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“We will all die one day. That is one of the few things we can be sure of. But will we die well? That is less certain. Dying well means dying for others, making our lives fruitful for those we leave behind. The big question, therefore, is not ‘What can I still do in the years I have left to live?’ but ‘how can I prepare myself for my death so that my life can continue to bear fruit in the generations that will follow me?

Henry Nouwen



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If You Don't Like the Person, Vote for the Only Party with a Bailing Can and Some Life Preservers

If it hasn't been obvious for years, the Wikileaks revelations make one thing abundantly clear:

The Democrat Party in the United States is wittingly or unwittingly committed to elitist attitudes and policies that could destroy the American republic.

Actually, they've been quite effective at it during the past forty years because an unthinking, complacent and immoral populace have allowed them to do so.

With three weeks left until one of the most consequential elections of our lives, and with two poor presidential candidates leading the major parties, I have one practical suggestion to make (outside of fervent prayer):

If you don't like the person, vote for the only party that still possesses a bailing can and some life preservers.

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The Tragic Tale of Lewd and Liar

Once upon a time there was a battle for Leadership in a republic that had once been filled with Light. The Light of Liberty was waning, and Lawlessness ascending. 

Out of the shadows emerged a contestant for the throne named Lewd. From the same twilight appeared his political combatant, Liar. 

Both were products of their time because truth was growing dim. One day, they hooked up in mortal combat for Leadership of the republic. 

This is the tragic tale of Lewd and Liar. 

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