Pray and Vote

Possibly the most important election of our lifetime will take place three weeks from today. I will be on a long plane flight across the Pacific as the day dawns on America soil–but I will arrive back from Asia in time to watch the returns.

Despite jet lag and fatigue, I will be glued to the set.

I’ve already received the various voter pamphlets that spell out the issues and candidates in this year’s mid-term elections. In one week, our all-mail-in state will send out the ballots that need to be marked. In other states, there will be a combination of absentee ballots and actual polling stations that people will utilize on or before November 2.

The future of America hangs in the balance this first Tuesday of November.

I am boldly asking you to use the influence you possess to get people to pray and vote wisely.

One man clearly trumpeting the need to pray and vote is Mathew Staver. In 1989, Matt became the founder of Liberty Counsel and currently serves as Chairman of the Board.  Liberty Counsel is a litigation, education and policy organization with offices in Orlando, Florida, Lynchburg, Virginia, and hundreds of affiliate attorneys in all fifty states. Liberty Counsel was one of the first religious liberty litigation organizations in the country. In the early 1990s, Matt was one of the first to pioneer a new legal strategy and theory in litigating religious liberty cases, using the First Amendment Free Speech Clause.

I can’t say any better what Matt shares below. There are many movements in America this year that are calling believers to action. However, Liberty Counsel’s thrust really understands the enemy we’re fighting and the need to engage him with both spiritual and natural weapons.

Please pray and vote for godly change in America.

From Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel

Dear Friend,

America’s socialists are uniting – more than most of us realize.

The October 2 “One Nation” rally in Washington, DC, was billed as a major event and was attended by representatives from virtually every leftist organization operating in America. Groups like the People’s Organization for Progress, Progressive Democrats of America, Planned Parenthood, and People for the American Way were there.  Many radical union members were PAID to attend.

Although the rally turnout was lower than expected, here is what shocked me:  Members of the Communist Party USA openly carried signs boldly announcing their propaganda.

Even more shocking was the way in which the Communists were embraced and welcomed by the “Progressives” (a nice name for liberal extremists) – while many in the so-called mainstream media conveniently chose not to show their viewers footage of the Communist presence.

The socialization of America is well under way.

The Obama scheme of “Change,” as embraced by his radical socialist cohorts and rammed down the collective throats of grassroots Americans, is designed to do one thing–to reshape America into a socialist nation.

On one day, one vote can change America’s destiny.

Our nation’s future is riding on November’s midterm elections. Many are calling it the single most important election in decades. Concerned Christian and values voters MUST turn out in record numbers for this election! We simply must reverse the momentum of the radical socialists.

That’s why, today, I am announcing the election countdown phase of our “Pray & Vote 2010” campaign that will help restore our nation. Pray & Vote 2010’s goal is to reach FOUR MILLION pro-faith,pro-family, and pro-liberty citizens and fully engage them in this historic election.  We believe that four million committed conservative voters could change the course of the election – and our nation.

Why the Socialists Despise This Effort.

The media and intellectual elites despise it when any mention of God or faith is made in association with an election.They demand a “secular” society and a “secular” debate. So as we boldly announce a “Pray & Vote” campaign that will reach four million citizens, imagine the response we will get from the radical Left.

That’s why I am personally asking you to take a stand with us right now and say, “I Will Pray and I Will Vote!” It takes just moments to take a stand that could literally change the course of our nation.

Pray & Vote 2010 is a multi-media campaign that will use the resources of the Internet as well as television and radio to get the word out from coast to coast. Once you sign up, I’ll need your help to engage your friends, co-workers, and those in your church or community group to join us as well.

Reaching four million people is an attainable goal when thousands of committed citizens utilize their personal spheres of influence, the Internet, and mass media to spread the message.

Here’s how YOU can help:

  • ENROLL: By signing your commitment to Pray & Vote, you will be among many, many thousands
    of others who are committed to changing the course of America through prayer and exercising
    their right to vote.
  • ENCOURAGE: Ask your peers, family members, and fellow church or civic organization members to
    pray for our nation and for God’s direction for our nation – and to become an informed voter who will cast their ballot on November 2. Encourage them to sign Liberty Counsel’s Pray & Vote commitment.
  • ENGAGE: Call your incumbents’ offices – and those challenging them to become a            representative of the people. Learn where candidates stand on issues important to you!             Then, we all must get out and VOTE.

Click here to sign your “Pray & Vote” commitment.

Liberty Counsel has important resources for you. Once you take a stand to “Pray & Vote,” our team will connect you with exclusive resources to equip you as Election Day draws near. For example, you’ll have immediate access to my special message, “What Pastors and Churches May Do.”It is a definitive review of the law governing Christian participation in political activities that has been seen by hundreds of thousands of Americans.

There are also links to access contact information for your senators and representative.

Let’s support leaders who will honor religious freedom, protect families, and venerate life! Make no mistake:  Our national character will be greatly impacted by the 2010 midterm elections. With so much at stake, Liberty Counsel is calling on members and friends to help re-kindle the spiritual fire in our nation through this powerful Pray & Vote initiative.

In the eyes of the elites who rule the media, education and much of our government, your bold declaration that you will Pray & Vote is radical and unacceptable. But to our Founding Fathers, combining prayer with political participation was a sacred duty.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this vital campaign.

God bless you,

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel