Thankful to God that “Prayer is More Than Enough”

Secular Progressives are becoming increasingly irreverent in the United States.

Following the Las Vegas shooting,  and more recently the Sutherland Springs massacre,  some media elites and celebrities launched verbal tirades criticizing those who were praying for the victims. This was after Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, President Trump and others asked the nation for thoughts and prayers.

Prayers were welcomed and cherished in America for hundreds of years. Democrat President Franklin Roosevelt led the American nation in prayer over the radio the night before the D-Day invasion two generations ago.

So why are SPs whining today that prayer isn’t enough?

This Thanksgiving Week, I’m deeply thankful to God that prayer is more than enough.

Here’s why.

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The Harvey Weinstein Sexual Reformation: Don’t Miss It

I give no credit to sexual predator and  former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein for igniting a sexual reformation this year.

Yet, it appears God is using the revelation of his sins to begin a purifying process in Hollywood and the American nation that stands two generations overdue.

It needs to go much further–and include you and me.

Here’s the meaning of the Harvey Weinstein sexual reformation and why I don’t want you to miss it.

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The Devil’s Advantage & Christ’s Eternal Hope

The most horrific church massacre in U.S. history at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas reveals many things.

We sadly see the face of evil once again and the carnage that comes from it. We view the heroism of the Good Samaritans who shot and chased down the despicable murderer.

We hear the clamor for stricter gun laws and the response that no laws could have prevented this crime and that Texas-carry laws actually prevented more deaths.

But what are the larger lessons? I submit they include the devil’s momentary advantage and Christ’s eternal hope.

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