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"Climate is no longer a major cause of deaths, thanks in large part to fossil fuels...The popular climate discussion has the issue backwards. It looks at man as a destructive force for climate livability, one who makes the climate dangerous because we use fossil fuels. In fact, the truth is the exact opposite; we don’t take a safe climate and make it dangerous; we take a dangerous climate and make it safe. High-energy civilization, not climate, is the driver of climate livability.”

Dr. Alex Epstein, author of The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels




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Different Degrees of Thanksgiving--or Not

For the past two weeks when I sat down in my office to compose this weekly blog, I experienced the same agonizing phenomenon:

The power went out and I was plunged into darkness.

Last week, the Pacific Northwest was struck by an unusual November storm that thrust 200,000 people into hunker-down mode. We slept in a cold home that night, took care of our parents with generators and visits, and waited for the work crews to do their thing.

The wait lasted 28 hours.

Yesterday, some violent winds from the north again knocked out power to 20,000 homes--just as I sat down to write to you.  After only four hours in a cold bedroom, the lights burst on and our lips pursed a "thank you" for the blessing of electricity, heat, refrigeration, and hard working repairmen!

Some thoughts on the different degrees of giving thanks-or not.

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What We Must Do About the New Nazis and Refugees

As the entire world knows, 129 innocent people were cruelly murdered last Friday in Paris, France by savages related to ISIS (the Islamic State). Another 350 people were injured, many of them seriously. It was the worst terrorist attack on the Western World since 9-11.

In past columns I have called the Islamic jihadists the New Nazis because they share the same disregard for human life and rights as the followers of Adolph Hitler. 

There is also a major surge of refugees fleeing the barbarians. What must we do about the these new Nazis and new wave of refugees? 

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