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"Much of the Muslim world is at war with Western civilization. Islamists use multiculturalism as a foot in the door to attack Western and Christian values from the inside. Much of that attack has its roots on college campuses among the intellectual elite who indoctrinate our youth. Multiculturalism has not yet done the damage in the U.S. that it has in Western European countries—such as England, France, and Germany—but it’s on its way."

Walter Walliams


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God-Acts At the 2017 National Day of Prayer

I just returned from a remarkable trip to our nation's capital for the 66th Annual Observance of the National Day of Prayer. It was a privilege to work with a the team that helped establish the NDP as the first Thursday in May some thirty years ago. I travel back every year to pray for the nation.

This year some 45,000 prayer events and celebrations took place on May 4 in all fifty states--and some fresh winds of renewal were evident in many places.

Here are some of the God-Acts that I saw in Washington, D.C.

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Tremors of Revival at the National Day of Prayer

I am still in Washington, D.C. where the 65th Annual National Day of Prayer took place on Thursday, May 5. In my thirty five years of participating in the NDP, this one was the most powerful I have ever attended.

Maybe that's because we have never needed God more than in 2016 to intervene the affairs of a nation that is going off a leadership, moral and financial cliff.

I saw some tremors of revival at this year's NDP...

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