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 "Our bipartisan ruling class limits the Congress’ opportunity to approve, disapprove, or modify what the government does, to voting on ‘Continuing Appropriations Resolutions’ – single, all-inclusive bills crafted behind closed doors. Then it cynically asks the people’s representatives: ‘Will you agree to laws no one has read, to programs on the continuation of which you have not voted, and to regulations that haven’t been written yet, or will you shut down the government?’ This turns democracy into a choice between tyranny and anarchy. 

Angelo Codevilla, Boston University




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The New Nazis and a Lone Prophetic Voice

On September 29, 2014, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke before the the United Nations General Assembly. His remarks reminded me of Winston Churchill in 1939--a lone prophetic voice of moral clarity in a sea of drivel.

He warned that a new group of "Nazis" threaten the entire world. He deplored the UN's duplicity of speaking against ISIS while supporting Hamas and caving in to nuclear-bound Iran. His words were sobering yet carried a ring of truth.

I wish he'd gone further. We need to dismantle the corrupt and inept United Nations and call for a new global alignment to take its place.

Let's call it Free Nations--whose members must be committed to truth, justice, and liberty.

That, and the return of Jesus Christ, are our only hopes of winning World War III.

Listen to the prophet's words. 

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Can We Have an Intelligent Debate About Corporal Punishment?

Fox News got it wrong--and that's not a good sign.

Last Friday night, Sean Hannity anchored a newscast of experts to debate the Adrian Peterson child abuse situation. Peterson--a star running back for the Minnesota Vikings--was indicted for beating his four year old child with a switch that left welts, cuts, and bleeding that were still visible four days after the incident.

His case is one of a string of domestic violence problems that are currently rocking the NFL.

As to Peterson's child abuse, most of the Sean Hannity Show participants ascribed to the notion that all corporal punishment is wrong. Others, like Sean, said that because some people in the South were raised that way, do we really want to put people in jail for punishing their kids?

I was frustrated as I watched. 

Can we have an intelligent national debate about corporal punishment? 

We better--or we will miss the wisdom of God and hurt our children and society.

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