Quote of the Week

"If prayer puts God to work on earth, then prayerlessness rules God out of the world's affairs, and prevents Him from working. Prayerlessness excludes God from everything concerning men, and leaves man in this world with its tremendous responsibilities and its difficult problems, and with all of its sorrows, burdens and afflictions, without any God at all. The denial of prayer is a denial of God Himself, for God and prayer are so inseparable that they can never be divorced."

E.M. Bounds (1835-1913)



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The Collateral Blessings of Trump's Triumph

The word "collateral" is sometimes used in the context of a bomb being dropped on a target while bringing some secondary destruction nearby. The unintended consequences are called collateral damage.

It appears that the "bomb" that is Donald Trump has dropped on America. Some like Madonna are still in mourning and dis-belief. Others are encouraged that the secular progressive momentum has been halted (for now) and possibilities for renewal exist.

Through the 2016 elections I believe the United States has been given hope in a number of unusual categories.

Let's examine the collateral blessings of Donald Trump's triumph.

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Fake News & Good News

There's been a lot of soul-searching the past three weeks by pollsters, political pundits, and the mainstream media as to why Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential race. 

To be honest, there's also been a lot of protesting and sour grapes. Now, George Soros is funding an attempt to overturn the election results by demanding recounts in some of the closely contested states. I predict this charade will go nowhere. 

But the most interesting "spin" to me on why secular progressivism was smashed by Heartland America at the ballot box this year is the concept of "fake news."  


Let's take a look at fake news and good news. 

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