beloved Republic.

I want to include a significant excerpt from Family Research Council on the Sandra Fluke affair. It was published on March 8, 2012:

“President Obama needed a diversion–and thanks to Sandra Fluke, he got one. Ever since her testimony about the hardships of buying $9 birth control, this Georgetown law student has become the contraception mandate’s standard bearer. After some unfortunate comments from Rush Limbaugh, the debate has shifted away from religious liberty to Ms. Fluke’s hurt feelings. It’s been convenient controversy for the White House, which may have been at its most vulnerable point in the last three years when it decided that the pursuit of sex is more important than the protection of conscience rights. Once backed into a corner by members from both parties, the Left finally found a victim to rally around–and the media has been all too happy to oblige.”

“But these distractions, as helpful as they may have been to the President’s cause, won’t last forever. At its core, this shows the administration’s pattern of trampling on religious freedom in its pursuit of a ‘fundamentally changed’ America. What Sandra Fluke has done, in part, is draw attention back to the dangers of ObamaCare, which threatens not only our physical health but our moral well-being. Essentially, the President is demanding that religious people sacrifice their beliefs to benefit someone else’s libido.”

Through this mandate, he suggests that unlimited sexual license is more important than faith. As Cathy Ruse explained, ‘Ms. Fluke’s crusade for reproductive justice is simply a demand that a Catholic institution pay for drugs that make it possible for her to have sex without getting pregnant… That doesn’t mean she has to have less sex’ Cathy points out, ‘only that she has to take financial responsibility for it herself.'”

“What’s so unreasonable about that? Intimacy, after all, is a choice. And God may have given us the right to make that choice, but He never gave us the right to force others to pay for it. That’s like asking people to ‘pay for [their] neighbor’s taxi rides because he likes to get drunk,’ Dr. Bob Moeller said. Like drinking, overeating, or smoking, promiscuity is an optional lifestyle habit–not a basic human need.”

“What liberals are advocating is essentially a sexual welfare program, where birth control and abortion drugs are the handout. As far as they’re concerned, people are as entitled to intimacy as they are to food and water. Unfortunately, that ideology comes not just at our expense but at society’s. FRC’s own research shows that the more people engage in sexual relations before marriage, the more harm it does to marriage. With each encounter, the risk of divorce–and all of its social consequences–goes up. So asking unmarried students to practice abstinence is not a life-threatening proposition, it’s life-affirming!”

As I contemplate the moral confusion of our era, the words of our wise and most beloved president, who also served during a morally decadent time, come to mind.

Abraham Lincoln, commenting on the evil of slavery, said these truthful words: No man has a right to do wrong. We can add to it in 2012: and have the audacity to ask the government to pay for it.

Let’s clear the moral fog that is confusing and hurting our nation and seek for moral renewal in our nation. That includes praying for people like Sandra Fluke and electing new leaders who will work to promote our God-given rights and responsibilities–not subsidize our sins.




  1. Sherry Miller on March 16, 2012 at 6:50 am

    Since the mid '60's when prayer was taken out of the schools, Christians seem to shrink back more & more. They are AFRAID to take a stand against sin), &, in too many churches today, "sin" & the CONSEQUENCES of sin aren't even mentioned from the pulpit — don't want to offend or scare someone with the TRUTH because they may leave & take their tithes & offerings somewhere else. Ron, thank you for speaking TRUTH & for standing up for it!

    God bless you, Brother.

    Speaking from experience, it's lonely & scary when you speak the truth.

  2. Craig on March 14, 2012 at 5:32 pm

    Well said summary of our nation's moral condition. A solemn assembly within the community of believers should be the order of the day. The cry of our spirit should be repentance and asking our Creator to re-align us back to His heart!

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